The Most Simple Wish/C5 They Had to Walk an Extraordinary Path
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The Most Simple Wish/C5 They Had to Walk an Extraordinary Path
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C5 They Had to Walk an Extraordinary Path

LCD TV is broadcasting the afternoon news and Central TV's female broadcaster is making very professional sounds.

According to the review and approval of the State Department of Culture, the traditional cultural projects such as the Dai Tribe's Peacock Dance and the Dai Tribe's paper-cutting were officially included in the first national non-material cultural heritage list. . .

Tao Huizhen raised her head from the cup and looked at the TV. She said in shock, "The place I went to was a Dai village. I heard that many Dai people live there. "

"I know. Mengla County is in Xishuangbanna. It is the autonomous state of Dai. " Wen Xiu supported her chin with her arm and looked at the TV. She said, "In the past, there was only a world-class cultural heritage. I didn't think that my country would start to take action. This is quite good. China has been around for five thousand years. How many projects need protection? We really can't let it disappear anymore. "

Ever since China joined the Protection of World Culture and Nature Heritage Convention in 1985, while China applied for world cultural heritages, they had also gradually built a system to protect national, provincial, and county-level cultural heritages. Today, this might be the fruit of their hard work.

Wenxiu went abroad to study for three years, worked in Australia for a year, and lived abroad. China's traditional culture had a different perspective from others. As the saying went, looking at China's traditional culture from the world's perspective.

She believed that traditional culture was a priceless treasure and wealth of China. The heritage contained within it was profound and everlasting. It was the accumulation of these colorful traditional cultures that made China seem endless and long-lasting.

"I found out that you are so patriotism now. " Tao Huizhen smiled as she commented.

"If you don't go abroad, you won't know how good your country is. When you go to that Dai village, you will know the warmth of your hometown. " Wen Xiu raised her eyebrows and said in an experienced tone.

The dumplings were served, including the utensils for the dumplings. It was also much more fashionable than many years ago. Everything had changed. The taste of humans had also changed, Wen Xiu thought. What was worth being gratified about was. . . The taste of the dumplings had not changed much. At least, in the new taste. . . There was still a trace of a familiar taste left, which reminded Wen Xiu of the dumplings she had eaten during the New Year's Eve dinner.

Tao Huizhen sprinkled a little vinegar into the snack dish and stirred it with her chopsticks. "I've been thinking about teaching for a year. Finally, I took the first step for it. I'm finally going to get what I wanted. "

"Are you very excited?" Wen Xiu asked.

"What's there to be excited about? I think about these things every day. When I lie in bed at night, I think, I'm standing on the mountain. The children surround me and call me teacher. I can always dream of the children's clear and pure eyes. It was as if they had done something wrong. I've already thought too much. I've thought of every detail more than ten times. That's why I'm not too excited. " Tao Huizhen said, "I wouldn't have been excited even if I had been a branch teacher. I could only feel at ease. "

Going to the mountain village to teach wasn't just boring and boring. Tao Huizhen came from different worlds and different social structures. It might not be easy for her to pass her thoughts and knowledge to them. It would be more difficult than imagined.

In that place, things that could not be predicted. . . There were still a lot of things, even if it was the worst case scenario. Tao Huizhen felt that there might not be a reality that was worse, be it physically. . . Both would make it hard for her to breathe. But that was just like dancing. It was very easy to lose stamina, but if she didn't hold on until the next second. . . He would never know how far he could go.

"If that's the case, then you're treating being a teacher as your dream. No matter what, as long as you continue to do it, you'll be able to give yourself an explanation, right?" Wen Xiu took a bite of the dumplings dipped in garlic paste and began to chew.

"No. The utilitarian nature of dreams is so great. Everyone's dream is to stand from their own perspective. . . "Tao Huizhen put down her chopsticks. She looked at Wen Xiu seriously and said, "Let me tell you, a lot of people treat being a branch teacher as an experience. When you go to a remote mountain area, spend a few weeks with your child. In a few months at most, they'll be back. In such a limited time, they might spend most of their time exploring the remote areas. In terms of food, clothing, and housing, they would probably forget why they went there. Shouldn't they focus on picking up the books? Children desperately need to learn. . . "

" What you say makes sense, but there are also some areas that are extreme. Some university students as branch teachers do not have much time to begin with. They must have gone with passion. They thought that they could teach more to their children. But in the end, because the environment in the mountains was too harsh, everything was different from what they had imagined. Naturally, they had to spend their time thinking about how to overcome the difficulties. After all, they had to overcome the difficulties. Only then can I continue to stay. " Wen Xiu elegantly supported her sharp chin.

"But!" Tao Huizhen's eyes became big and bright again. "Time is limited. The children in the mountain village are growing day by day. They went to teach, and when they come back, they will show off to the people around them. It was a good experience. The children in the mountain were simple and honest. People were also very honest - clearly, they didn't pay attention to teaching, which made me feel that they weren't the ones who helped the children in the mountains. Instead, they went there and let the children give them some kind of satisfaction!"

" I know you're not like this, Huizhen. Then, do you want to take an unusual path? "

Tao Huizhen's eyes unconsciously moved away from Wenxiu's face with a trace of evasion. She didn't seem to have a very definite answer either. At this moment, her small face was filled with a trace of unwillingness. After a long period of silence, She stared at the pedestrians outside the window and said, "What should I do? I can only put myself aside. If I go straight into education, I will choose a path. Teach them everything that can be taught to the children in the village. The more, the better. I don't want to think about anything else. . . "

Wen Xiu kept silent and thought, This was the reason why her parents couldn't stop her, and she couldn't stop her either.

"The worse the environment, the more remote the place is. . . The more the school can't keep up, the more the school leaves after the school expires. It's not like there's no one else to teach children anymore. The previous lessons will go to waste soon. If they were lucky, they would have a new teacher. Different teaching styles, different cultural standards. . . Teaching those children again would cause the things they learned to be incoherent. . . Like pieces of broken pieces that couldn't be pieced together, bad luck. . . They had not taught for a long time. The reliance of children was very strong. The teaching came and went. The child could not accept it. After all, he had gotten familiar with the teaching staff. If he could think of a way to overcome these problems. . . It's the good news for the children in the village. " Tao Huizhen's face was full of worry. Her thin eyebrows were pressed together.

Regarding the current situation of the branch and the mountain village students, Tao Huizhen had obtained the information through enquiry and investigation. When she found out about the current situation of these problems, she was also very helpless. This had also become the catalyst for her final decision to be the branch teacher.

Wen Xiu looked at the back of her hand and did not say a word. She could not understand Tao Huizhen's persistence. Did she like children too much, or did she believe in the power of knowledge too much? The motivation that supported her to do so was only because she saw the children in the mountain village who did not have the chance to study. Was it that simple?

During the summer of 2001, Wen Xiu accompanied Tao Hui Zhen to dance in the dance room in the school. Tao Hui Zhen sweated a lot. In the end, due to insufficient blood supply in her brain, she fainted. Wen Xiu called an ambulance and sent Tao Hui Zhen to the hospital. On the way, Tao Hui Zhen woke up. That night, Wen Xiu saw Tao Hui Zhen practicing with all her might in the dance room. Her red cheeks were steaming.

Wen Xiu raised the corner of her mouth slightly. At that time, Tao Hui Zhen still didn't know that she could enroll into the Dance Academy, nor did she know that she would become an outstanding dancer. However, she worked hard without hesitation. She would do anything first and do it first. Thinking back to that time, it had overlapped with the current Tao Huizhen.

"I don't wish for our next meeting to take another four years. " Wen Xiu's eyes were slightly red. She saw Tao Huizhen eat a whole plate of dumplings.

"I'll take some time to come back and see you, even if it means going to Australia. However, I'll try my best to stay there for as long as possible to avoid what I just said. " Tao Huizhen turned around and took out two fifty yuan notes from a small wallet. She handed them to the waiter of the dumpling restaurant and went to pay the bill.

Wen Xiu also took the trench coat and put it on at this time. She thought as she put it on. Wherever Tao Huizhen went, it was like a heating furnace. The children in the mountains relied on Tao Huizhen more than other teachers. She was worried that the children in the mountains would not be able to leave her no matter how much time passed.

The two of them walked out of the old dumpling restaurant. There were only a few people on the street at around 1: 00 PM in the middle of the afternoon. Wen Xiu pursed her lips and looked at the pedestrians walking past her. They had not returned to the country for four years. People's clothing style was quietly changing.

When she turned to a corner of the Imperial City's Henglong Plaza, which was under construction, Wen Xiu asked Tao Hui Zhen that question. Tao Hui Zhen said that if her students could not leave her, then it was something to be happy about.

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