The Most Simple Wish/C7 All the Way South
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The Most Simple Wish/C7 All the Way South
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C7 All the Way South

Tao Huizhen held the Wen Xiu watch on her wrist and had a few dreams. . . From high school to university, dancing was like a shadow to her left and right. . . There were traces of dancing everywhere in her life. Pictures at the head of the bed, dancing clothes in the closet. . . Dancing shoes under the bed, accompaniment music in MP3, Dance ran through her entire youth.

She woke up in a daze. She knew that she was in a half-awake state, and her dream was also a part of her thoughts. As she gazed at the rays of light that lit up the horizon outside the window, she couldn't help but raise the corners of her mouth. She tried her best to stare at the rising sun as she thought to herself, This is a new beginning.

The train heading from the northeast to the south was slow and leisurely. After crossing the city, they entered the mountains. The plants were also changing. The tall trees in the north gradually lowered. Replacing them were the densely-packed and greener shrubs. Along the way, they passed by countless scenery from the north to the south. The green-skinned train cut a long north-south line on the map of China.

The temperature rose sharply. Tao Huizhen changed her sweater into a checkered shirt. She thought that she might not be able to wear such thick clothes in the future. Since she had chosen this path, He would have to walk a bit longer, and forget about dancing. It would be best to use the spirit of dancing in the past as a tutorial. Although it would be a shame to work so hard for so many years, but. . . People should be prepared to start over at any time.

A large and wide terraced field appeared in front of them. Yunnan Province was full of mountains. The small village was located at the bottom of the mountain and in between the terraces. The houses were arranged in a scattered manner.

Tao Huizhen got off the train from Kunming Station and took a small bus to Mengla County. The bus was walking on the mountain road, and it was very bumpy. It was only at noon the next day that she arrived at the small county.

The weather in Mengla County at the beginning of June had already started to become hot and humid.

After getting off the bus, she put her luggage under her feet and stood by the roadside. At a glance, the dust on the gravel road was smoking. In Mengla County, there were a few red and white houses scattered around. The mottled walls looked old, and there were not many pedestrians on the road. Looking into the distance, the continuous green mountains wrapped around the small county, and the fog was hazy.

Tao Huizhen wiped the sweat from her forehead and sighed. Her eyes were bright as she looked at the new environment. This was Dai Village. Even the people who could see it changed their clothes. They were dressed in beautiful colors, but they had a thick simplicity to them. There was also a strong sense of culture within them. Here, the Dai people accounted for about fifty percent of the total population. It contained a deep Dai culture.

Apart from that, there were Hani, Yi, and Yao. The rest were mostly Han. The King of Science who worked in the Department of Education was Han. From the center of the county to the bus station, they needed to walk two streets. It was about ten minutes. After meeting up with Elder Li of Tea Village, they went to the bus station to pick up Tao Huizhen.

The bus station in Mengla County might not welcome a long bus every day. The waiting room was built a few years ago. It was very old and did not look like it. It was still raining in the rainy days. The "station" of the bus station, which had been blown by the wind, was shaky.

"Mengla County was also included in the key list by the Poverty Altering Office, right?" Elder Li held the cart. The appearance of a small county came into view. It had been a long time since they had entered the county. If there was no urgent matter, The people of the Great Tea Village would not come to the county three times a year. The Great Tea Village was at the Great Tea Mountain. It was the furthest village from the county town. The last time they came was too tiring.

About seven or eight years ago, before the millennium, Elder Li often went to the county. Although the county at that time was old and shabby, it was very lively. In recent years, after the millennium, the minority also walked out of the village. Many people began to flow towards society and to the big cities. . .

The old man's turbid eyes met the afternoon sun. The sun shone on his dry face. That face seemed to be covered with the marks of time. The old man's thoughts flew far away. The deep wrinkles on his forehead were even more striking in the sunlight.

Scientist Wang pushed the Phoenix bicycle with both hands and sized up this old man who came from a foreign land with no children. He was very wise. When he was young, he went to many places and later took root in Dai Village.

He had lived in Dai Village for more than half of his life. Now, he was responsible for Da Tea Village Primary School. He hoped that the school he supported might be the most crude primary school in the world. It could bring some hope to the children, so that they wouldn't fall too far behind. Even if it was just a tiny bit of light, He also felt that he had finally done something meaningful.

"Yes, Elder Li, there are some villages in Mengla County on the list, especially Tea Village, which is a key village for the poverty alleviation project. The days will be better and better. . . " Officer Wang said, "In the future, you don't have to live so hard anymore. "

"Haha, you still have to eat the hard work. " Elder Li looked at the distance with relief. "People have to work hard. It depends on how much sweetness they get. In our era, we only have to suffer. There is no sweetness at all. In the future, as long as a person had to endure a little hardship, they would be able to obtain a lot of sweetness from happiness. "

"Haha, right, people have to suffer a little. " Officer Wang laughed.

When he approached the bus station, Officer Wang noticed a woman standing by the roadside. She was wearing a checkered shirt, which was very different from the clothes worn by Dai villagers. There were big and small bags next to her, and she was looking around. He said to Elder Li, "There. That's Tao Huizhen, Teacher Tao. "

"She's still a young man. One look and you can tell that she's from a big city. She has the aura of a city person. She looks cultured. . . " Elder Li looked at Tao Huizhen and pulled a slow old bull with all his might. He quickened his pace and said, "I'm afraid that young children will not be able to bear the hardships of our mountain. "

"It's good that someone is willing to come. At least someone could let the child pick up the book. Don't you think so? He is a university student, but he is better than the girl with the saber in your village, right? Our goal is to let those kids learn some knowledge. "

" Officer Wang, you can't say that in front of her. She should feel wronged. She valued practical benefits. When there was no teacher, she was still relying on her. She won't be afraid if it's a little more tiring. " Elder Li smiled. The tutors had a high level of education. However, the girl in the stockade valued the long term. She was not pretentious. The teachers came and went, as short as spring. The remaining time, It was boring and hard to bear, but it all fell on that girl.

"Yes, I know what to do. She's not bad. From this year onwards, I haven't let her work for nothing. I applied from the Department of Education and gave her a bit of subsidy every month. Thirty dollars, I think it's okay. The branch teachers from the city are only a little over a hundred dollars. For education. It's just that you've worked hard, Elder Li. You didn't get your share. "

" I don't need it. It's already enough to trouble the Department of Education. " Elder Li waved his hand.

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