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C91 End

She came to the foot of Big Tea Mountain and looked down at the low peak. It was a peak from a good angle that could overlook the Great Tea Village. It could be considered the shortest one in the Great Tea Mountain Range, but it was also quite steep, as if a stone slab had emerged from the mountain.

Tao Huizhen had tried to climb up this mountain many times, but she had failed. She looked at it for a while, gritted her teeth, and rushed over again.

This time, at the most dangerous landing point, she grabbed the root of the tree and the stone in her mountain. Her fingers were bleeding. She was one step away from the stone slab at the bottom of the mountain. Some small stones rolled down the mountain from under her feet. She stretched out her hand again and firmly held onto the sharp edge of the rocks. This time, she came up.

It turned out that this stretch of stone slab was covered with moss and was green in color. She did not care about the external wounds on her hands as she smiled bitterly at the sunlight.

As long as she was not afraid of getting hurt, she could climb up. Why didn't she think of this before?

She turned around and saw that the entire Great Tea Village was there. It was a small mountain village. In the past, she could only see more than half of it. It wasn't complete enough. This time, she saw it exceptionally complete. Every hanging bamboo building, every small path, every piece of green land. Even every ray of light that entered the small mountain village seemed to have been clearly marked.

She looked at the Great Tea Village in front of her and could not help but remove the layers of changes in the Great Tea Village in her mind. Then, she saw the scene of the Great Tea Village many years ago.

Yes, the changes in this small village were as big as the changes in the country. It was also like a smaller individual - - - the changes in her own body were similarly huge. In the few years that Tao Huizhen was here, there were earth-shaking changes here.

After opening up the road and getting rid of poverty, the income of the tea fields had basically stabilized. There was no need to worry about food and clothing anymore, and the basic medical and compulsory education were also guaranteed.

In Tao Huizhen's eyes, the layers of changes were once again given to the tea village under her feet. She looked at the smooth cement road that led to the county town and the signal tower that pointed directly to the sky on the roadside. With so many emotions and so many touches, she was unable to speak a thousand words. In the end, she only let out a light sigh.

Everything was fine in Da Tea Village, but now, she had no choice but to face the choice of life. Buying a train ticket did not mean that she would be able to meet her family. She was very eager to be able to participate in the preparation for the Peach Blossom Cup. That did not mean that she would turn around and choose Yunyi. Be it Qiuhe or Yu-er. . . It seemed that it was time to give up. After all, they already had their own new life path. Should she continue to participate?

The children of Da Tea Village, Wu Huiyan. Ding Han, wait. Would they wish to take the path that Lin Min had mentioned? Or would they hope that Tao Huizhen would continue to stay in the Great Tea Village as their supplementary teacher? A mentor in life? What about Tao Huizhen herself? She didn't know what to choose either. She had not returned to her hometown for more than five years. She was already thirty years old. She had wasted the best years of her life in Dai Village.

More than five years ago, before she came to Yunnan alone from the northeast, she was still a dancer. She was the main dancer in the troupe. She was filled with enthusiasm and vitality. When she made her choice, she would follow her dreams blindly, so she would embark on a journey of leaving her hometown. After so many years, when she made her choice again, it would be really difficult for her.

At this time, the wind on the stone slab blew up her long hair that had not been cut for many years. She seemed to have heard some sound coming from afar, and her eyes became moist.

She was a little rusty, and tried to raise her orchid palm and Shan Shan Yi's arms. She started to dance on the moss. Her smile was filled with tears, and her tears were filled with laughter. Her watery eyes froze in the air and dispersed. They were far away, and they were getting closer. In an instant, it was as if she had traveled through time and space, returning to a certain starting point.

She didn't even know how she had managed to perform the solo dance that she hadn't been able to for a long time, Distance.

However, her dance was still filled with enthusiasm and boundless vitality. This was true.

She started to dance with full of hot blood. The sound of the drum in the great hall surged in her heart and resounded throughout the entire Great Tea Mountain Range - Dong!


The End
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