The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C11 Someone Stole the Credit
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The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C11 Someone Stole the Credit
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C11 Someone Stole the Credit

"Director Wai, thank you very much. I will work even harder in the future. I won't let down the help of the headquarters."

Wai Guoqiang let out a long sigh of relief when he heard what Lin Fengxue said.

Not only did he apologize, but he also gave Lin Fengxue a promotion and a raise. He even gave her a high-end house. This time Chu Hee should be satisfied.

Wai Guoqiang let out a long sigh of relief and said to Lin Fengxue, "Miss Lin, is it convenient for us to talk?"

Everyone was very smart. They immediately spread out and hid far away, but they all wanted to hear what they were saying.

Wai Guoqiang whispered and probed, "Miss Lin, your husband was able to marry such a beautiful and talented woman like you. He is really lucky. What does your husband do?"

Lin Fengxue smiled awkwardly, "Director Wai, my husband did not work in the past. He only went to the company to report today."

Wai Guoqiang was stunned. Chu Hee did not have a job? It can't be, right? He thought that Chu Hee was not an ordinary person. He wanted to suck up to Chu Hee.

Could it be that he found the wrong person? Impossible, only her name was Lin Fengxue.

A jobless wanderer could decide the fate of his company with just a phone call?

Wai Guoqiang was getting more and more confused, but the more confusing the matter was, the more he feared Chu Hee.

"Then what company did he report to today?"

"A new media company called Boda Media."

Lin Fengxue could not help but wonder why Director Wai was so interested in her husband.

"Director Wai, can I ask you a question?"

"Miss Lin, please speak."

Lin Fengxue asked, "How did you know about what happened in the office?"

She had wanted to ask about it from the beginning. Wai Chenxi could not be the one to confess about it, could he? It must have been someone else who told Director Wai about it.

"I received an anonymous phone call yesterday. I also don't know who called."

Chu Hee specifically told him not to leak this matter, so he could only say this.

"Manager Lin, you go and do your thing. I still have some other matters to deal with."

"Director Wai, I'll send you out."

"No need!" Wai Guoqiang quickly walked out, afraid that Lin Fengxue would ask again.

When he just walked out of the company and breathed a sigh of relief, he saw Chu Hee, who was beside the exhibition board, and immediately became very nervous.

He hurriedly walked over and said with a flattering smile, "Sir, I have already apologized to Miss Lin and even gave her a promotion and a raise. I also kept the meeting between us a secret."

Chu Hee nodded. He was quite satisfied with his performance.

"What about the first condition I mentioned?"

Wai Guoqiang's facial features were twisted. He said in pain, "I have broken his hands. He is now lying in the hospital."

"It would be best if that was the case. If I find that Wai Chenxi's hands are fine, you will have to bear the consequences." He looked at Wai Guoqiang coldly, turned around, and rode away on his motorcycle.

Wai Guoqiang was so scared that he broke out in cold sweat. Wai Chenxi was his son after all, and he was unwilling to hurt him.

Initially, he wanted his son to pretend to be injured and lie to Chu Hee, but when he thought of Chu Hee's power, he immediately gave up on that idea.

He hired someone to break both of Wai Chenxi's hands.

At this point, Wai Chenxi was lying in the hospital. He thought it was his enemy who broke his hands. How could he have thought that this was planned by his father?

In the sales office, Lin Fengxue was surrounded.

"Manager Lin, congratulations! You have become a manager all of a sudden. Shouldn't we celebrate?"

"Fengxue, everyone has a good relationship. Don't forget about us after you get promoted!"

"Fengxue, you are so lucky. Not only did you get promoted and get a raise, but you also got a house for free. I might not be able to live in Golden House for the rest of my life."

Lin Fengxue saw that everyone was happy for her and said with a smile, "You don't have to envy me. Director Wai said that as long as your performance is good, you will have such a chance."

Wang Tongtong waved her hand to drive these people away, "During work time, you all should be busy with your own matters. Fengxue, I will accompany you to tidy up the manager's office."

Lin Fengxue nodded and went to the manager's office with Wang Tongtong. Now there were only the two of them here.

"Tongtong, Director Wai just told me that someone called him anonymous to talk about this matter. Did you do this? "

Wang Tongtong was stunned. When she saw Wai Guoqiang today, she thought that it was because Chu Hee had provoked Director Wai, so Director Wai came to settle the score with them.

But not only did Director Wai not lose his temper, he even apologized to Lin Fengxue and promoted her.

Hearing what Lin Fengxue said, Chu Hee did not go to find Director Wai? It was because of the anonymous number that he came.

She knew that Chu Hee was a coward.

Now it seemed that Chu Hee did not participate in this matter, and no one knew who made the anonymous phone call. Since Lin Fengxue thought that it was her who did it, then it was not a big deal for her to admit it.

"I am just angry. That Wai Chenxi using his power to bully others is really too much! Seeing you cry like that, I feel sorry for you, so I called an anonymous number to report this matter. I also didn't expect Director Wai to be so serious. Today, I came over to apologize. "

Lin Fengxue was touched as she hugged Wang Tongtong and said excitedly," Tongtong, you are really my best sister. Thank you for defending me against injustice. I will always remember you well. "

Wang Tongtong lightly caressed her back and her eyes were unfathomable.

"There is no need to be so emotional. It is all thanks to Director Wai's upright character. Otherwise, it would be useless even if I rushed to the main company."

"Oh right, Fengxue, you must not tell anyone about this matter. I'm afraid that if Wai Chenxi finds out that I'm the one who reported him, he will take revenge on me."

Lin Fengxue nodded and said, "Don't worry. You helped me. Of course I will keep it a secret for you."

Wang Tongtong continued, "Actually, many people can't bear to see what happened yesterday. There might also be someone who reported it in an anonymous manner. There is no need to talk about this between you and me."

Wang Tongtong was worried that someone would tell Lin Fengxue about the matter of the report. At that time, her lie would be exposed and this could be considered as giving her insurance.

Even if someone wanted to find Lin Fengxue to take credit, Wang Tongtong did not need to worry.

"You are right. No matter who stood out to help me, I will thank them. My God, I am really too happy. I can't wait to tell my parents, sister, and Chu Hee these things."

She grabbed Lin Fengxue's hand and said gently, "I have a good idea. Isn't the boss of Heaven Look Hotel your future brother-in-law? Why don't you invite everyone to dinner tonight to celebrate for you. At the same time, you should thank the other sisters who helped you. Isn't it more appropriate for you to tell your family this good news at this time? "

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