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The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C3 Real Expensive Watches and Fake Expensive Watches
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C3 Real Expensive Watches and Fake Expensive Watches

Lin Fengxue worked in the real estate office.

"Fengxue, you are so lucky. Manager Lee just came to find you and bought three houses. Your gold medal sales seat is secured. "

The woman who was also dressed in the same professional attire as Lin Fengxue said with an envious expression.

This was Lin Fengxue's colleague, Wang Tongtong. The two of them had a very close relationship.

"Fengxue, you are rich. Tonight you are going to treat us!"

"Maybe another day." Lin Fengxue smiled and shook her head. "Tonight, I want to go to the movie with Chu Hee."

"Chu Hee?"

Wang Tongtong immediately scolded her, "I never understood why you liked him. He did not even have a job. He swept the floor and washed the vegetables at home every day. How is he worthy of you? "

" If I were you, I would have told him to get lost a long time ago! Fengxue, you are so beautiful and smart. That Director Wai from the Hengtian Real Estate would ask you out from time to time. Don't you know what he is thinking? Why are you with Chu Hee? "

Lin Fengxue looked unhappy and said," Tongtong, Chu Hee is a very good person. Moreover, the two of us really love each other, that is enough. "

"Fengxue, do you think this is child's play? Love is not worth anything!"

"Don't be so naive. You have to spend money for everything you do now. Love without money is like a pile of loose sand. If you suddenly get pregnant and can't come out to make money, who will support you when the time comes? "

Wang Tongtong continued to persuade earnestly," Milk powder, diapers, toys all require money. After this, the child will go to school, attend supplementary classes, and so on. These are all expenses. All of this depends on you alone? Sooner or later, you will tire yourself to death."

These words of hers were all reality and Lin Fengxue had nothing to say.

There were no women who did not want to have someone to rely on.

But Lin Fengxue did not want to force Chu Hee to earn money.

"Stop talking, Tongtong. I am willing to be with Chu Hee. Even if he does not have the ability to earn money, I am also willing to be with him."

Wang Tongtong was really helpless to do anything to Lin Fengxue, "Fengxue, why are you so stupid? If Chu Hee has the ability to let you live a little better, I will definitely not say anything. But look at how hard it is now. "

" Look at how frugal you are usually. You don't even have a decent set of jewelry and clothes. "

"If you divorce Chu Hee, there will definitely be many outstanding and successful men who will pursue you. Don't tell me you have to wait until you are old before you regret it? Then it will be too late. "

Lin Fengxue's expression changed drastically. She looked at Wang Tongtong with a firm look and refuted," Tongtong, I don't care about clothes and jewelry. In my opinion, a marriage without love has no meaning. Don't say such words in the future, so as to avoid affecting the relationship between the two of us."

Wang Tongtong saw that Lin Fengxue was really angry, so she obediently shut her mouth and did not speak anymore. However, she was very angry in her heart. If it was not for Chu Hee, Lin Fengxue could have lived a better life.

It was soon time to get off work. Lin Fengxue packed her things and walked out of the company.

Chu Hee had been waiting at the sales office of Hengtian for a long time. He was very excited and couldn't wait to give her the gift.

"Chu Hee!"

Lin Fengxue ran over excitedly when she saw Chu Hee.

"You have been waiting for me for a long time, right?"

Chu Hee looked at her tenderly and shook his head. "No, I just arrived."


Lin Fengxue heard the sound and turned around to look. Wang Tongtong walked quickly towards her.

Before she got off work, she put on makeup and her face was rosy.

Wang Tongtong sized up Chu Hee from head to toe and saw that his clothes added together did not exceed 300 yuan. She could not help but snort in contempt.

"Where are you going later?"

Lin Fengxue said, "Let's go have a meal first and then go to the cinema."

Wang Tongtong smiled and said, "Then let's go together. When my boyfriend comes over later, I will let him give you a ride. You do not need to take a taxi."

Wang Tongtong glanced at the small box in Chu Hee's hand and saw that there was an Omega icon on it.

"Chu Hee, is this the gift you gave Fengxue?"

Lin Fengxue saw the gift box in Chu Hee's hand and opened her mouth in surprise.

"That's right. This is a small gift I specially prepared for Fengxue."

"A small gift? Based on this symbol, this should be the Omega watch, right?"

Wang Tongtong knew about luxury brands very well. Because she wholeheartedly wanted to find a wealthy husband, she used all of her salary to buy luxury goods to decorate herself to increase her value.

She knew about the brand of the Omega, and naturally, she knew the price.

Wang Tongtong's pretty face looked sharp and mean.

"A watch of Omega costs at least a hundred thousand. A small gift? I think the watch in your hand is a fake one, right? This fake watch is definitely not worth much, right? "

Lin Fengxue heard Wang Tongtong's mocking words and her expression was somewhat awkward.

She had never liked luxury goods and she did not care about gifts. But if what Chu Hee had in his hands was really a counterfeit watch and he was exposed by Wang Tongtong in front of everyone, then she would be too ashamed to show her face.

Before Chu Hee could refute, Wang Tongtong directly snatched the box over. She wanted to find an opportunity to find Chu Hee's mistake and let Lin Fengxue see him clearly. This really did not take much effort. She might even be able to take the opportunity to make Lin Fengxue change her mind and leave Chu Hee.

"It's alright if I take a look, right?"

She impatiently opened it the moment she grabbed it. She did not wait for Chu Hee to agree and took out the watch inside.

Lin Fengxue looked and her eyes widened as she exclaimed, "This is the watch I saw last time?"

Chu Hee smiled and said, "Yes, I saw that you liked it last time, so I bought it to give you as a gift."

He said it casually.

Wang Tongtong did not care about it. She fiddled with it and looked carefully. Her expression gradually became serious. This watch actually looked like it was real.

"This watch is not bad. It looks like it is real."

In her heart, she was certain that this was a high imitation watch.

At this moment, a Jaguar stopped by the side of the road, and the window was opened.

Wang Tongtong's eyes lit up. She anxiously said, "Just in time. My boyfriend is here. He is from the upper class. He will definitely be able to tell if this watch is real or fake."

Wang Tongtong excitedly waved her hand at the Jaguar. She even tiptoed to attract the attention of that person. Immediately after, a middle-aged man got out of the car. He was dressed in a suit and a pair of glasses, and he looked very gentle.

Wang Tongtong naturally wrapped her arms around the man's arm. She said proudly, "Let me introduce him. This is my boyfriend, Charles Wang. He was transferred from a top 500 company overseas to work. He is now the vice president of a company in Yuncheng."

Charles Wang saw Lin Fengxue and was stunned.

"Tongtong, is this your best friend? She is really beautiful."

Lin Fengxue nodded politely and smiled. "Mr. Wang, you are too polite."

Wang Tongtong held the watch. She could not wait to expose Chu Hee's hypocritical face.

"Charles, quickly help me see if this watch is real or fake."

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