The Movie Star's Baby/C2 The Promise
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The Movie Star's Baby/C2 The Promise
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C2 The Promise


“Hey, madam!” I heard the husky voice of the bus conductor and I opened my eyes. “Aren’t you dropping?” he queried. I looked around me, everyone had gone out except me.

“Oh, sorry,” I apologized and got down from the vehicle. I trekked a few distances and I was faced with the small company where I work as an accountant. I hurried inside and Amanda, my best friend flitted to me, holding my hand and pulling me along.

“Why are you late again, Nadia?” Amanda queried in a low tone, careful not to be heard by others.

“What else makes me wake up late, Mandy? The usual of course,” I responded, overwhelmed by the situation. For the past two months, I have turned into a perpetual latecomer just for a stupid wet dream.

“The same wet dream again?” Amanda asked, stopping to face me with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Exactly,” I sighed with deflated shoulders.

“This is becoming serious, Nadia, come on, you need to do something about it, you can’t just continue living like this,” Amanda stated.

“What do you suggest I do? I can’t prevent myself from dreaming,” I declared and we began walking again, heading to my office.

“You know what I always say, Nadia. Get a man in your life. Get someone that can satisfy you physically, instead of getting the pleasure from a three-year-old one-night stand with that…”

“Huh?” I rasped, stopping to face her, and furrowing my eyebrows. She swallowed the word she was going to say. “Sidd is this, Sidd is that, right?” I started and started walking again. “I have told you, Mandy, stop saying ill words about Sidd. I don’t like that,” I defended and moved behind the desk to take my seat. She sighed with arms akimbo.

“Well, it’s fine. You never listen anyway,” Amanda declared disappointedly and went away. I sighed heavily, dropping my head.

“Nadia?” the husky tone of my boss shuddered me in my seat.

“Good morning sir,” I greeted, standing up from my seat. He was an average-height middle-aged man, always on low cut. Dark in complexion, chubby cheeks, a beer-filled belly, and a flirty nature. He has his eyes on me but God knows I won’t ever fall into the trap of a crook.

“Good morning. What’s happening to you, Nadia? Why have you suddenly turned into a latecomer?” my boss queried calmly. I wasn’t expecting his voice to be that calm today. He always gets irate whenever I come late to work, simply because I turned down his offer. He wants me to date him, and become his chick. Yuck! I’m more than that! I can’t stoop low to the level of an older man. My boss is 35 years old yet he feels he is a teen, crushing on his age mate.

“I’m sorry, sir, it won’t happen again,” I apologized, fidgeting on my spot.

“You can’t promise that and you know it. Anyway, get done with the files on your desk,” he said and turned to go. I puffed. He looked at me and I quickly sat down, randomly picking the papers on my desk.

The hectic day at work finally came to an end. I began packing my stuff to go home. Amanda came to me.

“Hey, Nadia, ready to go?” she asked. I looked at her with dull worn-out eyes.

“What do you think?” I replied tiredly, jerking up my bag and moving out from behind the desk.

“I can see you are fatigued. Can we drop by at Fine Wine bar to grab a drink?” she asked as we headed to the door.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow,” I waved my hand at one of the staff. “My son is waiting for me, Mandy, I’m going home straight,” I declared and we reached outside, trekking along the curb to hail a bus.

“When will you step out of this iced wall you freeze yourself in? Come on, since you gave birth to that albino baby of yours, nothing else seems to matter to you, not even your life,” Amanda scolded. I stopped and squinted my eyes, glaring at her.

“Look here, Mandy, this is not the first time I’m saying this but it should be the last time if you don’t want us to have problems. Whenever you are talking to me, don’t insult either my son or his father. Do I make myself clear? Moreover, my boy is not an albino, he is a real white boy,” I warned.

“Okay, ma’am, I have heard you. But you also know your words don’t even penetrate the walls of my heart, right? If you’re done venting, let’s continue walking,” she commented like what I said made no sense. Well, she has always been that way, nothing anyone says seems to hurt her. It’s annoying sometimes. Yet, she’s still my friend, been friends since childhood.

“Ugh!” I grunted and we began walking.

“I will be coming to your place over the weekend, okay? If you like don’t cook for me, I will splitter my stomach in your house,” she stated and I laughed.

“You never change, Amanda. If you like don’t come along with your apron to cook whatever you want to eat. Hunger will keep you company before you leave.”

“Let the weekend come first. You and I will wear the same trousers,” she joked and we laughed.

Just then, a guy came along. His long dreadlocks were left to scatter over his shoulders. His trousers were almost pulling down from his waist all in the name of swag.

“Hey, girls!” he waved at us, scanning me with his large, brown eyes. I clenched my jaw. Amanda looked at me and pinched my arm not to create a scene.

“Hi!” Amanda waved back at him, smiling.

“My name is Joshua. Can I speak with you for a moment?” he requested, pointing at me. Amanda shifted away.

“Any problem?” I queried coldly.

“Calm down, babe. When I saw you from afar, I noticed something very special about you. I love everything about you; your figure eight, your natural hair. Can I have your number? I would love to reach out to you, possibly, we could go out over the weekend,” he stated, licking his lips while scanning my body with his eyes. I scowled at him with my hands on my hips.

“No!” I declined in a husky tone and walked passed him, dragging Amanda along.

“Hey, what did he say?” Amanda queried.

“Nothing!” I groaned. A bus came along and we boarded. I have never had it easy with men since I was born. They are always coming after me. Sometimes I wonder if I was cursed or blessed by an aura that attracts. And in all of these, only Sidd captured my heart.

The following day at work. I was on my desk, fixing up some folders piled up on my desk. Amanda ran along with her phone.

“Hey, Nadia!” she said breathlessly.

“What is it now, Mandy?” I asked, tiredly. She hasn’t given me a breathing space since morning. Always running back and forth my desk.

“It’s Zeehan!” she mentioned. My heart flew out of me as I jerked up.

“What happened to my son?” the question came as a whisper and tears welled up in my eyes.

“God!” Amanda puffed.

“Tell me what the hell happened!” I snapped.

“Will you calm down and stop acting like you gave birth to an egg!” she retorted. “Layla called, she’s traveling urgently, she can’t keep Zeehan till you come back. The teacher also called, can she bring him here?” she explained. My heart returned to my chest and I dropped onto the chair in relief.

“Certainly, Mandy. Bring my baby for me,” I let out. She shook her head and went away. I have never brought my baby to my work before. Layla always babysits him till I’m off from work. In short, no one knows I have a child except Amanda. Now the truth will be exposed and I bloody don’t care as long as my baby is not out alone.

A few minutes later. The teacher arrived with Zeehan. I saw him through the glass window and I hurried out.

“Thank you so much, teacher. I’m honestly grateful,” I appreciated sincerely.

“Never mind, my home is along this route so I thought it wise to bring him to you. Take care, Zeehan,” she said and left.

“Oh, my baby!” I smiled, carrying him in my arms. “How was school today? Did anybody hurt you?” I asked, taking him to my desk. All eyes turned to me. Their murmurs pierced my ears from both sides. I paid deaf ears to them as I walked to my desk.

“School was okay today, Mommy,” Zeehan replied in a soft baby voice that got me grinning.

“Mommy?” Mariah exclaimed, standing up. “Did the boy just call you mommy, Nadia? Are you his mother?” she queried. The onlookers’ eyes pierced my skin for an answer as I was forced to a halt. I looked at my baby and looked at them. Never will I reject my baby for any reason.

“Yes!” I said it happily. “Meet my little angel, Zeehan,” I introduced him. Nothing pleases me more than showcasing my baby to the world.

“Zeehan? What kind of a name is that?” Victoria asked. Again, they look up for an answer.

“Zeehan is a name, browse it and you will know the type of name it is,” I declared and walked off. “Don’t mind them, baby. So, tell me, did you finish your food?” I asked Zeehan.

“Yes, Mommy,” he smiled. I took him to my desk and sat him on the chair.

“What should I get you, baby? We still have a couple of minutes to spend here,” I said, arms akimbo.

“Nadia?” the husky voice of my boss startled me. I slowly faced him. “Who is the boy?”

“Uh, sir, he is my son, Zeehan,” I replied. He furrowed his eyebrows for a moment.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“I don’t see a reason to lie, sir,” I replied.

“Okay. See you in my office in five minutes,” he declared and turned to leave. I faced Zeehan again and sighed.

“So, baby, stay here, let me get you something to eat,” I said. He nodded. I turned to go get him some snacks.

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