The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C17 The Lin Family's Hope
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The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C17 The Lin Family's Hope
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C17 The Lin Family's Hope

When Chu Hee returned to his private room, everyone had already taken their seats. Lin Fengxue waved at him and he sat down beside her.

Because there were too many people, they were divided into two tables. The family of Lin family, Wang Tongtong and two female colleagues were at the same table, and the rest were at the same table.

Lin Fengyu cast a sidelong glance at Chu Hee and sneered.

"The head chef's dishes will be served in a while. Try it. When the time comes, you will know how bad your dishes are."

Chu Hee smiled faintly and said, "Then I see that you also eat with relish every time. Should I thank you for tolerating me for three years?"

Lin Fengyu was instantly speechless.

Lin Guangzhi frowned and said, "This is outside, not at home."

Lee Min glared at Chu Hee. When she thought of the hundreds of thousands of watch, her heart ached.

If this was at home, she would not let it go so easily.

After a while, Zhang Kai returned. His eyes were absent-minded and his expression was a little awkward.

When Lin Fengyu saw Zhang Kai, she waved at him, "Come over and sit here!"

Zhang Kai walked over and sat down. He nodded at Lin Guangzhi and Lee Min and smiled. "Hello, uncle and auntie."

Lin Guangzhi and Lee Min were still angry just now, but now they both laughed.

"Zhang Kai, is your father at the hotel?"

"He is in the hotel, but he has a lot of work to do, so he doesn't have time to come over. But my father said that today's meal is free, so everyone can eat whatever they want. When he's done with his work, he'll come over."

Lee Min smiled very happily and generously said," Your father should go and do his work. He does not need to come over. "

Lin Fengyu hugged Zhang Kai's arm and smiled happily. "Zhang Kai, is today's dishes cooked by the head chef?"

Zhang Kai's face froze. Before he opened his mouth, a voice interrupted him.

"May I ask if Miss Lin Fengxue is here?"

Lin Fengxue was stunned. She stood up with a dull look and asked blankly, "I am. May I ask if there is anything you need?"

The one who spoke was a fat man who was not tall. He was wearing the chef's clothes and he was very kind.

"Hello, I am the head chef of Heaven Look Hotel, Ni Taotao. It is my honor to serve you tonight."

Zhang Kai was stunned. Just now, his father said that the head chef was going to take care of the two distinguished guests. Why did the head chef suddenly come to their private room?

Could it be that his father finally decided to let the head chef come?

Then what was the matter with the head chef mentioning Lin Fengxue's name?

Could it be that this was the private room that Lin Fengxue had booked?

Other than Zhang Kai, no one else knew what was going on. They all thought that it was Zhang Kai's credit.

Lin Fengyu even happily kissed Zhang Kai on the face and said, "Zhang Kai, you are really good to me."

Wang Tongtong said, "Thank you, Young Master Zhang. Otherwise, we might not be able to eat such a high-end chef's cooking in our lives!"

The other female colleagues also began to thank him in unison.

"Thank you, Young Master Zhang!"

"I'm so happy. I'm going to take pictures and post them on my WeChat Moments today to make others envy me!"

"This is a dish cooked by a super chef. After I eat it, I can't eat the dishes cooked by others."

Ni Taotao only noticed Zhang Kai when he heard them talking. He called out respectfully, "Young Master Zhang."

Then he turned around and walked to a kitchen beside him. This kitchen was made of transparent glass, and the people outside could see clearly what was inside the kitchen.

This was a special feature of Heaven Look Hotel.

The chefs here were all very beautiful when they cooked. This way, they could make everyone feel that they were high class, and it could also prove that their environment was clean and hygienic.

Once Ni Taotao went in, the chefs who were cooking inside immediately started to help him.

Ni Taotao was cooking inside. Lin Fengyu said to Lin Fengxue, "Sister, didn't you say that there is a joyous announcement? Now that everyone is here, say it."

When Lin Guangzhi and Lee Min heard this, they looked at Lin Fengxue with a puzzled expression. Because they thought that Yu and Zhang Kai were the ones who prepared the meal in Heaven Look.

They thought they were going to meet Zhang Kai's father today and even specially dressed up for a long time before coming.

"Happy occasion?" Lee Min frowned and said in a deep voice, "Xue, you are not pregnant, right?"

Lin Fengxue's small face turned red and smiled awkwardly, "Mom, it is not what you think. I got a promotion and a raise, so I am celebrating."

Lee Min let out a long breath and even patted her chest and said, "That's good. You scared me to death."

She had always wanted Lin Fengxue and Chu Hee to divorce. If she had a child, it would be even more difficult to resolve.

Lee Min frowned and stared at Xue.

"You are just getting a promotion and a raise. Do you need to do this? In the end, you still need Zhang Kai to pay for you!"

Wang Tongtong hurriedly said, "Auntie, she is not just getting a promotion and a raise. Today, the general manager of our company personally promoted Fengxue as the sales manager. Not only did her base salary rise to 20,000, but she was also rewarded with a house in Golden House! Such a big event, of course we have to celebrate."

" What? "

When Wang Tongtong finished speaking, Lin Fengyu, Lin Guangzhi and Lee Min were all stunned.

Although Lin Fengxue's colleagues already knew about this matter, when it came to this matter, they could not help but feel envious.

"Basic salary of twenty thousand? And a house?"

Lin Guangzhi was so happy that he could not close his mouth. He immediately said, "Xue, you are so outstanding. You are the hope of Lin family!"

Zhang Kai was also surprised and said, "Golden House? This is a high-end community. A house is worth more than 4 million yuan. This reward is too exaggerated."

Lee Min heard this and took a deep breath and said, "What? That house is worth more than 4 million? Our house is only worth more than 1 million."

Jealousy was beyond recognition. What Lin Fengyu said next was not very pleasant to hear.

"You are so lucky. Your luck is enough to buy a lottery ticket. Why can't I encounter such a good thing? Don't tell me your boss wants to keep you as his mistress? There are a lot of things like this nowadays. You have to be careful."

Lin Fengxue was surrounded in the middle of the crowd and was very excited.

Lin Fengxue was not angry with Yu's words and only lightly said, "What nonsense are you talking about? Director Wai is already old enough to be my father and he also has a wife and son. How could he possibly like me? He only thinks that my work ability is strong and my performance is very good. That's why he gave me this reward."

" Director Wai also said that as long as you work hard and achieve results, everyone will have a chance to get such a reward. However, I was lucky and became the first. "

As she spoke, she turned her head around. Her face was flushed with excitement. She grabbed Chu Hee's hand and was as happy as a child.

"Hubby, did you hear that? We have a house now."

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