The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C10 Promotion and Pay Raise
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The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C10 Promotion and Pay Raise
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C10 Promotion and Pay Raise

At the sales office of Hengtian.

At around eight in the morning, Wai Guoqiang arrived. Director Wai's sudden appearance scared the employees here, causing them to be at a loss of what to do.

Wai Guoqiang's expression was gloomy.

"Who is Lin Fengxue?"

Wang Tongtong's heart skipped a beat. She immediately thought of Chu Hee coming to the sales office to ask her about Lin Fengxue.

Could it be that Chu Hee really went to seek revenge on Director Wai without caring about his own life?

Wang Tongtong felt uneasy.

No one answered. Wai Guoqiang could not help but feel slightly angry.

"Are you mute or deaf? I asked who Lin Fengxue was."

Everyone in the sales office knew what happened yesterday. No one dared to cause trouble. However, they all looked at Wang Tongtong at the same time.

"Tongtong, isn't Lin Fengxue your best friend? Hurry up and answer Director Wai's question!"

Wai Guoqiang also shifted his gaze to Wang Tongtong. Helpless, Wang Tongtong could only bite the bullet and say, "Director Wai, Lin Fengxue hasn't come yet."

"She hasn't come yet?"

Wai Guoqiang was very anxious in his heart. If Lin Fengxue did not come, how could he apologize?

When that time came, Chu Hee would be furious and he would be finished.

At this time, Lin Fengxue and Chu Hee had just arrived at the entrance of the sales office.

"Hubby, you go and report first. After I resign later, I will go home by myself."

After Lin Fengxue finished speaking, she turned around and strode towards the company.

Chu Hee quietly followed.

Lin Fengxue pushed open the door and entered. Everyone's eyes immediately focused on her.

Someone immediately pointed out, "Director Wai, Lin Fengxue is here."

Wai Guoqiang looked over when he heard that and was instantly stunned.

She was really beautiful. No wonder his disappointing son was so impulsive.

However, what ability did a small sales representative like her have? Her husband was actually so amazing.

"You are Lin Fengxue?"

Lin Fengxue was shocked when she saw Wai Guoqiang in front of her.

Wai Guoqiang had visited the sales office before, so she recognized this boss. However, he could not remember the sales staff here.

"Hello, Director Wai. I am Lin Fengxue."

Wai Guoqiang immediately put away the anger between his eyebrows and turned into a kind face of an elder.

"I have something to talk to you about. Come with me to the office."

Lin Fengxue could not help but tremble.

"No need. I am here today to resign. Please approve." As she spoke, she handed over the letter of resignation.


Wai Guoqiang was stunned. He didn't dare to take the letter of resignation.

If she resigned, then he would have to resign as well.

"Miss Lin, don't resign. I came this time specifically to apologize to you for my son's behavior yesterday."

Wai Guoqiang bowed to her.

"My son is a bastard. I have taught him a lesson and removed him from his position. I hope you can forgive him."

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

The grand boss had apologized to a small sales representative!

Not to mention others, even Lin Fengxue was scared silly.

She had already decided that no matter what Wai Guoqiang said, she would definitely resign from this position.

But the situation in front of her was really out of her expectations!

Wang Tongtong immediately pulled Lin Fengxue's clothes and reminded, "Director Wai personally came to apologize, and you still want him to keep bowing to you?"

Only then did Lin Fengxue react and quickly said, "Director Wai, quickly get up. I can't bear it."

Wai Guoqiang got up and his aged face was full of sincerity.

"Miss Lin, my son did this kind of action because I did not discipline him well. I specially looked at your performance. You actually got seven gold medals in sales in a year. It can be seen that your business ability is very strong."

"If an outstanding person like you resign, it will be the Hengtian Corporation's loss. What do you think? I will promote you to sales manager with a minimum salary of twenty thousand. I will also give you a house in Golden House. Look, I've already prepared the keys." As he spoke, he directly handed a key to Lin Fengxue.

This was simply a pie falling from the sky!

"Golden House is a high-end community in Hengtian Corporation. The cheapest type of home is four million?"

"Those who can live in Golden House are all rich and powerful people, ordinary people can't afford it!"

"If only I was the one who entered the office yesterday."

The people around them were all envious.

Wang Tongtong was even more jealous. Why didn't she have such good luck?

Only Lin Fengxue was still in a trance. What happened in front of her was like a dream. She even suspected that she was still awake.

Seeing Lin Fengxue not picking up the key after a long time, Wai Guoqiang felt that she had not calmed down yet. He was anxious to death in his heart. If no one else was present, Wai Guoqiang was afraid that he would have to kneel down and kowtow.

"Miss Lin, do you think there is anything that you are not satisfied with? If you have any requests, feel free to ask. I will do my best to satisfy them, as long as you stay."

"Director Wai, I will help you persuade her."

Wang Tongtong took the key with a smile and pulled Lin Fengxue to the side. She softly said,

"Lin Fengxue, what are you hesitating about? You are still not satisfied with this condition? You can work hard for a few years less."

Wang Tongtong placed the key to Golden House in Lin Fengxue's hands and advised, "Isn't buying a house your dream? Now you have a house, as long as you stay."

Holding the key, Lin Fengxue absentmindedly said, "Tongtong, this is too sudden. I am not dreaming right? You pinch me to see if it hurts. "

Wang Tongtong wished that she could punch her head to wake her up.

" One sentence, do you want it or not? If you don't want it, then let Director Wai give me the house and the sales manager!"

Lin Fengxue panted heavily. She was indeed frightened, so she was still in a state of confusion for a moment.

She took a deep breath, turned around and said to Wai Guoqiang, "Director Wai, is what you said true?"

Seeing her change her mind, Wai Guoqiang's eyes were filled with joy.

"Of course. You have the ability, this is what you deserve." Then he turned around and said to the crowd, "All of you, do your best. Everyone has this chance! "

"Manager Lin, I hope you continue to work hard."

Lin Fengxue's eyes turned red and her heart felt sour. She had worked hard for so many years and finally waited for this day.

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