The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C1 Restrictions Removed
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The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C1 Restrictions Removed
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C1 Restrictions Removed

In front of the stove, only Chu Hee was busy.

Laughter rang out from the living room. Chu Hee's father-in-law and mother-in-law were chatting happily with Zhang Kai.

They were the son-in-law of Lin family, but Chu Hee was inferior to him.

Chu Hee came from an ordinary family and did not have a decent job. He had always been looked down upon by people in Lin family.

He was the one who did all the dirty work in the family.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he was not favored by his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Chu Hee's father-in-law, Lin Guangzhi, narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "Zhang Kai, Yu's mother and I have been looking forward to you. When the time comes, we are going to have a good talk with your father and discuss your matters."

Yu's name was Lin Fengyu, and she was the younger sister of Chu Hee's wife.

Zhang Kai was Lin Fengyu's current boyfriend. Their relationship developed very quickly. They had only known each other for less than two months and they had already reached the stage of discussing marriage.

Zhang Kai smiled and said, "No problem, Uncle. My family has time at any time. It will depend on your and Auntie's arrangements."

Coincidentally, Chu Hee's last dish was ready. He took one plate at a time and went back and forth between the living room and the kitchen. After a while, the dining table was filled with delicious food.

"Mom and Dad, lunch is ready."

Zhang Kai asked curiously, "Who is this?"

Yu squinted her eyes and smiled. She said disdainfully, "He is my brother-in-law. He has no money and no job. He is just a trash in the family. "

Lin Fengyu's words were very hard to hear. Even in front of outsiders, she did not show any mercy. Hearing this, Chu Hee was both angry and helpless.

Even if he was Yu's brother-in-law, he had no status in the family. In addition, Yu was the beloved daughter of two elders. She was pampered and proud, so he did not dare to offend her.

Furthermore, Lin Fengyu's fiancé was present today. If the conflict between them was caused because of him, his wife Lin Fengxue would probably be in a difficult position.

Lin Fengyu suddenly said, "It is almost past dinner time. My sister is not home yet? Mom, does my sister know that I brought my boyfriend back today?"

Just as she finished speaking, Lin Fengxue opened the door and appeared at the door. Lin Fengxue was dressed in black professional attire.

"Sorry, I came back late because of work delays."

Zhang Kai was shocked and his eyes lit up. He said in surprise, "Yu, is this your sister? Your family's genes are really good. The two sisters are as beautiful as flowers."

"Hello, sister. I am Yu's boyfriend. My name is Zhang Kai."

"Hello. Yu has good taste. Her boyfriend is really handsome and has an extraordinary bearing. "

Lin Fengxue was in her prime. She was only 25 years old, with long legs and a slim waist. Her figure was perfect. Furthermore, her appearance was exquisite. She was a rare beauty.

Lin Guangzhi smiled and called everyone, "Now that everyone is here, everyone sit down and chat while eating."

Everyone sat down. Chu Hee and Lin Fengxue sat side by side. He placed a piece of chicken into Lin Fengxue's bowl.

"Try it. This is the Coke chicken wing I specially made for you today."

Lin Fengyu saw it. She picked up a chicken wing with her chopsticks and bit it in her mouth. Then, she immediately threw it on the table.

"This chicken wing is really disgusting! Chu Hee, could it be that this chicken wing is not fresh anymore?"

Lin Fengxue also opened her mouth and took a bite when she heard that. She did not feel that there was anything wrong with the chicken wings.

"How could it be? Yu, these wings are very normal."

Lin Fengyu picked up the cabbage again and just as she put it in her mouth, she spat it out again.

" This cabbage is not cooked yet, right? This cabbage is very hard, making people unable to swallow it."

Putting down the chopsticks, Lin Fengyu proudly said, "Do you know about Heaven Look Hotel? It is a five-star hotel, where the head chef was hired from abroad. The dishes they cooked were all very delicious! And that's the business of Zhang Kai's family. "

Zhang Kai immediately continued," That's just my family's restaurant. Since Yu doesn't like eating these dishes, why don't we go to my family's restaurant to eat? I'll ask the chef to prepare a few signature dishes to serve you. "

Chu Hee's expression was a little ugly. He understood that Lin Fengyu was deliberately slandering him.

In the past, Lin Fengyu ate the dishes he cooked with great relish every time and even praised the delicacy. Today, she did this to show off that her boyfriend had a hotel at home.

Lin Fengxue saw the situation and quickly said, "Chu Hee worked hard to make a table full of dishes. If we don't eat it, then it will be a waste. Why don't we go another day and make do with it today."

Min frowned. She felt that Chu Hee had lost the face of Lin family in front of outsiders, so she angrily said, "Chu Hee, what should I say to you? It's fine if you don't know how to earn money, but now you don't even know how to cook. What else can you do? "

Zhang Kai stretched out his chopsticks and picked up a piece of meat and put it into his mouth. He chewed a few times and commented, "This dish is indeed a little unpalatable. After Yu and I get married, we will be a family. If Chu Hee is willing, I can let our hotel's chef take you in as an apprentice. This way, you can improve your cooking skills and also earn some money. Killing two birds with one stone. "

Lee Min looked at Chu Hee out of the corner of her eye and said, "Hurry up and thank Zhang Kai."

Chu Hee gritted his teeth in anger. Zhang Kai's actions seemed to be out of good intentions, but in fact, he was mocking him.

Lin Fengxue raised her hand and lightly patted the back of Chu Hee's hand a few times. Only then did Chu Hee calm down.

"Thank you for your good intentions, but I don't want to go."

"You don't want to go? Do you think the money is too little?" Lin Fengyu's eyes widened. "Look at yourself. You live like a beggar. Ever since you got married, have you spent a penny on my sister? You still have the nerve to be picky here? "

Lin Fengyu pulled out the necklace on her neck as she spoke. It was dazzling.

"This is the diamond necklace Zhang Kai gave me. The price of this necklace is beyond your imagination! After all, when my sister married you, she didn't even receive a diamond ring. After you got married, you freeloaded at my house and didn't earn a single cent! "

" Yu, shut up! "

Lin Fengxue frowned and her expression was a little awkward. Even if Chu Hee was useless, he was still her husband!

Zhang Kai did not marry Lin Fengyu, so he was still an outsider.

In front of outsiders, Lin Fengyu mocking Chu Hee was equivalent to mocking her.

"Your brother-in-law has always treated you well. What happened to you today? Did you forget who picked you up in the rain with an umbrella, and who carried you to the hospital when you broke your leg?"

Lin Fengyu snorted and said, "So what? If he had money and a car, would he still need to carry me to the hospital?"

"In the future, no matter if it is windy or rainy or I am not feeling well, Zhang Kai will drive to escort me. Right, Zhang Kai? "

Zhang Kai beamed with joy and said, "Of course. After we get married, I can give you a car."

" Wow, my dear, you are so nice! "

Lin Fengyu directly kissed Zhang Kai on the face in front of everyone.

"These dishes are really hard to swallow. I think we should go out and eat."

Lin Fengyu stood up, and Zhang Kai also stood up.

"Dad, Mom, don't wait for me. I don't know when I will come back." The two of them left.

Lin Guangzhi said helplessly, "Alright, let's eat."

Lee Min slammed her chopsticks on the table and angrily said, "I'm so angry!"

Lin Fengxue let out a long sigh and hugged Chu Hee's arm. Her expression was as gentle as water as she comforted him.

"Hubby, don't be angry. Yu is not like this usually."

Chu Hee smiled and said, "It doesn't matter."

Lin Fengxue stood up and walked out with the bag.

"I have other matters to attend to at the company. I will leave first. We will watch the movie together tonight."

Chu Hee smiled and nodded.

Seeing Lin Fengxue walk out of the door, Chu Hee quietly cleaned the table.

Suddenly, his phone rang and a text message appeared on the screen.

"Young Master Chu Hee, the punishment has expired, the restriction has been lifted."

"All of your accounts have been unfrozen. If you need, you can contact the family."

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