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C14 Banquet

The Chu family started from the H Country, and its power gradually expanded to all parts of the world. In order to facilitate management, they had specially set up a regional person-in-charge.

The H Country was divided into the south zone and the north region. The south zone was in charge of the southern region of the H Country, and there were a total of seven branches. The north region was north of the H Country, and there were six divisions.

Wai Jiayi was one of the divisions under the north region, and the Yuncheng was under his jurisdiction.

There were more than ten provinces in the north of H Country. They were under the jurisdiction of the six divisions. Each of them had at least two provinces.

Speaking of which, it was somewhat similar to the feudal system in ancient times.

Although Wai Jiayi was only in charge of this region, his power and status couldn't be underestimated. Even the mayor of Yuncheng had to bow and greet him in front of him.

Using the family's power to deal with the matters in Yuncheng was too much of a waste of talent.

Chu Hee was currently working and living in Yuncheng, so he had to use Wai Jiayi. Therefore, it was necessary for him to have a meal with him.

Chu Hee casually strolled around. Once it was six o'clock, he went back to the company to sign. Once he got off work, he hurriedly rode the electrocar to Heaven Look Hotel.

When he arrived at his destination, he saw that there was only one empty space left in the parking lot. He stopped the electrocar, but was stopped by the security guards.

"Hey! Why did that lousy electrocar of yours stop here?"

Chu Hee frowned and said, "Where's the parking space?"

"This is where the car is parked. Besides, why don't you take a look at this place?"

Chu Hee realized that the security guard did not like him.

"I am here to eat. Why can't I park my car here?"

The security guard smiled and said, "I think you are here to eat leftovers, right? Hurry up and get out of here. Don't affect our image here. "

As he spoke, a shiny golden Santana drove over, attracting everyone's attention.

"What's wrong?"

Zhang Kai got out of the car and did not even look at Chu Hee.

The security guard immediately ran up with a smile. He bent down and smiled. "Young Master Zhang, there is someone here who wants to park his electrocar. I am chasing him."

At this time, the window of the passenger seat rolled down. Lin Fengyu stuck her head out and looked at him with disdain.

"Chu Hee, get out of the way!"

The security guard was stunned and asked nervously, "Young Master Zhang, do you know each other?"

Zhang Kai smiled. "We just met. We are not familiar with each other."

Chu Hee was a little angry, but thinking that Lin Fengxue was treating today, he did not want to embarrass her, so he endured it. He pushed the electrocar aside and moved to the side.

Zhang Kai and Lin Fengyu got out of the car.

"Chu Hee, my hotel is a high-end hotel. If you don't have a car, you can just call a taxi and come in. Do you have to ride the electrocar to embarrass yourself?"

Lin Fengyu also echoed, "Seriously, can you not implicate others? The moment your electrocar stops here, the grade of the Heaven Look Hotel will be lowered by you."

Chu Hee took a deep breath and swallowed his anger.

"Then what about my car?"

Zhang Kai pointed and said, "Just park on the road. No one stole your lousy electrocar."

Lin Fengyu was very puzzled.

"Why did my sister suddenly want to treat you to a meal in Heaven Look Hotel? Chu Hee, do you know what happened?"

Chu Hee shook his head and pushed the electrocar away. He was too lazy to even say a word to them.

Lin Fengyu stomped her foot hard and shouted angrily at Chu Hee's back, "Chu Hee, what kind of attitude is this?"

"Yu, forget it. People like him will never be able to show his face. Why are you angry with him? I think Chu Hee has stayed at home for a long time. He doesn't understand anything. Alright, let's go over there first. "

Lin Fengyu nodded and calmed her mood. She and Zhang Kai walked towards the hotel together.

After Chu Hee finished dealing with the electrocar, he also walked into the hotel. Although the security guards did not stop him, they did not care about him at all.

Because there were many people, Lin Fengxue specially booked a large private room.

A female colleague looked around the room the moment she entered and said excitedly, "It is indeed a high-end hotel. You see, the decoration is like a palace. We have really borrowed Fengxue's fortune this time. Otherwise, I would never dare to come to this kind of hotel in my life. "

Another female colleague echoed," That's right. I heard that the head chef here is a top chef overseas. The dishes he makes are ten thousand RMB smaller! "

Wang Tongtong put on the appearance of a regular customer and was calm and composed.

"Don't act like you have never seen the world. The expenses here are not that high. The last time my boyfriend brought me here, I only spent over two thousand yuan for a meal. The main reason is that the dishes of the head chef are hard to obtain with money. Only those with status can eat them."

Immediately after, Wang Tongtong looked at Lin Fengxue and smiled," That's right, Fengxue, isn't this Heaven Look Hotel your brother-in-law's home? Can you let us have a taste of how delicious the dishes cooked by the head chef are?"


Lin Fengxue frowned slightly and did not know what to do. Zhang Kai and her sister had not confirmed their marriage yet. They were only boyfriend and girlfriend.

If she made such a request, she would be too thick-skinned.

As they were talking, Zhang Kai and Lin Fengyu came in.

"Sister, we are here!"

Lin Fengyu saw the room full of people and was a little surprised.

"There are so many people here. I thought it was just a family dinner."

Lin Fengxue smiled and said, "There is a joyous occasion today, so I invited everyone to come and celebrate."

Lin Fengyu's expression was cold and very dissatisfied.

"Sister, although this shop is owned by my boyfriend, you can't take advantage of him like this, right? If it is only our family, Zhang Kai can still give us a free meal, but there are so many people..."

Zhang Kai pulled Lin Fengyu and smiled disapprovingly.

"It's okay. It's just a meal. It's not a problem for me here. Let's have a good meal today, I'll pay for it. "

" No, Zhang Kai, you don't have to treat us. If there's a happy occasion today, I'll pay for it once." Lin Fengxue explained with a smile.

Lin Fengyu snorted and curled her lips, "What kind of good news can make you generously take out so much money to treat us? Didn't you save money to buy a house?"

As Lin Fengyu spoke, she suddenly thought of something. She clapped her hands and smiled. "Sister, did you finally think it through? Are you finally going to divorce Chu Hee? If that is the case, then it is indeed worth celebrating!"

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