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The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C4 The Gate of Heaven
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C4 The Gate of Heaven

Charles Wang was wearing a branded outfit that was worth more than ten thousand, and he had an Omega watch in his hand. Adding up his entire body, he had a total of three hundred thousand. It was a combination of "successful person."

He held the watch in his hand and looked at it carefully. He nodded and said, "This watch is real. Tongtong, did you buy this?"

"No, it was a gift from Lin Fengxue's husband."

Wang Tongtong did not believe it when she heard that it was real. She frowned and her eyes were full of doubt.

"Did you see it clearly? Is this watch real?"

She could not believe that a trash who did not have a job and relied on women to live could afford to buy at least a hundred thousand Omegas.

Charles Wang nodded and confirmed, "I won't be wrong. There are serial numbers on the back of the watch. If you really don't believe me, you can just call the store and ask."

In fact, after Wang Tongtong saw it, she felt that it was like a real watch, but she was not willing to admit it.

Only by proving that it was a fake watch could it prove that Chu Hee was a useless trash.

Otherwise, she had belittled Chu Hee just now, as if she wanted to ruin their relationship.

"Even if this is real, it is not something Chu Hee can afford. Fengxue, think about it. He usually spends the money you earn. This watch is worth hundreds of thousands. Do you think he has the money to buy it?"

Lin Fengxue lowered her head, her eyes flickering. She also suspected that Chu Hee was penniless. How could he have the money to buy it?

Wang Tongtong stared at him and said arrogantly to Chu Hee, "If this watch is real, then you must have stolen it! Chu Hee, how can you do such a thing? Don't ruin Fengxue's reputation. "

Lin Fengxue immediately looked at Chu Hee with a worried expression. If that was really the case, then she would be too disappointed.

Chu Hee sneered, "Did I steal it? In broad daylight and in broad daylight, are all the people in the shop Xia? Do you think I am a god thief? Furthermore, this box contains receipt and invoice. Can't you see it?"

Wang Tongtong's expression was awkward. She took out two invoices and looked at them. She curled her lips and said," Who knows if these were forged by you? "

She was so aggressive that Chu Hee could not do anything about it.

It was not scary to have shallow knowledge. What was scary was that she did not know.

"The contact number of the store is on it. You can call it and ask it."

Wang Tongtong did not believe that Chu Hee could afford a luxury accessory like the Omega. She only thought that he was pretending to be calm.

Wang Tongtong took out her phone and dialed the number. Once the call was connected, she turned on the hands-free so that Chu Hee would make a fool of himself on the spot!

"Hello, this Omega watch store. May I ask if there is anything I can help you with?" The person who answered the call was Faang.

Wang Tongtong cleared her throat and said, "Hello, I want to check if the watch in my hand is real or fake."

"Okay lady, please give me the production number on the lower right corner of the back of the watch. Thank you."

Wang Tongtong read it again and after a few seconds, she heard a polite voice from the other side of the phone. "Hello lady, this Omega watch is the real one. It was sold this afternoon. Do you have any other questions?"

Wang Tongtong's face changed drastically and she quickly asked, "Who bought it?"

Faang felt strange in her heart. Wasn't the watch in your hands? Why did you ask me who bought it?

Wait! Did the person on the other side of the phone pick up this watch?

Faang immediately thought of Chu Hee's Northern Dipper Black Card and could not help but feel excited.

Those who had this black card would not care about losing this watch, but if she could find the lost item and take the opportunity to ask Chu Hee out, it would also be an opportunity.

"Sorry lady, this is a customer's privacy, we cannot reveal it. If this is the watch you picked up, please send it back and let us contact the owner."

Before she finished speaking, Wang Tongtong said sharply, "Is it Chu Hee?"

Faang was stunned. "Do you know Mr. Chu?"

Wang Tongtong was immediately disheartened. Although she did not say it directly, it also confirmed it.

She hung up the phone in a panic. She felt that this watch was very hot. She hurriedly stuffed it back into Chu Hee's hands. Even her tone lowered a little. "I really didn't think that you would be able to take out so much money. But... You didn't touch Fengxue's money to buy the house and give her a gift, did you? "

That was the only possibility. Otherwise, where did he get so much money?

Chu Hee frowned and said, "What money I use has nothing to do with you."

He then looked at Fengxue. He said gently, "Don't worry, wife. I use my own money. I will tell you in detail when I go back."

Lin Fengxue smiled and nodded. She believed in this man who had lived with her for three years.

After all, when she married Chu Hee, she had taken a fancy to his character.

"This is a misunderstanding. Tongtong, it is almost time for dinner. Shall we go?"

Wang Tongtong looked at Charles Wang and became happy.

He only bought a watch. This still could not change the fact that he was trash. Her boyfriend was the deputy general manager. They could not be compared!

"Fengxue, let's go together. My boyfriend booked a private room in Heaven Look Hotel. Your husband definitely did not take you to a high-end restaurant, right?"

Lin Fengxue did not want to hear Wang Tongtong ridicule Chu Hee anymore. She refused with an unhappy expression, "No need."

Chu Hee heard this and could not help but laugh.

"Heaven Look? Fengxue, isn't our future brother-in-law the boss of that shop? Why don't we support him? "

" Your future brother-in-law? "

Wang Tongtong was shocked as she looked at Lin Fengxue.

Lin Fengxue nodded and said, "My sister brought home a boyfriend today. Heaven Look Hotel is owned by his family."

Wang Tongtong's small face was slightly red and she was even more embarrassed. She just wanted to humiliate Chu Hee.

But the Heaven Look Hotel was actually opened by his brother-in-law!

She felt a little awkward.

Lin Fengxue saw that she was embarrassed and said, "Tongtong, it is not early anymore. Quickly go and play with your boyfriend. I will not disturb you guys."

Lin Fengxue pulled Chu Hee and was about to leave when Chu Hee turned around and looked at Charles Wang. He smiled and said, "Where did you buy that watch you brought? It looks pretty good."

Charles Wang straightened his back and said, "This watch is limited edition. I bought it when I was overseas on a business trip. This watch is not expensive. It is only worth a few hundred thousand dollars. "

Chu Hee showed an innocent expression and said, "So you spent so much money. I suggest you go and appraise this watch. Don't get cheated."

Charles Wang was shocked and panic flashed across his eyes.

Wang Tongtong was unhappy when she heard that. She cursed, "Nonsense! I think you are angry because of what happened just now! Can you tell if the watch is real or fake?"

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