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C5 Limited Funds

The limited amount is fake?

Chu Hee's words immediately made Charles Wang and Wang Tongtong furious.

Wang Tongtong was originally very proud. But just now she misunderstood that Chu Hee's watch was fake. She wanted to use Skywatch Hotel to ridicule Chu Hee, but the restaurant was opened by his brother-in-law. She was really embarrassed.

She originally wanted to let this matter go, but Chu Hee actually started to suspect Charles Wang's watch.

This made Wang Tongtong exceptionally angry.

He didn't even have a job, and all the money he spent was his wife's. He actually said that Charles Wang's watch was fake here.

Wang Tongtong became even angrier.

"This is the limited amount that Charles Wang bought overseas with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other people can't buy it even if they have money. You actually suspect that his watch is fake? "

" My boyfriend opened a Jaguar and wore branded goods. You actually suspect him? Do you have the qualifications?"

Charles Wang tugged at his collar and waved his hand arrogantly. "Tongtong, even if you say so much, he won't understand. Don't bother with him."

Chu Hee opened his mouth and was about to retort when Lin Fengxue grabbed his arm and shook her head at him, motioning for him to stop talking.

"Sorry, Chu Hee said it randomly. I apologize to you on his behalf."

Lin Fengxue was her best friend. When she saw Lin Fengxue apologize, she sighed and said, "That's enough. Fengxue has already apologized, so I will not take it to heart."

Charles Wang glanced at Chu Hee unhappily, grabbed Wang Tongtong's hand and left.

"Tongtong, you should stay away from him from now on."

They sat in the car, and Charles Wang deliberately rolled down the window.

Lin Fengxue shook her head helplessly. Her tender eyes were full of worry as she looked at Chu Hee.

"Hubby, Tongtong usually speaks like this. Don't be angry."

"Don't worry."

Chu Hee smiled.

He used to be very rich. He had seen countless luxury goods.

Did he see wrongly? That was impossible.

Lin Fengxue sighed and said, "No matter if his watch is real or fake, you shouldn't have said it. I know that I wronged you just now. Wang Tongtong's words are indeed unpleasant, but you can't doubt her boyfriend."

"We work together and have a good relationship. Once you say this, it will be hard for us to get along."

Chu Hee saw that she was angry and immediately gave in. He smiled and said, "Alright, I was wrong. Don't be angry."

Lin Fengxue wrinkled her nose and said, "I will not be angry."

"Oh right, this watch is so expensive. Why do you have so much money?"

Chu Hee was quick-witted and knew that she wanted to ask. He had already thought of countermeasures in advance.

"This is my prize!"

"You won the prize?" Lin Fengxue was confused.

"Yes, I always buy a lottery ticket when I go out to buy things. I won the lottery a few days ago."

"Then why didn't you tell me?"

"I was afraid that if I told you at the beginning, you would be disappointed if you didn't receive the prize money. I know that you like this watch. When the money comes, I immediately buy this watch. Quickly put it on and try it on."

Chu Hee's eyes were filled with anticipation.

Lin Fengxue giggled and put the watch on her tender white wrist. She was very happy.

"Hubby, how much money do you have left from the lottery?"

"I won 140,000 yuan. This watch is more than 130,000 yuan. I don't have much money left."

Chu Hee was afraid Lin Fengxue would check his account, so he purposely said this number.

Of course, no matter how she checked, she would not find his account, because there was not a single card in his card that belonged to H Country.

When Lin Fengxue heard this, she said sadly, "You mean you used all your money to buy this watch?"

"As long as I see you happy, no matter how much money I spend, I will be happy."

Lin Fengxue frowned and lowered her head. She was deep in thought and then she said, "Hubby, let's return the watch. Then the 140,000 plus my savings. Then we can pay the down payment for the house. Then we can live our own lives. "

Chu Hee heard what Lin Fengxue said and felt a warmth in his heart.

He knew that the reason Lin Fengxue saved money and wanted to buy the house was because she did not want him to be humiliated at home again.

"Wife, this watch cannot be refunded. The store can only repair it for free. I've already bought it, so you can wear it. You don't have to worry about the house. I'll go out to work. When the time comes, we'll save money together. "

" You're going to work? "

Lin Fengxue looked surprised. She was happier than winning the lottery. She jumped up in excitement. She grabbed Chu Hee's hand and asked, "Hubby, why do you suddenly want to work?"

Chu Hee rubbed her hair and said, "I have rested for three years. My body is fine now. I can help you take the burden. And if I don't have a job within three days, my mom said that she wants us to divorce. "

Lin Fengxue's clear eyes were filled with worry.

"Is your body alright? I am worried about you."

Although Chu Hee had been at home for the past three years, Lin Fengxue had never rushed him. Chu Hee had been seriously injured because he saved her. He was not suitable for work.

Three years ago, the company was built. They sang in the karaoke until the middle of the night before they left. Lin Fengxue walked towards her home on the empty street, but she was stopped by a few hooligans. They dragged her into a small alley, which scared her so much that her face turned pale. She was scared out of her wits.

Luckily, Chu Hee heard her call for help. He fell from the sky like a god to save her, and that allowed her to keep her innocence. Unfortunately, the hooligan stabbed Chu Hee's shoulder with his knife, causing his blood to flow out!

Although Lin Fengxue hurriedly sent Chu Hee to the hospital, his wound was very deep and caused him to lose too much blood. He almost died. Luckily Lin Fengxue gave him blood transfusion, so Chu Hee was pulled back from Death's hands.

It could be said that the two of them were mutually benefactors. During that period of time, Lin Fengxue had also been in the hospital taking care of Chu Hee. The two of them slowly developed feelings for each other.

Chu Hee laid in the hospital for a month before he could be discharged, but the doctor said that his shoulder was seriously injured, and he was very fragile. He could not do heavy work, so he needed to rest more.

Lin Fengxue's unwavering love and unspeakable guilt made her insist on marrying the hero in her heart, no matter how difficult it was.

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