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C20 Divorce

This waitress is pretty young, and she's in her twenties. However, the buttons on her upper body were now open, revealing her undergarments.

She held onto Chu Hee with tears streaming down her face, and even started hitting him.

"You rogue, I'll beat you to death!"

Chu Hee frowned and pushed her to the side.

Lin Fengxue hurriedly blocked in front of Chu Hee.

"Miss, please show some respect!"

"He molested me. I don't need to respect him!" The waitress covered her face and cried bitterly.

Lin Fengxue looked shocked and even her breathing became rapid, "Impossible. You must have misunderstood. My husband would not do such a thing."

"I just came out of the toilet and he suddenly hugged me from behind. He even unbutton the button on my chest and reached his hand inside!"

The waitress cried bitterly, "I shouted for help just now and scared him away. I saw him run into this room!"


After the waitress finished speaking, the room immediately started discussing. They all blamed Chu Hee for being a bastard.

Lin Fengxue was the only one who held his hand tightly and told him, "I believe you."

As long as his wife believed him, he felt that it was enough.

"Sister, he molested the waiter and you still believe him? Are you crazy?" Lin Fengyu cried out in disbelief.

" You were the only one who left the room with him just now. It can't be you molesting her, right? Don't be fooled!"

Lee Min was also so angry that she trembled, "Chu Hee, I originally thought that you were just a trash. I didn't think that you were still a bastard!"

At this moment, lobby manager walked in.

"What's wrong? Chen Xiang, quickly tidy up your clothes! "

The waitress called Chen Xiang seemed to have seen her savior as she walked over and cried, "Manager, I was molested by a customer. You have to support justice. If this matter were to spread out, how would I be able to behave in the future? "

Chen Xiang looked around and suddenly grabbed a fork and placed it on her neck.

"If he doesn't get punished, I will die here!"

Her actions scared the people in the room and made them scream.

"Don't be impulsive, Chen Xiang! Put down the fork! I will definitely uphold justice for you! "

Lobby manager glared at Chu Hee and angrily said," Sir, you molested the waiter of our hotel. I request you to apologize to our waiter immediately! Otherwise, I will have to go through legal procedures! "

Chu Hee frowned and felt that it was inconceivable.

"I have such a beautiful wife. Why would I molest her? You don't have proof, what right do you have to say that I molested her? Your actions are slander. "

Lin Fengxue looked at Chu Hee with a firm gaze. She believed in Chu Hee's character.

"That's right. If you don't have evidence, then don't speak nonsense!"

Lin Fengyu felt very uncomfortable when she saw her sister say this.

"Elder sister, he has already done such a thing and you still believe him? How can this kind of thing leave behind evidence?"

"I have evidence!" Chen Xiang shouted loudly. Immediately after, she opened her palm and revealed a button. "This is the button that I desperately pulled off when he molested me!"

When she said this, everyone's gaze gathered on Chu Hee's clothes.

Lin Fengxue tightly pressed against him. When she lifted her head to look, her face froze!

The top button of Chu Hee's suit had actually disappeared.

Chu Hee lowered his head and found that the button at his collar had disappeared.

The surrounding people naturally saw it clearly. The truth seemed to be very obvious!

"The buttons on the clothes are already in her hands. What else do you have to say?" Wang Tongtong was not angry.

"I see that you have resentment in your heart, but you can't show it, so you have an excuse to go out and vent it out. You happened to see this lady, so you used her to vent your anger. Chu Hee, am I right?"

Hearing Wang Tongtong's analysis, Lee Min and Lin Fengyu both nodded in agreement.

" Older sister Tongtong is right. Chu Hee has been bullied by my family for three years, but he has never gotten angry. Such a person is the scariest! If he keeps suppressing himself like this, his heart might have already been twisted! "

Lee Min had a panicky look as she said," He is too scary. Who knows when he will take revenge on us. Xue, quickly divorce him! "

"Divorce! You can't be together anymore!"

Lin Guangzhi said indignantly, "We have evidence, and the truth is out. It's fine if he doesn't have the ability, but he can't have no moral character! Xue, you can't live with him, whose moral character is ruined!"

Lin Fengxue's eyes were red and tears fell down. She was very sad. All the evidence and excuses pointed to Chu Hee. No matter how firm she was, she was still shaken.

"Chu Hee, how can you be like this?"

Chu Hee's heart ached. He did not care about what anyone said, but if Lin Fengxue did not believe him...

"Wife, do you not believe me?"

Lobby manager immediately angrily slammed the table, "Stop quibbling. Who here would believe what you said? You look like a human being, but you are a beast! Security! Arrest him and send him to the police station!"

After saying that, a few security guards rushed in and twisted Chu Hee's arm behind his back.

Chu Hee could have resisted, but Xue didn't believe him, so he stopped resisting.

Seeing this scene, Lin Fengxue could not bear it. She hugged Chu Hee and begged with a sobbing tone.

"No! I apologize for him. I will give you all the money you want. Please, can you not call the police?"

Even if Chu Hee had made a mistake, Lin Fengxue still loved him. How could she bear to watch him be arrested?

If he left behind a criminal record, it would be a stain on his life and would destroy him.

"I'm begging you. I'll pay for whatever you say. Just let him go, okay?"

Chen Xiang's face was covered in tears, and her expression was firm. She was not as weak as before.

"No! I must hand him over to the police! A girl's innocence can't be exchanged with money. Beasts will be punished! "

Wang Tongtong pulled Lin Fengxue and advised," Fengxue, why are you so kind? A beast like Chu Hee is not worthy of you to do this. You two have been together for three years and he could do such a thing. Who knows what he will do in the future. A person like him must be sent to the police station to be disciplined! "

Lee Min also stood up and glared at Chu Hee. "That's right. Let him be punished by the law! When his case is settled, you will divorce him! Our Lin family cannot raise such a thing that is worse than a beast! "

Lin Fengyu also added fuel to the fire at the side.

"That's right. Sister, look, he still doesn't admit it. You can't be fooled by him. Hurry up and get a divorce! "

Lin Fengxue's face was full of tears and her heart was filled with pain. She gritted her teeth and said in a trembling voice," Chu Hee, let's get a divorce. "

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