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The Most Virtuous Son-In-Law/C9 Looking for a Job
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C9 Looking for a Job

Chu Hee came down from upstairs and walked out again. The receptionist opened her eyes wide when she saw him.

He was actually able to make Director Wai come back to receive him. His status must be very respectable.

The receptionist thought about her actions just now and immediately broke out in cold sweat.

After coming out of the Hengtian Real Estate Corporation, Chu Hee immediately returned home.

As for Wai Guoqiang, he didn't dare to disobey his orders.

As soon as he entered, he saw his mother-in-law tidying up the table. They had just finished their meal.

Lee Min did not care about Chu Hee at all. She directly poured out the leftovers and ordered arrogantly, "Chu Hee, wash the bowl away."

She walked straight to the sofa in the living room and sat there, munching on melon seeds and watching TV.

Chu Hee looked at the bedroom door and saw that it was still closed. He did not disturb Xue.

Xue would definitely keep this matter a secret from Chu Hee.

He turned around and went into the kitchen, cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks, and went out to pour out the trash. At the same time, he found a noodle house to fill his stomach.

He had only eaten two mouthfuls when his mother-in-law's phone suddenly rang.

"Chu Hee, where did you go?"

"I'm eating. What's wrong?"

"Don't eat. Come back immediately. Yu and Zhang Kai are here. They found you a job."

Lee Min hung up the phone after she finished speaking.

Chu Hee looked at the remaining noodles in a daze. In order to save himself from being scolded, he could only ask the boss to pack the noodles for him.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw Zhang Kai sitting in the middle of the sofa. The others were sitting around him, as if he was the owner of the house.

Lee Min glared at Chu Hee and said harshly, "Didn't I tell you to come back earlier? Why are you so slow? Are you a turtle? Do you have the nerve to ask Zhang Kai to wait for you? And what is in your hand? "

" I haven't finished my noodles yet. "

"Didn't you know to buy a cigarette for Zhang Kai when you came back with food? Why are you so insensible? "

Zhang Kai waved his hand with a magnanimous manner.

"It's fine. I think Chu Hee didn't buy it because he didn't have money. He didn't do it on purpose. Auntie, don't be angry."

Lin Fengxue walked to Chu Hee's side and took the noodles from his hand. She said softly, "Hubby, Zhang Kai found you a good job. You should thank him."

Chu Hee's mouth twitched. "What job?"

Lin Fengyu said sharply, "Zhang Kai introduced you to a good job. You don't know anything. It's good to have such a job. If it wasn't for Zhang Kai, I'm afraid you wouldn't have a decent job in your life."

Zhang Kai was praised so much that he was floating in the air.

"It just so happens that a classmate of mine from abroad went back to Yuncheng and opened a media company. He was doing advertising and designing and was in need of people. I told him and he agreed. You can go to work tomorrow morning."

To be able to help Chu Hee find a job was also considered to have fulfilled one of Lin Fengxue's wishes. She was quite grateful.

"Zhang Kai, you have helped us so much. I really don't know how to thank you. Let's treat you to a meal."

Lin Fengyu pouted and said, "Zhang Kai's family owns a restaurant. He doesn't need you to treat him to a meal. Sister, Zhang Kai only helped because of me. You might as well thank me directly."

She had always doted on this sister.

"Alright, thank you, my good younger sister."

"Are you just talking about it?" Lin Fengyu frowned and felt a little disgusted.

"How about I give you a set of Oleya skincare products?"

She did not care about skincare products. Lin Fengyu rolled her eyes and fixed her eyes on Lin Fengxue's right hand and said in surprise, "Sister, when did you buy a watch? It was quite pretty. I don't want skincare products anymore. Just give this watch to me."

Lin Fengxue pursed her lips and was in a dilemma. The watch that Chu Hee gave her, the Omega, was in her hand.

"This watch is a gift from your brother-in-law. I can't give it to you anymore. Why don't you choose something else and I will buy it for you."

Hearing this, a trace of contempt appeared in Lee Min's eyes.

"Yu, don't take this watch. It is only worth more than ten yuan."

Lin Fengyu said, "Since it was brother-in-law who bought the watch, you can keep it."

Zhang Kai saw the opportunity to show off and said, "Yu, do you like watches? I'll take you to the store to buy one later."

Lin Fengyu immediately smiled and said, "Zhang Kai, you are too good to me! But you have already helped our family a lot. How can I let you spend more money? "

"Anyway, we are about to get engaged. Soon we will be a family. You don't have to be polite. And don't worry, I'll definitely give you a good watch. "

Facing such a young and promising Zhang Kai, not to mention a university student like Lin Fengyu who had just graduated, even a woman who had worked in society for a few years would probably not be able to resist such temptation.

The reason why Lin Fengyu agreed to be engaged to Zhang Kai after knowing him for more than two months was because Zhang Kai was generous!

Money could easily make people lose themselves.

Chu Hee was the same back then. He was intoxicated with the pleasure of spending money. Otherwise, he would not have been punished for three years for making mistakes.

Now he had grown up.

In these three years, he had fallen in love with this kind of ordinary and happy life.

The next day at dawn, Lin Fengxue pulled Chu Hee up from the bed. She wanted to find the suit that he wore when the two of them got married.

This was his only formal dress.

"Hubby, you can wear this today. I will buy you a new set of clothes today."

"There's no need to be so formal."

"Today is your first day at the company. Your first impression is very important. You have to work hard. The base salary of the employees isn't high, but the commission is very high. You might be the main source of income for the family after this."

Hearing her words, Chu Hee probed, "Wife, didn't we agree that we would make money to buy a house together?"

Lin Fengxue lowered her head and forced a smile.

"Hubby, I want to change jobs. I might lose my job for a while."

"Why do you suddenly want to quit?"

"I just feel that it's too boring to always do a job. I want to find a job that I like."

Chu Hee pulled Lin Fengxue into his arms and said gently, "I support whatever you do." Although he knew the real reason, he did not say it out loud.

"Do you still want to go to the company today?"

"I'm going to resign today. We'll leave together later. Take me to the company."

"No problem!"

The two of them rode on an electrocar. Lin Fengxue leaned on Chu Hee's solid back and wrapped her arms around his waist. They drove towards the building sales office of Hengtian.

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