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The Most Simple Wish/C6 Farewell Home
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C6 Farewell Home

At the end of May, it was the first rain of the year in Shenyang, drenching the streets and alleys. The surface of the tarpaulin road reflected the lustre of the water, and the roof was still dripping with rain.

The day they rushed to the train station was a week after Tao Huizhen and Wen Xiu met. Tao Huizhen carried two bags on her back, pressing her tiny body forward. She held the travel bag in one hand. There were her bedding and the ticket in the other. Accompanied by her parents and Wen Xiu, she walked towards the platform. The green-skinned train made a sound like an old man coughing. It stopped beside the platform, huffing and puffing. This was the only time the train headed to Kunming.

When she got close to the train, Tao Huizhen's hair was blown by a warm air current. The sound of the air current made by the train was very ear-piercing. Tao Huizhen raised her head and looked at the crisscrossing wires above her head. The sky had been cut into irregular shapes, and the feeling of leaving her hometown was getting stronger and stronger.

She suddenly felt that she was very tiny. She did not even have the ability to make her parents and Wen Xiu not worry. Usually, she had to do her best to let others see a little bit of light. She tried her best to control her emotions, making it look easy for her to leave.

Wen Xiu's hands were in the pockets of her windbreaker. The two old men looked at Wen Xiu. They secretly let out a sigh. Until last night, they were still persuading their daughter. No matter what, they couldn't bear to let Tao Huizhen go. Regarding the fact that Tao Huizhen was no longer a dancing actor, they were still in a trance. . . But before they left, His parents didn't say anything more, their gazes were still focused on his daughter's back.

Wen Xiu walked over and before Tao Huizhen got into the car, she took off the watch that she had been wearing for seven years, which was a white ivory watch chain. Then, she put it on Tao Huizhen's wrist. Holding Tao Hui Zhen's hand, she said that she had just changed to a new battery. The watch pointed at 1. 30 p. M. Wen Xiu waved at Tao Huizhen and the car was about to drive away.

"Let's go back. " Tao Hui Zhen said in a negotiating tone. Her parents and Wen Xiu did not show much reluctance to part with each other. She was very grateful. This was the best condition for her to leave without any hesitation.

However, she noticed that just like her own fingers, which seemed to have a grudge against the ticket, they were fiercely clenching. Wen Xiu's right hand was also clenching into a fist, as if it was about to tighten something. Her fingers were clenched so tightly that they turned white. As a result, Tao Huizhen had to be very careful when speaking, as if she was afraid of touching any weak and sensitive nerve.

"Remember to make a call. " Wen Xiu pinched her nose and pursed her lips into a line.

Tao Huizhen's face was red. She took a deep breath and nodded fiercely.

She could already see that Wen Xiu's eyes were slowly moist. Her sensitive nerves were also struggling at the edge of trembling. Her eyes might have turned red. She didn't want Wenxiu to see her expression. Just as she was determined to step onto the train's stairs, her efforts were in vain. . . The emotions that she was trying her best to hold back were like a balloon that was suddenly leaking air. It quickly deflated. Wen Xiu suddenly cried out involuntarily. She covered her mouth and sobbed uncontrollably. Tao Huizhen's tear gland also turned sour, and her tears immediately overflowed her eyes.

Tao Huizhen had no choice but to stop in her tracks and turn around. Wen Xiu cried so hard that she was almost unable to make a sound. Her makeup had also been worn, and she had lost her elegant bearing of returning home in the past. Her face was twisted so badly that it was very ugly.

"What are you crying for? Don't cry. " Tao Huizhen said fiercely.

Wen Xiu started to choke. "When I think about how you were always single when you practiced dancing in high school, I still remember it clearly. You paid so much for dancing. . . When others were sleeping, you were practicing the dance. When others were in love, you were still practicing dancing. I thought there was nothing else that could make you more passionate than dancing. I can't accept you not dancing anymore. . . Actually, I really can't bear for you to give up, and I can't bear for you to be a branch teacher. It's better for you to stay and continue dancing. "

Wen Xiu couldn't lie to herself. She clearly knew what Tao Huizhen was facing. Yet she let her go. Just now, when she saw Tao Huizhen's back as she was about to get into the car, She suddenly felt extremely reluctant. Tao Huizhen's narrow back was being pressed down by a huge package. When she walked, she looked like she was carrying a heavy burden on her shoulders. Alas, Wenxiu couldn't hold back the urge to cry any longer.

Tao Huizhen's gaze was filled with a sharp gaze as she finished listening to Wenxiu's words, and her expression changed indeterminately several times. In the end, she still silently looked at Wenxiu and said, "Wenxiu, didn't we agree? You will support me. "

"Huizhen, you are my best friend. I know how hard it is to go to the mountainous region to teach. It's hard to say whether you will be able to eat, wear, and warm. I don't want you to suffer. Don't give up on your dance so easily. Your stage dream, you can clearly think about it again. . . "

"No need to think about it, Wenxiu. No more consideration. " Tao Huizhen shook her head and deliberately emphasized.

She turned her head to make sure that the train was not closed and placed the bag in her hand on the ground. She gently hugged Wen Xiu. "You've already considered enough. Don't worry. I can take care of myself, what era is it now? The mountains can also be filled with food, and live a little more peacefully. Instead, it keeps me awake. Isn't that good? You promised to support me. "

Tao Huizhen stared at Wen Xiu, looking forward to her nodding her head. She did not want to let go of this regret and said," Only if you agree, can I leave without hesitation. You understand me. "

Wenxiu felt that she was breathing heavily, and her face must have been very stiff. "Alright. " Wen Xiu sniffed and exhaled reluctantly. Her hand was on Tao Huizhen's arm as she held it tightly. Tao Huizhen felt pain from her slender fingers.

Wu. . .

At this moment, the sound of a flute came from the front of the train. The conductor reminded the train that it was about to start. Tao Huizhen picked up the travel bag and her eyes paused on Wen Xiu and her parents for a moment. She could not wave her hands while holding the things in her hands, so she leaned forward. She bowed to the three of them, and her originally red cheeks turned pale. The color became much lighter.

Wen Xiu's heart shook, and she felt a bitter taste on her tongue, making her feel uncomfortable. She looked at Tao Hui Zhen and then walked towards the car. The conductor locked the car door with an expressionless face, and the train drove away with a clang.

Tao Huizhen was in the window of the car. She did not look back. In just a few seconds, the train gradually went further and further away. Wen Xiu could not even tell which carriage Tao Huizhen was in.

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