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C2 Black Card

Chu Hee stared at the phone with a smile on his face.

"I have finally waited for this day."

Chu Hee was the young master of the super family, Chu family.

Even Chu Hee didn't know how wealthy the Chu family was.

However, he had once lost 40 billion USD.

His father only taught him a few lessons after learning about it. This was still fresh in his memory.

"You can lose money, but you can't lose the face of the Chu family! I'm too lazy to say anything else. The time I spend talking to you is enough for me to earn 40 billion USD."

A few words only lasted for a dozen seconds. His father could earn 40 billion USD in such a short period of time.

It could be seen that the Chu family's income was inestimable.

Therefore, even the person in charge of the Chu family's accounts might not be able to calculate the Chu family's property, because the income earned every second was too much, and it was difficult to calculate.

If Chu Hee had not been kicked out of the family due to his mistake three years ago and had nowhere to go, he would not have ended up like this.

During the three years of punishment, Chu Hee was not allowed to use the family's power and wealth, nor his family's identity. This was why he had been hiding his true identity all this time.

Now that the three years were up, he was once again the young master of Chu family, who spent money like dirt.

Chu Hee slipped back into his room and took out an identity card and a black card from under the bed.

This black card was a Northern Dipper Black Card, mysterious and noble.

Only the people at the top could hold it. The holder could not only swipe the card at will, they could also enjoy all kinds of top treatment.

In the past three years, Fengxue had suffered a lot after marrying him. It was time for him to make up for it.

Chu Hee put the black card into his pocket and continued to clean up the bowls and chopsticks on the table.

His mother-in-law sat on the sofa and munched on melon seeds. She ordered Chu Hee arrogantly, "Cut an apple for me!"

Chu Hee had no choice but to use his knife to peel the apple. He peeled the apple and handed it to his mother-in-law.

"Mom, I'm going to watch a movie with Fengxue tonight. I'll have to trouble you to do it yourself for dinner."

Lee Min frowned and stared at him. She said discontentedly, "Do you have the nerve to watch a movie? You are so tall and big, but you do not know how to make money. You even asked my daughter to pay for a date. Don't you feel ashamed?"

" I don't know how you bewitched Fengxue to marry you no matter what. Within three days, if you can't find a job, I will make Fengxue divorce you even if I have to die. You can't ruin her life! "

Lee Min glared fiercely at Chu Hee and angrily returned to the bedroom.

Lee Min had always looked down on Chu Hee. For the past three years, she had mocked Chu Hee with the intention of forcing him to leave.

Lee Min had also mentioned the divorce to Fengxue, but Fengxue refused to agree no matter what. The reason was probably only known to Chu Hee and Lin Fengxue.

Chu Hee sighed and went out to take a taxi to the busiest shopping mall in the city center of Yuncheng. He planned to choose a gift for Lin Fengxue.

Although there were many luxury goods in Yuncheng, most of the luxury goods were like sand in Chu Hee's eyes, many and ordinary.

After all, he had lived an extremely luxurious life since he was young. His food and clothing were all top-notch. Other people wouldn't even be able to buy them with money.

Chu Hee stopped in front of a famous watch cabinet. He remembered that Lin Fengxue had taken a liking to a watch here not long ago. However, the lowest price of the watches here was over 100,000 yuan. They could not afford it at that time.

Lin Fengxue's job was to sell real estate. When the house was sold well, she could earn thirty to forty thousand yuan a month. Her usual monthly salary was only slightly more than ten thousand yuan.

She was usually thrifty and saved most of the money. Lin Fengxue wanted to quickly buy a suite and move out. This way, Chu Hee would not be mocked by her family.

Chu Hee walked in and stood in front of the counter. He pointed at the watch that Lin Fengxue liked and said, "Take this watch out for me to see."

Wang Feifei saw that Chu Hee's clothes were not worth 100 yuan and could not help but look at him contemptuously.

"Sir, the price of the watches here is more than 100,000 yuan. If you don't buy the watch, you are not allowed to try it on."

Chu Hee smiled and said, "I will buy it."

Wang Feifei snorted and curled her lips. "I have seen many people like you. When you wear the watch, you will take a photo and post it on your WeChat Moments. You can pretend to be rich and also hook up with girls."

Chu Hee used two fingers to hold the black card and directly interrupted her. "I will pay now."

Wang Feifei was stunned and showed a look of disdain.

"I advise you not to use your credit card for a moment of greed, or else you will be in trouble if you cannot pay it back."

Suddenly, a woman in a business suit walked over. Wang Feifei called out to her, "Manager."

The manager saw the black card in Chu Hee's hand. Her expression changed drastically!

After all, they were in the high-end consumer district. As the manager, she naturally had more experience than ordinary employees. She recognized the black card at a glance.

"Hello sir, I'm the manager of this store. You can call me Faang. Do you need any help?"

Wang Feifei was shocked when she saw the manager's polite and respectful attitude.

Their daily customers were at least billionaires, but she had never seen the manager be so respectful.

Chu Hee pointed at the watch and said, "I want to buy this watch."

The manager Faang faced the handsome Chu Hee, and she could not help but feel her heart move. People who had this black card must not only be rich, but also have power and status.

If she was lucky enough to have a good relationship with such a person, she would have money.

"No problem, sir" She handed the card to Wang Feifei and said, "Go quickly."

Faang personally took out the watch and wrapped it up nicely.

Just as she finished, Wang Feifei walked over with the black card. Faang took the black card and handed it to Chu Hee with a smile. She even winked flirtatiously.

"Sir, do you have any other requests?"

Chu Hee shook his head and said, "No."

Although he wanted to buy more expensive gifts for Lin Fengxue to compensate her, compared to the extravagant life before, Chu Hee preferred this ordinary and simple life.

So he planned to hide his identity.

Faang saw that Chu Hee was about to leave, and she quickly went forward and said, "Sir, can you leave a contact number? If there is a problem with the watch, you can contact us in time to repair it."

Chu Hee agreed without thinking.

He took a pen and wrote his name and phone on a piece of paper. Then he turned around and left.

At this time, Wang Feifei asked curiously, "Miss Faang, he dressed like an ordinary person and bought the cheapest watch. Why are you so respectful to him?"

Faang smiled slightly and looked at her and said, "You are just too inexperienced. You only need to remember that as long as he comes to our store, you must tell me immediately."

Faang's eyes sparkled.

Once Wang Feifei knew Chu Hee's noble identity, she would definitely be moved. Wang Feifei was much younger than herself. If Wang Feifei wanted to seduce him, then there would be no benefit for her.

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