The Most Simple Wish/C8 Disappeared Dai Traditional Buddhist Culture
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The Most Simple Wish/C8 Disappeared Dai Traditional Buddhist Culture
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C8 Disappeared Dai Traditional Buddhist Culture

Tao Huizhen looks soft and weak. She's been learning dancing for years. Her body exuded the aura of an artistic youth, and this Dai village that was surrounded by mountains. . . It was as if there was an era separating them. She stood on the road, surrounded by houses and mountains. They seemed to have turned black and white, reminding Elder Li of the '60s and' 70s. ' The scene of him knowing his hometown.

In short, Tao Huizhen did not fit in with the mountain. She was like a small flower in the boundless withered grass. She would not be able to hold on for long. However, the passionate red color on her face made Elder Li feel that she was extremely determined.

Officer Wang told Tao Huizhen that in Mengla County, there was a central primary school. The children of the surrounding ten li villages all rushed there to go to school, but only Da Tea Village did not have this condition. Da Tea Village went deep into the belly of the mountain. At the foot of Da Tea Mountain, the only road that led to the county was the small road that was currently being crushed by the oxcart.

When the weather was good, from the entrance of the Great Tea Village to the county town, even the adults would have to walk for three hours. It was a whole 15km journey. If the weather was cloudy, the road would basically be cut off, like a small river. There was an endless flow of water in the valley. . .

Tao Huizhen sat on the bumpy cart. She looked up and saw a long and narrow sky above her head. The cart came to the valley with a bang. The towering peaks on both sides of the cart extended upward. Finally, at the connecting point, the sky was revealed. It was so clean that not even a trace of clouds could be seen.

And in front of them, this narrow and winding path stretched endlessly into the distance. There was no end to it. When she looked back, she saw that the path behind her was also winding to an endless distance.

Officer Wang said again that he wanted the children to go to school in the county town. It took him six to seven hours to walk back and forth on the mountain road that was 30 kilometers per day. Even if the children got up at three o'clock in the morning, they would still need to reach home at eight or nine o'clock at night. It was not enough to wear the stars and moon. It was this mountain road that stopped the children from reading. Those who did not experience it personally would not be able to imagine it. Just 15 kilometers of mountain road blocked so much hope?

"Since then, there has been Da Tea Village Primary School," Elder Li said proudly.

"The school building is very simple and crude, and the children have to suffer. But it's better than the dangers of this road. " Elder Li sat at the front of the cart and turned around. He said, "The Education Bureau in the county has been worrying a lot. Officer Wang ran forward and then ran. He has become a full-time staffer in Da Tea Village Primary School. This is the education point of Da Tea Village. Even though it's small, it has everything, including Teacher Tao. He had been to six or seven big cities before. This point. . . This is a treatment that even county primary schools do not have. "

"In other words, the children of Da Tea Village also have a certain cultural foundation. " Tao Huizhen thought of something and looked at the rock walls on both sides of the path.

"Yes, these children are all very smart. With the little ink in my stomach, I can't teach them. I have never read in my life. " Elder Lee looked down and his brown eyes flashed with a hint of unwillingness.

It would be great if he could be more cultured. He could do more than that. The old man stared at the hill in the distance and thought.

"Elder Lee has dedicated his life to this primary school. Since the beginning of the school, It was Elder Lee who ran, and no one behind him supported him. Over the past few decades, Da Tea Village seemed to be isolated from the world, and compulsory education could not be passed on. School was a new thing for many people. Dai people had always spread Dai culture. When boys reached a certain age, they would enter the monastery to learn Buddhist scriptures. Learning culture and understanding Dai language. This seemed to make up for the lack of culture, but in recent years. . . Parents sent their children to the monastery less and less. The boys were unwilling to go. The huge monastery is often surrounded by desolate walls. "

Tao Huizhen shut her mouth tightly and stared at Officer Wang's mouth. She listened attentively. The Dai people believed in Buddhism in the south and had many years of history. In the county of Mengla County, she also saw the monastery's buildings. Golden spikes protruded from those dilapidated buildings.

However, Tao Huizhen found it very hard to accept that the boys had the opportunity to learn culture. But the girls could not. Furthermore, in Dai Village. . . There were other people living here. Although Dai culture was a traditional culture, it could not be abandoned. In the words of Wen Xiu, "It can't disappear anymore. " But compulsory education and knowledge culture. . . It didn't conflict with Dai culture. She still hoped that everyone would have the opportunity to learn.

It was best to learn and use it to change one's life through knowledge and see a wider world outside the mountain. She knew that this path was long and arduous, but there were always people doing it.

"The monastery went from a flourishing incense offerings to a desolate land. Without the monasteries' cultural transmission, the people of Great Tea Village had no way to obtain knowledge. The children of the neighboring villages began reading. Elder Lee said that we should not be left behind too far. At that time, no one expected Elder Lee to succeed. He convinced a lot of people that at the moment we put up the sign for Da Tea Village Primary School. . . Elder Lee smiled and said, This is hope. " Officer Wang described it without any emotion. He looked at the old man's back and said, "Elder Li has paid a lot of money. It's the elementary school of Tea Village. Without his support, it would have been impossible for him to have come this far. "

"No, teaching teachers are the ones who spread culture and knowledge. They gave up life in the city and went deep into the mountains. Bring knowledge to our mountains and bring it to Dai Village. I only did a little push. In a school, life without a teacher is the hardest to endure. This year, It's been half a year since a teacher came over. The children are all crying and waiting to be fed. "

The teacher is like a spark of fire. The children in the mountains are likened to the wick of hope and urgently need to be lit up.

Tao Huizhen felt a kind of power, a power she had never felt before. It attached itself to her body. This path was long and arduous, but there were always people doing it. Just like Dr. Li and Dr. Wang! In every corner of China, Dr. Li and Dr. Wang were the same. They were moving forward. This kind of power came from a large country. Countless similar figures sensed it.

At this moment, the cart had been hobbling on the mountain road for more than an hour. After crossing a road ridge, In the wilderness, there were lush greenery. Far away, The water canals emitted a sparkling white light, and their field of vision was extremely wide. In the entire world, Only the oxcart was slowly moving forward. It had been a long time since the scenery on both sides had changed. It was as if the cart had been frozen in the vast world, becoming a painting.

Tao Huizhen began to think about Shen Yang's appearance, and also the expression on her parents' and Wenxiu's faces when they sent her off. But soon, she stopped thinking and stared at the surrounding mountains and lands for a long time. She asked how long it would take to get to Big Tea Village.

"That is the Great Tea Mountain. The Great Tea Village is at the foot of the mountain. In a while, we will be able to see the appearance of the Great Tea Village. " Old Man Li pointed at the mountain not far away.

Tao Huizhen nodded and moved forward. "Elder Li, can you tell me about the situation at the Great Tea Village Primary School? How many grades and classes are the students divided into? Can the classes be synchronized with the county's Central Primary School? "

Elder Li pondered for a moment and mumbled a few times. He said, "It's worse than you think, Teacher Tao. There were children of all grades in Da Tea Village. The older children, learn more. The younger children would learn less. There were no rules. Not to mention whether they could keep up with the county. It's impossible to divide the classrooms. We've always been looking forward to the arrival of the teaching teacher. We can't even link up a single teacher, so how can we divide the classrooms? The children are crying and waiting to be fed. We lack teaching resources, a serious shortage. . . If the teacher is in a rush to come over during the summer vacation, we will start the summer vacation classes. If we come during the winter vacation, our children will go to school during the winter vacation. If the branch teacher comes and leaves when the time comes, our child will be intermittent. . . How nice would it be if there was a branch teacher all the time? The children will be able to attend classes all the time. They have missed too many classes. "

Tao Huizhen asked. "It's been a long time since a teacher came?"

"Yes, it hasn't been since the New Year. We can understand how bitter the mountain is. Teacher Tao should be shocked when he sees the environment here. . . "Elder Li smiled bitterly. He continued, "Other than the lack of teachers, this group of children also lack teachers. Lack of books, teaching tools, They even lack food and clothing. Great Tea Village is the poorest village in Mengla County. It was located in a remote area, and the villagers had almost no source of income. It was barely self-sufficient, and there was no extra money for the children to read. Then, this part of the expenditure. . . It had to be on the Department of Education. The Department of Education did not have any money either. In the end, we still have to think of our own ways. . . "

Tao Huizhen widened her eyes. There was a trace of surprise flowing in her eyes. However, there was also something that looked like a needle that was magnified in her pupils, as if it was firming some sort of confidence.

"However, since there's a teacher here, the rest will be easy to deal with. In the end, what we lack the most is knowledge. "

Elder Li narrowed his eyes slightly, as if all difficulties were unimportant. Suffering was not difficult for people. The suffering that a person could endure was far greater than what one could imagine. This is nothing. No matter how many detours you take, it doesn't matter. In the end, he would be able to reach it. Only knowledge and culture could not be obtained just by suffering. It needs someone to spread it to pass on their teachings.

No matter how profound the pain of eating is, The past will be forgotten, but what remains. . . The knowledge that could change fate. This also proves that suffering. . . In life, no matter how profound it was, It would be shaved off. It couldn't stand, it couldn't beat people. . . In the end, it would always be replaced by knowledge and hope.

In order to learn knowledge, it was worth it to put in some hard work that would soon be forgotten.

Elder Lee told Tao Huizhen that although Big Tea Village Primary School had seven or eight teachers, they had been here for less than a year. Usually, there was a girl as old as Tao Huizhen who was a substitute teacher in Big Tea Village Primary School. No one would have thought that the substitute teacher would be the one with the most children.

Tao Huizhen thought to herself that some people "abandoned" the children in the mountain village, but there were some people who persisted.

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