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C1 The Night

After a steamy night with Sidd, a movie star, Nadia discovered she was pregnant with his child. But Sidd was from another country. She waited for him but he failed in his promise of coming back for her. The night caused Nadia to lose her mother and left her with a soul to care for. But when Nadia decides to go after Sidd, the man who stole her heart since childhood, complications occur. How would Nadia react when she discovers Sidd was engaged and about to get married? What becomes of her when she discovers pursuing Sidd led her to where her destiny lies? A life she thought was never possible came knocking at her door. Will she forget Sidd and focus on her dreams or will her fate stick them together?


He fell on me, locking his gaze on mine. I felt my heart stop for a moment, lost in his twinkling, stardust-filled eyes. He leaned closer, he was going to kiss me. I got that. Something has to quench the fury of heat and electricity that sparked at our breath, catching up and blending in smoothly. I closed my eyes and our lips met while the thought of the door and the key that got us in this position flew out of our heads. At that moment, there was only me and him. He pressed his body against mine in an undeniable force, as if longing to become one. My hands found their way to the back of his neck, pulling him closer, wanting to feel every inch of him against me while his hands caressed my waist. The intensity of our bodies pressed against each other sent shivers down my spine, igniting a fire within me that could only be quenched by his touch. Our lips moved in perfect synchronization, each kisses more passionate and fiery than the last. I could taste the raw emotions that consumed us, the hunger and the need that brought us together. Our tongues danced in a desperate, sensual tangle, exploring every crevice and corner of each other’s mouths as if trying to memorize every sensation. As our kiss deepened, the world around us became a blur of color and sound. The soft brush of his lips against mine sends waves of pleasure throughout my body, aching to be consumed by this undeniable connection. I lost myself in the taste and feel of him, reveling in the way his lips meld with mine with an intoxicating blend of tenderness and intensity. He stopped.

“Huuuhhh!” I sighed, catching my breath.

“If I request to dive further, will you let me?” Sidd asked in a whisper with his body up against mine. My heart skipped a beat the second time upon hearing that. How can I refuse such a request from the man I ever loved? Though I was still a virgin, there’s always a first time to everything, right?

“You can have me, Sidd. I’m all yours,” I accepted without a second thought. Excitement and passion were building in both our vessels. Removing my clothes, Sidd looked deep into my natural brown eyes. His breath fanned over my exposed core. I was sensitive to his touch. “What am I even doing? Sidd might be the worst in bed,” I thought to myself when having my core licked and nipped down gently with his teeth. As soon as his tongue entered my core, the devil sitting on my shoulder whispered in my mind, “Or maybe this might be just the kind of sex you need.” The whisper ended with a chuckle. Outward came my moan.

“You like it?” he asked, the surrounding of his lips already wet from his adventure with my core.

“Don’t stop, please.” I suddenly became gentle. But not too much as well, because my hand aggressively pushed his head back into my core. I let out the juices of my pleasure on his face, and he rose from his position. I watched him prop on his knees and take off every piece of clothing from his body. We were about to come together as one. I still couldn’t believe Sidd was making love to me, it was a dream come true for me. I have never been so naughty as I am now.

“Oh, God, Sidd,” I couldn’t help, but call his name.

“That’s right, Nadia. I am your God now. Say my name,” he expressed his pleasure with my warmth wrapping around him as well.

“Aaaaa!” I screamed out the moment he dove deeper into my core, tugging at the bedclothes in pain. He pulled out, staring into my eyes.

“You are still tight down there, Nadia. Why?” he asked, concern tinged in his voice.

“I’m still a virgin, Sidd, be careful,” I cried out.

“A virgin?” he repeated like I just said the most rare thing in the world. “How?”

“Don’t stop, Sidd, I need you,” I let out, feeling heat spark through my body non-stop, not minding the agitating pain between my thighs.

“Are you sure?” he asked and I nodded. He penetrated me again and my fingers dug into his back amid pleasure and pain. After a few minutes of penetrating and pulling out of my core, I felt my innocent blood fly out between my thighs. My virginity was gone.


“Uggggg!” I gasped, opening my eyes. I was fully drenched in my sweat. I sat up quickly, looking around the room. Sidd wasn’t with me anymore, it was just a wet dream.

A replay of an unfortunate one-night stand with a movie star. I touched the space on the bed beside me and smiled. I closed my eyes, ready to dive into the morning after the night.

“Mommy! Mommy! “ the cheerful voice of Zeehan, my baby got me out of my reverie. He ran to me with open arms.

“Hey, my baby,” I smiled, carrying him on my lap. My baby, the product of a nightstand. “How was your night, my angel?” I asked, ruffling his hair.

“I slept tight, Mommy,” he answered.

“That’s awesome. So, what do you wish to eat for breakfast?”

“I am late for school, Mommy,” Zeehan said. My eyes popped out, directed to the wall clock.

“Shit!” I exclaimed. “No, not for you baby,” I said, jerking up and carrying Zeehan in my arms. I was supposed to drop Zeehan in school by 7:30 AM and reach work by 8 AM and now it’s 8:15 AM because of a stupid wet dream. I hurried to the bathroom to bathe Zeehan. We were out in possibly a minute. No time wasting. I rushed to clean and dress up Zeehan for school. Cool, my baby looks just like his father. Chic and classy. I ran out to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I would rather not reach work than not fix breakfast for my baby. It was 8:45 AM already. Zeehan is ready, breakfast is served alongside his lunchbox. Now it was time to think about me. I entered the bathroom and took a quick shower. Return to the bedroom and dress up for work. My boss is certainly going to yell at me today again. What kind of a slide is this? It has been three years already, and Sidd is still stuck in my head, disturbing my sleep with wet dreams and turning me into a big-time latecomer. Not just once, but over the past two months. I tied my natural hair in a bun, and headed out, taking my handbag along. I reached the living room, and Zeehan was waiting for me.

“Come on, baby, let’s go,” I said to him. He stood up with his strapped backpack. I picked his lunchbox which was inside a small bag and held his hand out. Thank God his school wasn’t far from home, just a few distance away.

“Good morning, Miss Nadia,” Zeehan’s female teacher greeted me warmly as we reached the school gate, collecting Zeehan’s lunchbox from me.

“Good morning, ma’am. Sorry, we are late again,” I apologized.

“Oh, it’s nothing, it’s fine, at least, he was able to make it. I know how hard it can be for mothers. I completely understand,” the teacher stated.

“Yeah, thank you,” I smiled. “Okay, little angel, I’m off to work now. Mommy will see you soon, okay? Be a good boy,” I said to Zeehan and kissed him on the forehead.

“Say goodbye to Mommy,” the teacher urged, holding Zeehan’s hand.

“Bye, Mommy,” Zeehan waved at me.

“Bye, sweetheart,” I smiled and turned to leave. I trekked down to the main road before hailing a bus. Sometimes, if not all the time, people wonder why Zeehan was different. He looks just like his father. If he grew up, I’m certain people will mistake him for Sidd; rosy skin tone, light brown eyes, rosy pink lips, soft, wavy, black short hair. I carried him for nine months, yet he took nothing from me, not even my face sculpture at least. He got his father’s round face too. Silly. I rested my head against the seat, closing my eyes and forgetting that I was in transit. My mind flashed back again to the morning after the night.


In the morning, I opened my eyes only to see Sidd propped on one elbow, smiling at me. I smiled shyly and sat up, pulling the bedclothes up to my chest.

“Good morning,” I greeted and he sat up.

“Good morning, damsel, how was your night?” he asked. I smiled again, remembering how pleasant my night was.

“It was peaceful,” I replied.

“Did I satisfy you?” he asked, cocking his head. The question pit-a-patted my heart.

“You were everything, Sidd,” I spoke softly, looking down. He lifted my eyes back to him, smiled, and kissed me. It was quick. He stopped. I sighed.

“So, about your virginity, how come you were still a virgin?” he queried. I squinted my eyes in confusion. Was being a virgin abnormal? He sounds as if he has never met one, perhaps he hasn’t.

“Because I have always been in love with you…since I was fourteen. I couldn’t let any other man touch me, not while you were in my heart,” I let out.

“But we never met before now.”

“I will save the story for the future, but I love you…with all my heart,” I expressed.

“Huuhh!” he sighed. “I got to go now,” he said, taking up his shirt. The thought of him leaving left a pang in my heart. Who knows when I will see him physically again?

“Won’t you at least freshen up?” I started, trying to spare more time.

“I will do that in my hotel, okay?” he declared and stepped down from the bed. I watched as he put on his trousers and got set to leave. I pulled the bedsheet closer to myself, hugging it in comfort.

“Will I ever see you in person again?” I asked misty-eyed.

“I would have stayed, perchance, two more days, at least to explore the country with you, but I got to prepare for a shoot in three days. I need to be in India at the moment,” he explained, moving to the side of the bed where I was. He sat beside me. “I will come see you after my shoot. I promise,” he assured. His words lifted the weight of pain from my heart. I snuggled closer to him and he pulled me into his arms. A tear dropped from my eye.

“Don’t cry, okay? I will chat you up,” he declared and stood up. I nodded.

“Journey mercy, Sidd,” I wished. He grabbed my hair gently and plastered a last kiss on my lips. He headed to the door. He stopped and looked at me.

“Don’t post those videos again, please,” he reminded.

“Oh, the videos,” I commented, scratching my hair. He cocked his head and I smiled. “I promise. No more posting the videos,” I assured him. He nodded and turned to go again.

“The key,” I reminded and he looked at me. I threw the key and he caught it with a wink at me. I smiled. He went to the door and opened it. He looked at me once again before leaving. I pulled the bedsheet to my face and curled up on the bed, crying.

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