The Most Simple Wish/C9 The Traditional Dream of the Dai Tribe to Perform the Ordinary Peacock Dance
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The Most Simple Wish/C9 The Traditional Dream of the Dai Tribe to Perform the Ordinary Peacock Dance
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C9 The Traditional Dream of the Dai Tribe to Perform the Ordinary Peacock Dance

The cart was rolling on the road, and Elder Lee was staring at the cow's smooth spine, which was covered with a layer of leather, which was sliding to the left and right. This road was really long. The cart had been moving for two hours. It was so deep that even the old cow was sweating and its fur was wet.

"I see it. " Tao Huizhen suddenly saw a village a few miles away. A few bamboo towers with bare feet were lined up at the foot of the Tea Mountain in the distance. There were also a few non-dry-style buildings, but they were all made of bamboo and bananas. The top of the hill was like a straw hat, arranged in an array of stars and chess pieces.

Beside the village, there was a stream flowing from the foot of the mountain into the depths of that endless bamboo forest. Banana trees, bamboos, and dark brown wooden houses could be seen everywhere in the village, forming a simple but lively climate of the tropical rainforest.

"The Dai are a race of water. The people of Big Tea Village have been unable to leave this stream for generations. " Elder Li introduced it to Tao Huizhen. The cart went up high, and the people on it could look down on most of the Great Tea Village.

"Is there any fish in the stream?" Tao Huizhen asked jokingly.

"Very few. The big fish upstream are all very smart. They don't swim in the water, but there are exceptions. If there is a fishing net, maybe we can catch one. Yesterday, the Hu family caught a water horse pestle fish. "

"This place can simply be described as beautiful with beautiful scenery. If the scenery is good, then the person is beautiful. I seem to have already sensed the local atmosphere of Dai Village. "

"Teacher Tao also needs to be mentally prepared for the tropical climate. There are many mosquitoes in the mountain and it's very humid. In actual fact, after living here, What you remember is not the scenery here. . . Later, I will get someone to prepare some mosquito repellant medicine for you. Otherwise, you won't be able to sleep after being bitten by mosquitoes at night. "

"Okay," Wang Yao said. Tao Huizhen replied crisply.

Entering the village entrance, Elder Li tied the cart to a banana tree and helped Tao Huizhen carry her luggage along with a member of the royal family. Together, they walked into the tea village.

Gradually, the sound of musical instruments approached from afar. From one of them was a fresh and melodious tune. A refreshing and delicate sound analysis. Tao Huizhen, who was studying classical dancing, was able to tell very quickly that. . . It was the sound of the calabash blowing. The beat was very chaotic. The rhythm was also unclear, so there must be no specific score. However, it was filled with a strong sense of nationality.

Tao Huizhen could not help but listen to the rhythm of the music. Soft dance moves appeared in her mind. Maybe it was because of her profession, but she couldn't control her dancing complex. Her wrist couldn't help but gently follow the melodious sound of the calabash threads. It was like a bird flapping its wings. Tao Huizhen thought of how she looked when she was wearing classical dancing clothes. She almost forgot that it was already in the past.

Other than the calabash, there was also an empty drum beating with a fast rhythm. Perhaps it wasn't the beating, but the beating. Tao Huizhen was very sensitive to the sound of the calabash and she could feel the rhythm of the beating. Bang, bang, bang, bang. . . Pap pak pak pak. Time was fast, time was slow, and the sound was clear. It could directly reach one's heart.

"What kind of drum is that?" Tao Huizhen looked at Elder Li and Officer Wang and asked.

Officer Wang said, "It's like a foot drum, like a foot drum. One of the instruments of Dai Village. "

"In order to welcome Teacher Tao, we filled the vacancy in Da Tea Village Primary School for half a year. Since you are here, Da Tea Village Primary School will have teachers. The adults and children in the village all welcome the festival. I'm here to welcome you. " Elder Li's wrinkled face glowed under the light. He said, "Not everyone understands the meaning of knowledge, but the teacher hasn't come for a long time. Even the people in the mountains know how to think. Something must have gone wrong. Is it because the conditions in Dai Village are not good and no teacher is willing to come? Maybe they don't know what education means. But they know that teachers are precious resources. "

" Ah? Meet me. " Tao Huizhen's pitch-black eyes were momentarily stunned. What ability did she have?

At this moment, the sound of the drums, calabash threads, and gong seemed to have moved from the house to play outside the house. The sound became louder and much more cheerful. The few of them turned a curved intersection and Tao Huizhen's eyes suddenly opened up. It was a colorful scene. The dance formation formed by Dai men and women was dancing like children.

From the perspective of a professional dancer like Tao Huizhen, these dancers did not dance at all and did not pay attention to the beat. They looked like drums and calabash threads that formed their own body, and the dancers' dancing was so casual. However, they had their own charm and soul. Their expressions were focused, and their dancing was vigorous and vigorous.

This was a dance that was not packaged and did not have the form of rehearsals. An impromptu performance. It was different from Tao Huizhen's dance performance for other people to appreciate. Their dance was for themselves to feel. The charm and the rhythm of the dance were both reflected in one's heart. Tao Huizhen thought that this was the traditional culture. The real folk dance was not very elegant and moving. Instead, it's a profound cultural network from ancient times until now. It was a guide that led these people to dance. Every movement, every movement, They're all filled with rich national ideologies and culture.

Song and dance were the customs of the Dai people. They danced without any distractions, humming and singing from the corners of their mouths.

They took turns to walk to the main dance position. This word was more professional, and it was more appropriate to say that they took turns to perform themselves. When Tao Huizhen walked to one-third of the village road, the man with the golden crown walked to the "main dance" position. The rhythm of the Calabash Silk became clearer.

The man stared at Tao Huizhen. He was only wearing a jacket. He stepped on ordinary dark long pants and did not specially decorate them. Under the rhythm of the calabash, He started dancing. He pinched his mouth shaped hand and his wrist trembled. He vividly displayed the movement of a bird shaking its head. In an instant, The feeling of all living creatures in nature came. Then, his two arms rolled like waves. Wave after wave pushed against each other, both hard and soft at the same time.

Tao Huizhen silently admired this dance in her heart.

After a while, she started to beat like a drum. The man changed his palm shape into a palm shape. His wrist and palm shook, making a posture like a bird flapping its wings and flapping its wings. Very quickly, he flapped his wings and flew into the distance, as if he was playing with nature.

The dance of the Dai Clan was mostly about imitating animals. The more lifelike they were, the closer they were to the essence of animals. Their expressions were closer to perfection. Tao Huizhen did not stop. She followed Elder Li and the members of the royal family and walked forward. The Dai villagers on both sides retreated in front of her. Suddenly, she reacted and blurted out, "The Dance of the Peacock of the Dai Tribe!"

Just now, the dance of the man should have been a small part of the dance of the Dai Tribe's male male male Peacock. The peacock was the auspicious bird of the Dai race, and the essence of the peacock dance was to imitate the various agile poses of the peacock. Tao Huizhen turned her head and saw that the man was still dancing not far away. He was imitating the peacock opening its tail. A look of admiration appeared in Tao Huizhen's eyes.

Tao Huizhen discovered that some Dai women were wearing colorful clothes and cylindrical skirts, imitating the dancing posture of butterflies. Such a dance was very similar to the classical dance that Tao Huizhen was performing. However, classical dance emphasized the lubrication of art, and the national dance paid more attention to the 'dance' itself.

The Dai women gave Tao Huizhen a 'foreign beauty', and the aura of their nationality was vividly displayed from their exquisite clothes. A colorful short-sleeved shirt, paired with a tube-shaped skirt that was long enough to reach her feet. The tube-shaped skirt had a single color. Some had layers upon layers of colors mixed together. There were also patterns and totems embroidered on them. Tao Huizhen saw a colorful scene at first glance. It was the appearance of the Dai women's clothing style.

"They are very skillful. " Tao Huizhen thought.

The singing and dancing were still going on. On a 100m long path at the entrance of Big Tea Village. . . There were crowds on both sides of the road. Tao Huizhen could not help but stop as she followed the rhythm of the folk instruments such as the Elephant-Foot Drum and Drum. There was an impromptu dance, with only seven or eight movements in less than a minute. It could be considered a warm welcome to the people of Dai. She was light and graceful. She could do every movement to the extreme. When it came to controlling the rhythm of music, she was not inferior to anyone. Even if it was a casual performance, it still looked decent. Very standard.

Her dance seemed to be quite professional, similar to the national dance of the Dai people. There was a huge difference, after one dance, Tao Huizhen continued to follow Elder Li and Officer Wang. On the way, Tao Huizhen did not speak. No one came to talk to her either. She saw the pairs of eyes of the Dai villagers on both sides of the road. They were staring at her, full of curiosity and longing.

There was also desire and confusion. They were so simple and shy. There was also the kind of unwillingness that Tao Huizhen saw in their eyes for no reason.

At the end of the village road, there was a hanging bamboo house or wooden house every very long. Tao Huizhen looked back and saw that the dance formation of the Dai villagers was getting further and further away from her. The sounds of musical instruments such as drums and other instruments were gradually becoming clearer and clearer, becoming more and more blurry. It actually gave Tao Huizhen a nostalgic atmosphere.

"Officer Wang!"

Tao Huizhen heard a "Mandarin" with a strong accent. A figure wearing a black tuxedo stood in the middle of a small road in the distance.

From the crowd just now, a woman from Dai came out. She ran over in a hurry, her steps flustered. She ran like a seven or eight-year-old child who didn't care about her image. She was about 25 years old, just as young as Tao Huizhen. When she ran to Tao Huizhen's side, she stared at her for a long time. She didn't mind Tao Huizhen's reaction in the slightest, and she carefully looked at her face once.

It was as if she wanted to see every trace of red on Tao Huizhen's face clearly. Then, she licked her lips and nodded slightly at Tao Huizhen. Then, she ran towards Officer Wang. "Officer Wang, wait for me!"

"Dao Xiaotong, you're panicking. Slow down. " Officer Wang stopped in his tracks. He was afraid that she would fall if she ran like this.

Dao Xiaotong ran over while panting. She stretched out a hand and said, "It's the beginning of the month, my money. "

"What money?"

"[My subsidy for Da Tea Village's primary school teacher is 30 RMB per month. ]"

"Oh, you remember it very clearly. But you have no credit, but you also have to work hard. What I promised you won't go back on my word. Let me take a look. " Officer Wang placed Tao Huizhen's travel bag by her feet and touched it in her pocket. She took out twenty-six yuan from her three pockets and placed it in Dao Xiaotong's hand.

"This is not enough. " Dao Xiaotong stared at the money. There were a few wrinkled ten yuan and five yuan bags. There were also two five-corner notes.

"I'll make it up to you next month. Teacher Tao didn't remember what happened to you today. That's all he had on him. "

"Last month, you only needed me by three yuan. He said he would make it up to you this month. It's been half a year since Da Tea Village Primary School has a teacher. I haven't been anywhere for half a year and have been teaching students. However, you promised me 30 yuan per month. You, a cultured person, can't lie to me. "

"You're really smart when you're serious. What I promised you will definitely come true, but I really don't have any money on me. " Officer Wang patted his empty pocket.

"It's indeed not easy for Saber Teacher. In name, she's just an unassuming substitute teacher. Usually, no one paid attention to her. She cooked by the stove. Some people thought that she was a nameless cooking woman. But when the teacher returned to the city, we remembered her again. She was the one who taught the children. In the rainy morning, she went to pick up the children and walked on the muddy path. She was the one who sent them home at night. She was often forgotten. But we can't possibly not have her. " Elder Li said from the side.

Dao Xiaotong was the one who had accompanied Da Tea Village Primary School's students for the longest time. No one noticed the value of her existence, but she was the only one who could not abandon her. Elder Li knew that her way of thinking was simple. As long as he told her that the babies needed her. . . She was there. However, what Great Tea Village Primary School could give her in return was merely filling her stomach.

Apart from that, as the nominal person-in-charge of Great Tea Village Primary School, Elder Li felt that he could not give her anything. However, he had to take Dao Xiaotong's hard work into consideration.

Dao Xiaotong's eyes shone with a crystal clear light. She became a little anxious and looked at Elder Li and Officer Wang alternately. She looked at Elder Li's face for a long time, especially under the deep wrinkles on his face.

Officer Wang nodded slightly. Was Dao Xiaotong really concerned about whether her students could learn knowledge? Did she really understand the meaning of hope? Perhaps not, Dao Xiaotong did not have such a high level of thinking. In her view of the world, the world seemed to be very simple. Everything that supported her. . . Just because someone asked her - - - to do this, she would do it without hesitation.

The teacher's allowance of thirty yuan was the same. In her opinion, since she wanted to subsidize thirty yuan, then she had to give it to her. Furthermore, if she didn't want to give it to her, she had to tell her clearly.

Two months ago, there was no teacher at Da Tea Village Primary School. It was already the fourth month. When Officer Wang came to the Great Tea Village to do some work, he saw that it was just like today. Dao Xiaotong's back was running and her feet were in the mud of the village road. It was as if she did not feel anything. There was a light drizzle the night before. There were two children in the depths of Tea Village that she needed to pick up. When necessary, she had to carry them along the muddy path.

That afternoon, Officer Wang told her that he wanted to apply for some subsidies for her in the Department of Education so that she could teach her students well. In just a few days, the application was approved. The Department of Education agreed to withdraw 30 yuan a month to support Dao Xiaotong's work at Da Tea Village Primary School.

Officer Wang was very pleased. Although the money was not much, the meaning was different. Elder Li was right. The rare thing about Dao Xiaotong was that she would be with her for a long time.

"Dao Xiaotong, I will make it up to you next month. Remember, I'll give you 40 yuan next month. How much is that? Last month, I missed you by three yuan. This month, I missed you by four yuan. I'll give you 40 yuan, and you earned three yuan. Even if it's interest. But the interest isn't just for you. You have to teach your student culture more. You can't always let them study by themselves. " Officer Wang said to Dao Xiaotong.

Dao Xiaotong blinked her eyes. It seemed like she was calculating that the plan was not worth it. Then, she said, "It would be best to spend the money. "

"Alright, charge the money. " Officer Wang said, "Now that Teacher Tao is here and he is a university student, you should follow him and learn more. In the future, you can teach him better. You know that the environment in Da Tea Village is harsh. Teachers will always leave. Every one of us must learn to walk on our own. "

"We can't always count on others to shield us from the wind and rain" Elder Li said.

Dao Xiaotong stood in front of Elder Lee and Officer Wang, as if she was in a bad mood. But it was not like that. She used her four fingers and her palm to hold onto the skirt of the skirt. After staring at Elder Li and Officer Wang for a short while, She then looked at Tao Huizhen, who was waiting in the distance. Tao Huizhen had an aura that was out of place with this Dai village. On the way here, Dao Xiaotong noticed Tao Huizhen's soft and charming dance. It was as if she were a 'demonic flower' from a foreign land. "How long can Teacher Tao stay here?" Dao Xiaotong asked cautiously.

"Let's go. " Officer Wang avoided answering and said, "Teacher Tao has been in the car for a few days and nights. Let him rest first. "

The branch teacher came and left again. It seemed like he was already used to it. However, each time, he would make them feel reluctant to part with him. It was as if they had lost something precious, something that they were unable to let go of.

No matter how many branch teachers had come here, or how many times they had left. . . They couldn't help but smile. After all, people get closer to each other as time passes. The children who had the most frequent contact with the branch teachers were forced to disperse time and time again. The matter of the branch teacher leaving. . . It was probably the most helpless and vexing matter in the entire Da Tea Village Primary School.

Every time a branch teacher arrived, they would have to count the days that had passed. Every one or two weeks, a feeling of fear and anxiety rose in their hearts. Some people would even feel terrified. They always thought that the environment in the mountains was tough, and the teacher would leave them at any time. They wanted to leave the best side for the teacher, but it was all in vain.

Dai Village was a tropical rainforest climate, close to the equator of Earth, so the black sky came very late, but also very suddenly. The hot sun seemed to fall all of a sudden, and the dim light lasted for less than half an hour before Da Tea Village was completely immersed in the night.

In the depths of the mountain, everything became silent. Only the tiny streams beside the village were flowing, and the insects were chirping softly.

"Look, Teacher Tao, Meteor Shower!" Dao Xiaotong suddenly shouted excitedly in "Mandarin in the countryside" in the darkness. A Meteor Shower streaked across the distant night sky. At the limits of the human eye, it flashed for a moment before disappearing into the night sky.

Tao Huizhen pressed a blade of grass in her hand. "Did you make a wish?"

"I made a wish. "

Dao Xiaotong must be praying for the children, hoping that they could pass the Da Tea Village Primary School. Through studying, they walked out of the mountains. She could see the outside world. Tao Huizhen stood in front of the hammock, looking at the black silhouette of Tea Village. After being in the darkness for a long time, her eyes became accustomed to the darkness. Even the scenery at night gave off a faint light. It allowed Tao Huizhen to see the blurry houses and trees, lining them up clearly.

"Teacher Dao, you were just making a wish for the children of Da Tea Village Primary School, right? I guessed right, right? "

"I didn't. "

"[What is that wish?]"

"[It's a secret, I can't tell you]"

Tao Huizhen laughed in the darkness and asked, "Are there any special children in Da Tea Village Primary School? I mean, there are special circumstances in which the teacher has to take special care of them"

"Teacher Tao, I'm not that professional. You asked. I. . . I am not paying attention to these. " Dao Xiaotong seemed to be deep in thought. The darkness suddenly became so silent that even her breathing became so clear. "The children in the school are all very good. There is Yu Er and Wu Huiyan. Bai Junmao, Yan Hahan. . . "

A string of names reverberated in Tao Huizhen's ears. She tried her best to use her mind to describe their appearances. After Dao Xiaotong finished speaking the last name, Tao Huizhen remembered a total of 28 names. Tao Huizhen still felt that it was inappropriate, so she decided to write it down in her notebook.

Tao Huizhen took the notebook that she had brought from Shen Yang and wrote down all the names. Dao Xiaotong held a flashlight for her and said that it was the treasure of Da Tea Village Primary School. Sometimes, it was cloudy and rainy, and the sky would get dark early. The village did not have any lighting facilities, and if they did not have a flashlight, they would not be able to pick up the children.

The flashlight only had a flashlight. Dao Xiaotong said that she would give this flashlight to Tao Huizhen in the future. She was afraid that Tao Huizhen would not be able to see the light when she went to the toilet at night and it would be awkward for her.

The two of them were of the same age, leaning against the grass in front of the hanging bamboo house. The light from the flashlight illuminated the night sky. Tao Huizhen remembered that when she was young, she would always use the flashlight to illuminate the night sky. At that time, she thought that the light from the flashlight could illuminate an endless distance. But now, it seemed that this light was really insignificant.

Dao Xiaotong looked up at the light pillar. "Teacher Tao, the night in the big city is very bright, right? Isn't it very beautiful?"

"It's bright. I can see everything clearly. " As Tao Huizhen spoke, she turned off the flashlight, and the two of them sank into the darkness again. Tao Huizhen had never experienced such a pure and broken silent night before.

Elder Li and Officer Wang arranged for Tao Huizhen to live in the small hanging bamboo house behind Dao Xiaotong.

There was nothing else in the hanging bamboo house other than the bed. It was very simple. Tao Huizhen took out her phone and glanced at it. As expected, there was no signal on the phone. The watch with the ivory watch chain pointed to ten o'clock. Tao Huizhen leaned against the bamboo bed and laid down. After the lights went out, the bamboo building on the second floor also merged with the night of the entire village.

"Teacher Tao, are you asleep? My wish is actually not about Da Tea Village Primary School, but my own wish. I dream that I will be able to take a look at the big city one day and see the night scenery of the big city. " Dao Xiaotong said on the small bed across from her. She tried her best to imagine the glory of the big city.

Tao Huizhen felt her breathing become heavy. Why did her wish seem so easy to fulfill but become her wish? Tao Huizhen had never heard of such a simple and meaningful dream. She sincerely said, "Your wish will definitely come true. "

"I don't know when I will be able to save enough money to go to Beijing and Shanghai. Sigh, I have a subsidy of 30 yuan per month. "

Tao Huizhen heard endless longing and helplessness from Dao Xiaotong's tone. She closed her eyes and thought seriously. If she took a car from Mengla County all the way to Shanghai. . . Then she went up north to Beijing. . . He would need to spend 1800 yuan on the way back and forth. 1,800 dollars divided by 30, The result was 60. . . Then another 60 divided by 12. The result was five years.

In other words, if Dao Xiaotong continued to work hard for her dream in her current state. . . She would need at least five years to complete her dream. Tao Huizhen suddenly understood why Dao Xiaotong would say that in a longing tone. "Longing" was often an unreachable thing. At the same time, Tao Huizhen suddenly realized something. There was no difference between high and low in dreams. Perhaps something that she could easily obtain was within her grasp. It was someone else's dream.

She began to think about the literary show. Wen Xiu said that her dream was once a dance and a stage.

"I'm afraid it'll take many years. I must endure it. " Dao Xiaotong suddenly said. She knew the price of her dream.

Before the subsidy, Dao Xiaotong's world was very small. She had only seen such a large area of the Tea Village. She had never thought about how different the outside world was. It was only when she received the income that she began to think about how to spend the money. Thus, she thought of the best and most worthwhile wish she had in her mind.

Until now, she already had 53 yuan.

Tao Huizhen's legs were somewhat sore. She had not had a good rest for a few days and nights. Not long after, she fell asleep on the bamboo bed. In the night, the mosquito bit her. She woke up a few times and stared at the mosquito bag on her arm for a moment before falling asleep again.

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