The Movie Star's Baby/C3 Quitting her job
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The Movie Star's Baby/C3 Quitting her job
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C3 Quitting her job

I got Zeehan some snacks and waited for Amanda to return from the washroom. Finally, she came along. “Were you giving birth in there?” I snapped.

“Why? Are you going out?” she asked, moving to Zeehan. “Hey, my little boy. How are you?” she crouched in front of Zeehan.

“Hello, Aunt Amanda,” Zeehan greeted.

“That’s my boy. Will you give me your biscuit,” she pouted her lips, bringing forward her palm. Zeehan placed one pack of his biscuits into her palm. “Aww! My baby gave me a biscuit. Thank you. You can eat them, okay?” she returned the biscuit and ruffled his hair.

“I’m going to see the boss, he called me,” I spoke out.

“What happened again?” she asked, standing up.

“Who knows?” I shrugged. “Watch out for my baby,” I said and turned to the staircase.

I reached my boss’s office. He was standing close to the door. The moment I shut the door, he caged me between his arms, pinning me to the wall.

“What are you doing, sir?” I asked, trying to wriggle free.

“How come you never told me? How come I didn’t know you have a fine baby boy?” he questioned.

“That’s not work-related, sir. Not necessary to share my private life with my boss,” I told him. He sniffed my neck and my breath hitched.

“Give me a chance, Nadia. I want to be the father of your baby. I know you are not married, don’t try to deceive me. Let me have you, Nadia and I will make you happy for the rest of your life,” he stated. I pushed him back.

“Stop this, sir. What has come over you?” I snapped. “How do you expect me to date you? Look, I’m not interested in being in any relationship with you other than work stuff. Stay away from me,” I told him, angrily and turned to leave.

“Wait!” his order halted me. “If you leave or refuse me, consider yourself jobless,” he threatened. I turned abruptly to him, staring wide-eyed at him.

“What did you just say?” I asked.

“You will be fired if you don’t consider my offer,” he repeated. A smile suddenly crept to my face.

“What are you waiting for, Mr Lucas? I would rather be jobless than end up in bed with a potbelly man like you. Nonsense. Eat your job,” I snapped and dashed off. Losing my job will certainly harm my life, but I can’t let any man downgrade me for any reason. I promised to love only Sidd and I don’t see myself breaking that promise. I reached downstairs, packed my things, and left the work premises with my baby without waiting for Amanda who was calling out to me. Enough of all this, I need to rest my head. Waiting at the bus station, Amanda caught up with me.

“What is the matter with you, Nadia? Why did you leave like that?” Amanda queried, catching her breath.

“I’m not in the mood for rubbish right now. Can you imagine? Mr. Lucas has gone wild. I have had enough of him already,” I set forth.

“The same demand?”

“What else? He is choking me. He even threatened to fire me and I called his bluff, walking out on him,” I said.

“You what?” Amanda’s eyes popped out. “What came over you? Do you know the implications of your actions? Where do you expect to see another job in this period?” she snapped. The bus arrived and we headed toward it. Just then, a woman bumped into Zeehan, almost falling him down.

“Hey, you watch where you are going!” I snapped angrily.

“I should be telling you that. How can you be holding a baby carelessly like that? Thank your stars he didn’t step on my shoes,” the woman said rudely.

“You should be the one thanking your stars that my baby didn’t fall. If he did, your face won’t have its normal look by now,” I retorted.

“What did you just say? Who do you think your baby is? Is it because he is an albino? Hahaha!” the woman scorned and laughed. I was ignited. I slammed my five fingers on her cheeks, whipping her head aside. She tried to fight back before Amanda intervened.

“It’s okay, you two,” Amanda said, standing in our middle. I carried my baby, not minding the onlookers, and entered the bus. Amanda joined us and the bus moved off.

“That was outrageous, Nadia. How can you be fighting in front of your son?” Amanda began her usual scolding. “What came over you, Nadia?”

“Can you just stop, Mandy? What would you have me do? How dare she call my baby an albino? Does he look albino to her?” I defended.

“Still, you shouldn’t have fought her.”

“I didn’t fight her, I gave her what she needed. Can you let this slide? My baby is trying to catch some z’s,” I said and Mandy shook her head. I snuggled Zeehan closer to myself, patting him gently.

The following day was the weekend. I woke up as early as possible to do some chores. After cleaning the house and doing the dishes, I began fixing breakfast before Zeehan would wake up.

“Mommy?” I suddenly heard Zeehan’s sleepy voice after some moments. I swiveled to look at him. He was wiping his face with the back of his hand. I impulsively smiled, staring at him as he cutely wiped his face. His wake-up hair was ruffled, reminding me of Sidd the morning he opened his eyes before me. Every single day, I have a reason to smile. Despite the pain Sidd caused me, looking at my baby, all I wish to do is forgive him and let go of the past.

“Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?” I asked tenderly, crouching to his level and fixing his hair.

“Yes, Mommy,” he replied.

“Great. Hold on, I will put off the gas flames and we will go freshen up, okay?” I told him and turned to the gas. I removed the food from the fire and turned off the flames. I carried Zeehan as we headed out of the kitchen.

I sat in the living room at noon, going through my online published books. Yeah, I was a writer too. I have been writing since God knows when. I have been into romance novels for ages and lately, I decided to venture into the art of scriptwriting. Down with eight movie scripts and about writing another. Though never published any of the scripts I just keep writing to master the art. And my novels are doing great on the platform too. I smiled satisfactorily at the number of reads and subscribers my new book has got so far.

“Ding!” the sound of the doorbell attracted my ears and my eyes darted to the door. Who could be visiting by now? Amanda didn’t tell me she was coming though.

I stood up at the second ringing of the doorbell. I sighed as my hand grasped the door handle to open up.

“Dear, Lord! Where have you been, Nadia? I have been ringing the doorbell for ages,” Amanda whined as she entered, walking into the living room. I shook my head and trailed her.

“I only heard the doorbell twice and you are already grouching? God, how did I meet you, Mandy?” I retorted. She dropped on the couch, dumping her bag beside her.

“I was wondering the same thing on my way here,” she said and I hissed, rolling my eyes. I sat back on the couch to continue what I was doing.

“Hey, are you just going to ignore your visitor? Won’t you offer me a drink at least?” she queried, sitting up.

“You are not a visitor, Mandy. Suit yourself if you wish,” I declared. She scoffed and stood up.

“I got good news for you,” she said, heading to the dining.

“What is it?” I asked, turning my face to her.

“Oh, now you are interested, Miss Rude,” she scorned, taking out a jar of water and a glass cup. I rolled my eyes and faced my laptop again. She returned and sat beside me. “I was able to speak with Mr. Lucas and he said you can return to work on Monday,” she said.

“Okay,” I let out almost inaudible.

“But on one condition,” Amanda said. I looked at her abruptly. What is that big belly man thinking? Giving me a condition to return to a job I’m not even pleased with. I scoffed and listened. “You have to accept his proposal and I assured him you will,” she stated.

“Okay, on Monday, you will go into his office and tell him you are ready to marry him on my behalf. At least, you are my best friend, you can take my place,” I retorted and focused on my system.

“But he doesn’t want me, it’s you he wants and you need someone to take care of you, Nadia. Why are you being stubborn?”

“And why aren’t you telling that potbelly boss of yours the truth? What is wrong with you, Mandy? If I am being manipulated to marry Mr. Lucas, you will gladly be fooled behind me? What kind of a friend are you?” I set forth, pissed off.

“Come on, Nadia. I’m just trying to help you. Look at you, you need the touch of a man, you are sex-starved, can’t you see that?”

“What is wrong with that, Mandy? Must I date all those scumbags because I need a man’s touch? If you don’t have anything meaningful to say, just zip up,” I stated and stood up, taking my laptop.

“Where are you going? Besides, where is my little boy?” she asked.

“Now you are concerned with your environment, silly friend,” I scorned and headed to the bedroom.

“Come back fast, we got a lot to talk about,” I heard Mandy’s faint voice behind me and I slammed the door. Zeehan was still sleeping. I went back to the living room after putting down my laptop.

“I’m listening. What should we talk about?” I asked.

“Tell me about Sidd. And don’t even tell me it was a coincidence as you have been spilling for all these years,” she stated, peering into my eyes. Her question churned my stomach and I gradually adjusted on the couch. “Come on, I want to hear it,” she insisted. I swallowed hard and glanced at her.

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