The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C19 I'm Flattered.
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The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C19 I'm Flattered.
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C19 I'm Flattered.

Lin Fengxue was also flattered. Her heart was still beating fast.

Lin Guangzhi smiled so hard that his eyes narrowed into slits. "Xue, don't let Director Wai down!"

Lee Min felt that this was an honor, and she was very excited.

"I knew Xue would make a meteoric rise one day. The fortune-teller told me that my Xue had a phoenix life. In ancient times, she would be a mother to the world. In modern times, she is also very rich. As expected!"

Lin Fengxue's face turned red. "Mom, I just got a promotion and a raise. I am not as exaggerated as you say."

Lee Min snorted coldly. She glared at Chu Hee and said, "Originally, you could have married a powerful person, but you married a useless person. Otherwise, you would have been rich and powerful a long time ago!"

Lin Fengyu also took the opportunity to tease, "Chu Hee, my sister is getting more and more rich. You are not worthy of her. I advise you to take the initiative. You can divorce my sister."

"But if you refuse to divorce shamelessly, it is reasonable. After all, my sister is beautiful and capable. I am afraid that you will not be able to find a second person like my sister even with lanterns!"

"I'm warning you, even if you divorce, you won't get a single cent. You can only leave the house!"

Chu Hee's chopsticks paused. "He suddenly stood up.

This gave Lin Fengyu a scare. She trembled and said," What are you doing? Are you angry and want to hit me? "

"I'm going to the toilet."

After saying that, Chu Hee left the room.

Lin Fengxue looked at Chu Hee's lonely back and felt her heart ache for him. She stared at Lin Fengyu unhappily and said in a deep voice, "Yu, you are really becoming more and more insensible!"

"What I said is also correct. You can rest assured. Now that you are so rich, he will definitely not be willing to divorce you."

Lin Fengxue was so angry that she stomped her feet. She directly went out to find Chu Hee.

After Lin Fengxue left, Wang Tongtong came over with a mysterious look.

"Uncle and auntie, there is something that I do not know if I should tell you guys."

"Just say what you want to say." Lee Min hated people who did not speak directly.

Wang Tongtong rubbed against Lee Min's side and softly said, "Auntie, Fengxue suddenly got a promotion and a raise. Furthermore, she was chosen by Director Wai for a reason."

Lee Min could not help but be puzzled, "Isn't it because my Xue is strong?"

"There are so many capable people. Don't you think that it is too exaggerated to buy a house? I have told you the inside story. Don't tell Fengxue. He is the only son of Director Wai, the son of the young master of Hengtian Corporation. He has taken a liking to Fengxue. I guess Director Wai wants to nurture an outstanding daughter-in-law!"

Lee Min was stunned. She and Lin Guangzhi looked at each other in disbelief.

"He has taken a fancy to our Fengxue? But she is already married."

Wang Tongtong sincerely said, "Can I still speak nonsense about this? Everyone in our company knows about this. Fengxue is good-looking and capable. If she becomes single, wouldn't Young Master Wai start a fierce pursuit?"

A female colleague at the table also echoed, "That's right. The young master of Wai family, Wai Chenxi, often calls Fengxue to his office alone. He did the same thing yesterday, but Fengxue cried. They probably quarreled. Early this morning, Director Wai came over and bowed to apologize. He even got a promotion and gave the house a raise. It was to prevent her from resigning."

" I've been doing sales at the Hengtian's real estate office for six years. I've never heard of anyone getting a house as a reward. Not to mention a high-end community like Golden House. I'm afraid he is thinking of ways to make Fengxue's family situation better. After all, Wai family is very capable in Yuncheng."

Lin Guangzhi and Lee Min listened to them and had some thoughts.

Even Zhang Kai became excited. The Wai family could be considered a true wealthy family. If the Lin family and the Wai family were to marry, then the Zhang family would be able to benefit from it.

Just the relationship between the Wai family alone was enough to make everyone respect the Zhang family.

"Uncle and auntie, I have something that I need to take care of. Please enjoy it slowly."

Zhang Kai had a thought. He hurriedly ran to his father's office and told him everything.

Zhang Kunpeng was surprised when he heard that.

"This means that Director Wai really treats Lin Fengxue as daughter-in-law to help her. However, Lin Fengxue hasn't gotten a divorce yet. The Wai family can't just snatch her back, right?"

Zhang Kai's eyes revealed some calculations, and the corners of his mouth also revealed an evil smile.

"This will require us to take action. Think about it, if we separate Lin Fengxue and Chu Hee, the Wai family will think that we have done something good, because it was us who sent Lin Fengxue to the Wai family to be their daughter-in-law."

When Zhang Kunpeng heard this, he excitedly slammed the table, "Your method is still the best."

Zhang Kai smiled and leaned over to whisper a few words into Zhang Kunpeng's ear. Zhang Kunpeng laughed excitedly when he heard this. "Not bad. Let's do it like this. Your idea is very creative!"

"Then I will arrange it right now!"


At the same time, Lin Fengxue chased all the way to the bathroom door. She pulled Chu Hee's arm and said, "Hubby, you must not be angry. Yu's words are not nice. Don't listen to her."

Chu Hee fondly rubbed Lin Fengxue's hair. He said gently, "No, I'm not angry."

"Really?" Lin Fengxue stared into Chu Hee's eyes suspiciously.

"Well, it is a little bit." Chu Hee sighed and pursed his lips. "We are family after all. I can tolerate Yu's words."

Lin Fengxue saw Chu Hee swallow his anger. She could not bear to see Chu Hee like this.

Lin Fengxue knew that Chu Hee had sacrificed a lot for her.

Lin Fengxue hugged Chu Hee and her soft voice was filled with determination.

"Hubby, you just have to remember that I always love you. Don't care about other people's words."

Chu Hee felt very warm. It was precisely because of Lin Fengxue's passionate love that Chu Hee was willing to stay even if Chu Hee regained his identity and even if he was humiliated in Lin family.

When Chu Hee's identity was noble, many women wanted to be with him. Those women's words of love were very pleasant, but none of them truly loved Chu Hee.

When Chu Hee lost everything, only Lin Fengxue did not leave him. Chu Hee wanted to protect this precious love.

"Don't worry, my wife. I will always love you. But I want to go to the toilet. Can you let me go first?"

Lin Fengxue smiled and let go of Chu Hee. "Go ahead. I will wait for you at the door."

"No need. Go back and eat. I'm not a three-year-old. Are you afraid that I will get lost?"

"Alright then. I'll go back to the room first. You should come back as well."

Just as Lin Fengxue turned around and left, Chu Yun quickly went to the toilet. He really had a stomachache and wanted to go to the toilet.

Chu Hee stayed in the toilet for a while. After he came out of the toilet, he went straight back to the room. Not long after he sat down, a waiter with untidy clothes rushed in like a madman.

"Smelly rogue, I finally found you!"

The waitress threw herself on Chu Hee. She grabbed Chu Hee's clothes tightly and cried loudly, "Help! Everyone, quickly catch the hoodlum!"

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