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C6 Shameless.

However, Chu Hee hadn't worked for the past three years. Apart from his shoulder injury, there was another important reason, which was that he did not want to work.

After all, he was once the high and mighty Young Master Chu, the eagle that stood on top of the mountain.

If he were to work for someone else, he wouldn't be able to bear such a difference in his heart.

At the same time, Chu Hee knew very well that the Chu family's punishment was only temporary. Sooner or later, he would regain his identity and stand at the top of the world once again. Therefore, he wasn't worried about his current situation.

Now that his family had removed the money restriction on him, he could freely squander his family's money.

The reason he agreed to find a job was also because he did not want to be looked down upon by others. Now was the time for him to turn the tables.

"Don't worry, I'll just find a relaxing job."

"Okay, then do you have any plans? What do you want to do?"

"Not yet. I'll look around to see if there are any suitable jobs. Let's not talk about this anymore. I still have some money left for the lottery. I'll treat you to a meal. After that, we'll go to the cinema! "

Chu Hee held Lin Fengxue's hand. The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They threw away all their worries and enjoyed the beautiful world of the two of them.

Although Chu Hee was treating, Lin Fengxue only found a dumpling restaurant by the roadside. Although it was a simple meal, it was still the taste of happiness.

After the two of them finished eating, they walked towards the movie theater.

When they arrived at the movie theater, a huge poster appeared in front of their eyes.

Lin Fengxue's eyes were full of stars. She grabbed Chu Hee's arm and said excitedly, "Chu Hee, look! This is Zheng Shuangshuang's new work. She was nominated as a movie queen not long ago. She was now National Goddess. Fengyu really liked her. She has her poster pasted on the bed."

Zheng Shuangshuang could be said to be the most popular female celebrity at the moment. It could be said that she was even more radiant than the sun.

She had faint willowy eyebrows and a straight nose bridge. Her eyes were as lively as water. Her long figure was curvaceous and curvaceous. She was indeed a peerless beauty.

However, in Chu Hee's heart, the most beautiful person was her wife, Lin Fengxue.

"Wife, you also like Zheng Shuangshuang?"

Lin Fengxue's small face was flushed with excitement. She grinned like a child. She nodded excitedly and said, "Of course. She is so beautiful and outstanding. Of course I like her. It was written on the poster that Zheng Shuangshuang would soon come to Yuncheng to do activities. I really want an autographed photo of Zheng Shuangshuang. Unfortunately, her activities are always full. Not to mention getting an autograph, I'm afraid that even seeing her is very extravagant. "

Just as Lin Fengxue was sighing with emotion, the broadcast of the movie theater suddenly sounded.

"The 1.25 o'clock movie The Witch is about to be screened. The ticket inspection will begin now."

"The movie we are watching is about to begin. Hubby, let's go!"

Lin Fengxue pulled Chu Hee along and the two of them excitedly went to the ticket counter to queue.

This was a magic drama with some suspense. Lin Fengxue liked this movie very much. On the way home, Lin Fengxue kept sighing with Chu Hee.

Chu Hee saw Lin Fengxue sighing because of a movie character. He doted on her and rubbed her head.

The taxi stopped at the entrance of the neighborhood, and the two of them got out of the car and went home hand in hand.

They didn't even take two steps before they saw a golden Santana parked not far away. This bright color really made Lin Fengxue and Chu Hee have to pay attention to it.

Moreover, their neighborhood was very rare to see a luxury car like the Santana.

They looked through the window and saw a man and a woman kissing.

"Wife, do you think the person in the car looks like Yu?"

Lin Fengxue took a closer look and her eyes suddenly widened and her brows tightly knitted. The muscles in her body also tensed up, as if she was the one who was offended.

When Zhang Kai reached under Lin Fengyu's clothes with one hand, she really could not stand it anymore!

Lin Fengxue strode over and used her palm to wildly slap the window. She was so frightened that the two people inside shivered!

Lin Fengyu narrowed her eyes and saw that it was Lin Fengxue. She hurriedly sat down and lowered her head in a panic to tidy her messy clothes.

Zhang Kai felt very unhappy and got out of the car awkwardly.

"So it is Sister Fengxue. You scared me."

Lin Fengxue did not respond to Zhang Kai. She took out her elder sister's dignity and stared at Lin Fengyu seriously. "Yu, get out of the car!"

Lin Fengyu got out of the car timidly. Her face was still flushed with passion. She lowered her head and looked like she was being scolded pitifully.

"Let's go home!"

Lin Fengxue did not say anything and pulled Lin Fengyu to turn around and leave.

"Sister, slow down! I haven't said goodbye to Zhang Kai yet. Zhang Kai, I'm leaving now. Drive slower!"

Zhang Kai shouted at Lin Fengyu's back," Goodbye, I'll come and pick you up tomorrow! "

Chu Hee said with an innocent face," Go back quickly. Your parents should be anxious. "

Lin Fengxue saw that Chu Hee was still standing there and shouted, "Hubby, we are going home!"

Zhang Kai licked his lips in satisfaction and sneered, "A useless person who only knows how to rely on women dares to talk to me like this? If your stomach is not good, I can help you treat it. If Yu is not your sister, I will feel disgusted when I look at you."

After Zhang Kai finished speaking, he spat at Chu Hee's feet and arrogantly got into the car and left.

Lin Fengyu shook off Lin Fengxue's hand and stared at Chu Hee unhappily.

"Chu Hee, did you say something to Zhang Kai when you didn't leave just now?"

Chu Hee shrugged and said, "I just told him to go back early. I'm worried that it would be unsafe for him to go home too late."

Lin Fengyu raised her head and her facial features were distorted. She said angrily, "You are such a busybody. Whether Zhang Kai is safe or not has nothing to do with you."

Lin Fengxue frowned and was a little angry. She said, "Yu, how can you talk to your brother-in-law like this? You are not polite to him at all. What were you guys doing here just now? You are a girl, you should be reserved."

Lin Fengyu rolled her eyes, feeling that her elder sister was really conservative.

" It is already the 21st century. Elder sister, can you not be so conservative? We have only done what a couple should do. Could it be that we have broken the law?"

Lin Fengxue let out a long sigh and felt powerless.

"Then you have to pay attention to the occasion. At least you find a place with no one around to do these things, right? There are people coming and going at the entrance of the community. Aren't you afraid of being seen by others? Don't you feel ashamed?"

" It's already dark. Who has time to look at other people's cars? I don't want to argue with you. "

Lin Fengyu said as she turned around and went upstairs.

Chu Hee patted Lin Fengxue's shoulder and comforted her, "Wife, you don't need to be angry. Yu is not a child anymore. She knows what to do."

Lin Fengxue looked at the dark corridor and felt exhausted.

"Her family spoiled her. She has already graduated from university and entered society. She is still so childish. She doesn't know anything. I am afraid she will suffer a loss."

When he was in Lin family, Zhang Kai acted like a modest young master. Just now, he acted like a frivolous person. Everyone knew that he was hypocritical.

However, he was very good at lying and hiding his true personality. Yu and her parents were very satisfied with him and praised him repeatedly. If she said that something was wrong with Zhang Kai, they would definitely not be happy.

Chu Hee said faintly, "Anyway, they are about to get engaged. Sooner or later, we will be a family. We should take care of our matters and not care about others. Otherwise, Yu will definitely not be happy."

Lin Fengxue's expression was a little worried, "Today, Zhang Kai came to the house. I feel that he is not bad. He is a good husband in the future. But just now, he must have made Yu lose her reason. Otherwise, she would not have done such shameless things. "

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