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C15 Good News

Lin Fengyu actually said such a thing in front of so many people. Lin Fengxue's expression immediately became slightly angry.

"Yu, can this joke be casually made? If your brother-in-law heard it, how sad would he be?"

Lin Fengyu rolled her eyes indifferently and impatiently said, "What I said is the truth. Why would I care whether that trash is hurt or not? If you want me to say, you two should quickly divorce. Any man on the street is better than him. "

Lin Fengxue coldly said, "Yu, if you continue to be like this, I will be angry!"

Wang Tongtong hurriedly came over to smooth things over and looked at the man beside Lin Fengyu.

"Fengxue, this is the brother-in-law you told us about, right?"

Lin Fengxue nodded and said, "Zhang Kai, this is Wang Tongtong, my best friend."

Zhang Kai smiled and nodded at Wang Tongtong, then waved at the crowd.

"Since everyone is a guest invited by Sister Fengxue, then they are also my guests. You don't have to be restrained. Order whatever you want to eat. I will let the kitchen arrange it first."

Wang Tongtong came up and chuckled, "Young Master Zhang, I heard that the head chef here is a chef from overseas. Why don't we let him show his skills for us to taste?"

Lin Fengxue hurriedly added, "Zhang Kai, if it is not convenient, it doesn't matter."

"What is inconvenient about it? I will go and tell him. You guys can talk first. "

After saying that, Zhang Kai turned around and left. Lin Fengyu had a pleased look on her face and a smile on her lips as she said, "Sister, Zhang Kai told me that their head chef can only do it five times a month at most. Ordinary people would not be able to eat it even if they had money. It's all thanks to my face that you guys have such a good mouth. "

Lin Fengxue laughed dryly," Yes, it was all thanks to you. "

The rest of the people also said enviously,

"Yu is very good. She has a powerful boyfriend like Zhang Kai. I will never have this life in my life."

"Isn't that because Yu is good-looking? I think it is Zhang Kai's luck to have a girlfriend like Yu."

Lin Fengyu straightened her back when she heard the praises.

At this moment, Chu Hee came in. "Wife."

Lin Fengxue was delighted and quickly went up to greet him. She naturally hugged Chu Hee's arm.

"Hubby, didn't I tell you to come earlier? Look, almost everyone is here. Fortunately, my parents are not here yet. Otherwise, they would have criticized you in front of everyone."

Chu Hee said, "I have some matters to attend to."

Lin Fengxue pulled Chu Hee in front of everyone and introduced him with a happy face, "Let me introduce everyone. This is my husband, Chu Hee. Hubby, these are my colleagues who work with me."

This was the first time Lin Fengxue's colleagues saw her husband. They also did not know about her family situation. Seeing the suit and shoes he was wearing, they all praised him.

"Fengxue, your husband is so handsome, why didn't you introduce him to us earlier?"

"You really know how to find a partner."

"Fengxue, look at your husband. He looks so elegant. Which company's senior executive is he?"

Chu Hee was still a little uncomfortable with so many people praising him at once.

Lin Fengyu laughed out loud and mercilessly exposed him. "He only knows how to eat at home."

After Lin Fengyu said that, the expressions of all the colleagues in the room became awkward.

"I'm really sorry."

"Fengxue, your conditions are so good. Why did you find a useless man?"

"It's because I am ignorant and ill-informed. This is the first time I have heard that a man relies on a woman."

"Fengxue, now I finally understand why your sister said that just now. What she said is also correct."

Wang Tongtong immediately followed up with sarcastic words, "Don't say that. Even if Chu Hee is staying at home for Fengxue to take care of, he can still give over a hundred thousand Omegas watches to Fengxue."

Hearing this, everyone had a shocked expression, especially Lin Fengyu. Her mouth was wide open in disbelief.

Her eyes could not help but stop at the watch on her elder sister's wrist and said in surprise, "Elder sister, the watch in your hand is the Omega brand? It is worth more than a hundred thousand?"

Lin Fengyu's hands were wrapped around her chest and her chest was slightly heaving and sulking.

"No wonder you were so secretive that you refused to give me this watch. At that time, I really thought that you were reluctant to give it to me because of your relationship with your husband. It turns out that it is worth more than a hundred thousand!"

She secretly looked down at the watch on her wrist that was worth more than thirty thousand yuan. That day, when Zhang Kai said he would give her a watch, he really bought one for her.

She had always been proud of it. No matter where she took it, she would always show it off. So Lin Fengyu secretly used her sleeve to cover the watch. She felt a little embarrassed.

"Sister, Chu Hee doesn't work. How could he have so much money to buy you a watch?"

Wang Tongtong immediately perked up her ears to listen. She had always been very curious about this question.

"I won a hundred thousand yuan from the lottery." Chu Hee said.

"No wonder. It turns out that you are lucky." Lin Fengyu laughed disdainfully, "But you don't know my sister well. If you really treat her well, you should give her hundreds of thousands of yuan directly. Don't you know how much she wants to buy a house? You really can't make money. You are quite a prodigal when you spend money. "

Coincidentally, Lin Guangzhi and Lee Min heard Lin Fengyu's words as soon as they reached the door.

"What hundreds of thousands?"

When Lin Fengyu saw that her parents had arrived, she immediately exaggerated, "Mom, Chu Hee won a hundred thousand dollars in the lottery and used it to buy watches. He really doesn't know how to live!"

Lee Min's face darkened. She turned around and glared at Chu Hee angrily. She completely ignored the people here and directly cursed, "What's wrong with buying a hundred thousand dollars? You bought a broken watch? What could that watch do? Why do I have a son-in-law who can squander money like you? If you don't earn a single cent, you will know how to spend money!"

"You didn't even tell us about the hundreds of thousands of yuan before you decided to spend it on your own. You really have your own opinions! What do you think we are? More than a hundred thousand. I have worked hard for two years to earn that much money. How can you squander like this?" Lin Guangzhi's face was also gloomy. His brows were knitted so tightly that they were like fried dough sticks.

Lin Fengyu saw that the situation had gone out of control. She hurriedly blocked in front of Chu Hee and explained on his behalf.

"Dad, mom, this watch was bought to give to me because I like Chu Hee. He hid it from everyone to give me a surprise. Chu Hee is really good to me."

"Don't be angry with him. Come and sit down. I have a good news to announce. I guarantee that you will be happy for me after hearing it."

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