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C18 To Please.

A warm and happy life was Lin Fengxue's wish buried deep in her heart.

However, ever since Chu Hee appeared in her family, he had been rejected by her own family. Hence, her wish had also become an extravagant hope.

Although Chu Hee always wore a smile on his face every day as if nothing mattered to him, Lin Fengxue felt even more heartache when she saw him like this. She felt that her family owed Chu Hee too much.

Now that they had their own house, it was as if everything was progressing in a good direction.

However, fate had once again played a joke on Lin Fengxue.

"Sister, it was not easy for our father and mother to raise you up! You don't intend to give them filial piety, but you are going to live a good life yourself!" Lin Fengyu said unhappily.

Lin Fengxue was at a loss because of these sudden words.

Lin Fengyu continued, "I propose to let mom and dad live in this new house! After all, this old house is too shabby. Can you rest assured that the two elders live in it?"

Lin Fengxue hesitated for a moment. Her top priority should be to deal with the family relationship. As long as they could leave this family, no matter what kind of house they lived in, it would not matter.

But she did not make a decision immediately. Instead, she turned to ask Chu Hee's opinion. "Hubby, what do you think?"

Chu Hee still looked at Lin Fengxue with love on his face. He said gently, "This house belongs to you. No matter what you do, I will support you!"

Chu Hee was still so gentle. Lin Fengxue looked at Chu Hee like this. Not only did her breathing speed up, but it was as if her heart skipped a beat.

"Dad, Mom, you and Yu should move to the new house in two days. This is the filial piety of Chu Hee and I!"

She was still immersed in Chu Hee's words a second ago. She could not even speak properly, but she did not forget to speak for Chu Hee in front of her father and mother.

"Xue, you have grown up. I am very happy that you have such feelings, but I don't know if Chu Hee thinks that way in his heart." Lee Min said in a strange tone.

"Let's not talk about it anymore. Let's have a drink to celebrate!" Lin Guangzhi also said.

After that, Zhang Kai's words interrupted them.

"Uncle, Auntie, on such a grand day, how can we drink ordinary wine? This is my exclusive collection of 1982 red wine from the Swiss Libya Wine House. It is worth 6777."

Zhang Kai did not forget to say the price. After he said that, he glanced at Chu Hee. He was showing off.

"Waiter, open this wine!" Zhang Kai continued to say.

Not long after, the waiter poured a sky-high price of red wine for everyone.

"Come, let's all raise our glasses to celebrate my daughter's promotion!" Lin Guangzhi said loudly.


Everyone raised their glasses and drank their glasses.

However, Chu Hee only shook his glass elegantly and took a small sip.

Lin Fengyu saw this scene and said angrily, "Chu Hee, are you dissatisfied with the house? My dad toasted and everyone drank it all in one gulp. Why do you drink so little?"

"This is not the beer from the barbeque stall on the street. Drinking it all in one gulp will only ruin its taste, and it will make it drink very bitterly! Red wine and tea both need to be slowly savored!" Chu Hee said nonchalantly.

" Ridiculous! "Lin Fengyu's anger did not diminish." Do you know your own limitations? This is more than six thousand red wine, and you actually say it is bitter? Have you ever drunk such expensive red wine?"

Chu Hee shook his head and ignored her.

If he argued with someone like Lin Fengyu, it would only lower his status.

In the past, what he drank was worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of bottles of red wine. It was very common for him to drink red wine. He could be considered an expert in red wine.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Chu Hee had drunk more red wine than the water they drank.

Wine tasting was the basic skill of a noble family, but in the eyes of ordinary people, it was an extremely extravagant thing.

Lin Fengxue saw the situation and quickly tried to smooth things over. "Everyone, quickly eat the dishes. Don't just focus on tasting the wine. The dishes are going to turn cold!"

After seeing her parents move their chopsticks, Lin Fengxue picked up the food for Chu Hee and whispered beside his ear, "Hubby, just listen to them, okay?"

Chu Hee nodded.

Soon, everyone ate to their heart's content.

Suddenly, the door of the private room opened, and Wai Guoqiang and Liu Xing'an appeared at the door.

"Director Wai?" Lin Fengxue was stunned and quickly stood up. The employees of Hengtian Real Estate also stood up in surprise.

Wai Guoqiang smiled and waved his hand. "Don't be shy. I just heard that Manager Lin was eating here. I came over to give her a toast. Oh right, let me introduce you. This is the director of the Housing Authority in Yuncheng, Liu Xing'an!"

Lin Fengxue hurriedly introduced to her parents. "Dad, Mom, this is my boss, Director Wai from the company. This is Director-general Liu."

Lin Guangzhi and Lee Min immediately stood up and said respectfully, "Director Wai, Director-general Liu, hello!"

Liu Xing'an smiled, but no one noticed that he glanced at Chu Hee.

"Everyone, don't be shy. I am just accompanying Director Wai to drink and meet the newly appointed Boss Lin."

Wai Guoqiang flattered, "Mr. Lin, you have raised a good daughter. You have raised a talent for our company!"

Liu Xing'an also smiled and said, "Yes!"

Everyone present quickly raised their glasses and drank it all.

Lin Guangzhi quickly flattered, "Thanks to Director Wai's nurturing, she was given such a good opportunity to develop. You are my daughter's benefactor. Our entire family must thank you!"

Zhang Kai also came forward and smiled, "Director Wai, Director-general Liu, I am the son of the boss of Heaven Look Hotel, Zhang Kai. Since you are here, why don't you two sit down and eat together?"

Wai Guoqiang looked at Chu Hee, not daring to cause any trouble.

"Then there is no need for that. I am bringing Director-general Liu here to get to know the new Manager Lin."

Liu Xing'an deliberately said, "Manager Lin, who is by your side?"

Lin Fengxue hurriedly pushed Chu Hee and said, "Chu Hee, my husband."

"Manager Lin's husband is really handsome and unrestrained."

Liu Xing'an deliberately said to Wai Guoqiang, "Director Wai, let's toast Manager Lin and Mr. Chu."


Zhang Kai hurriedly poured the wine for the two of them. Wai Guoqiang and Liu Xing'an excitedly walked in front of Chu Hee.

When they were toasting, no one noticed that Liu Xing'an and Wai Guoqiang respected Chu Hee.

"Manager Lin, you guys can continue eating. We will leave now."

"Mr. Chu, let's go."

Once Wai Guoqiang and Liu Xing'an left, these people started to discuss.

"My God, did I see it wrong? They are Director Wai and Director-general Liu! Fengxue, you are really amazing!"

" It must be Director Wai who appreciates Fengxue. He specially brought Director-general Liu here for her to know! "

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