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C10 I Love You

It's an illusion!

Liang Yuyi violently shook her head. In her anger, she suddenly raised her hand and slapped Hsu Liangcheng's face. Under everyone's shocked gazes, her hand was suddenly grabbed by Hsu Liangcheng. " Listen, if you dare to ignore my face... You will face serious consequences."

Liang Yuyi did not know what to say.

Yes, she knew that she would face serious consequences.

Liang Yuyi's face turned pale. She knew that she had to resolve the trouble that she had created with her own hands.

Suddenly, her face was filled with a bright smile. Her thin body suddenly jumped into Hsu Liangcheng's arms in the next second, but she said sweetly, "Hsu Liangcheng, I love you."

I love you.

Her words made Hsu Liangcheng have goosebumps all over his body.

However, in order to create the false impression that they were in love with each other, he frowned and snorted. "Stop messing around. Take a good photo."

After Hsu Liangcheng said this, he suddenly saw an unfamiliar and strange person looking at him from the corner of his eyes. Because there were too many people, before he could see the person's face clearly, the person had already retreated in an instant.

At this moment, Cheng Lei, who had sharp eyes, also noticed this person. Hsu Liangcheng had just frowned when he quickly ordered people to stop him.

However, five minutes later, Cheng Lei walked into the hall of the photography city with a dejected expression. He shook his head at Hsu Liangcheng, who was taking wedding photos. Hsu Liangcheng's eyes darkened, but the smile remained on his handsome face as he faced the camera lens.

However, no one noticed his secret interaction with Cheng Lei.

After the photo was taken, Hsu Liangcheng instructed the driver to send Liang Yuyi to the Taekwondo club that he had just bought for her today. Cheng Lei pushed Hsu Liangcheng, who was sitting in a wheelchair, out of the photography city quickly.

A limited edition Rolls-Royce drove on the busy street, but the atmosphere in the car was so low that it was freezing.

After a long time, Hsu Liangcheng finally spat out a puff of smoke and said in a deep voice, "Cheng Lei."

"Yes, CEO." Cheng Lei, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, immediately turned his body sideways and answered.

"Go and find a hype company to hype Liang Yuyi's identity. After all, with her current status, marrying into the Hsu family will cause suspicion."

Hsu Liangcheng pursed his lips and did not continue speaking. Ever since Xie Wei's accident, he felt as if there was an invisible net covering his back that made him unable to breathe. There seemed to be a thick and dense fog in front of him that could not be dispersed. It made him feel as if a conspiracy was about to take place.

"I understand, CEO." Cheng Lei replied.

Silence once again returned to the carriage. Hsu Liangcheng, who was sitting in the backseat, spat out a puff of smoke. Under the smoke, his brows were tightly knitted, and his pair of gloomy eyes were cold and ruthless. His right hand was tightly clenched until the joints of his right hand turned white. He had to find the person standing behind the fog as soon as possible. He had to find the person who tried to kill him personally.

When Liang Yuyi just arrived at the Taekwondo club, the news had already been broadcasted by the TV station at the fastest speed.

At this moment, she was tutoring her students in class. She was shocked by Su Rui's call.

When she quickly turned on the television and transferred it to the channel Su Rui mentioned. Sure enough, in an entertainment program, Liang Yuyi's photo was being played. Furthermore, There was also a commentator's narration next to it: It was said that the fiancée of the CEO of the Galaxy International Group in Lanhai City was the daughter of a declining wealthy family in Canada. She had just returned from Canada. Her assets overseas were worth several billion RMB, and she was also a level 8 Taekwondo expert. She returned to China and set up a Taekwondo club...

After that, the television screen showed the wedding photos taken by Hsu Liangcheng and Liang Yuyi in Milan International wedding dress photography city.

This set of photos was beautiful and harmonious. They looked very happy.

Liang Yuyi looked at the pictures on the television. She was so angry that her face turned green.

Liang Yuyi wanted to find Hsu Liangcheng to argue with him, but she found that she did not have his number at all. For a moment, Liang Yuyi was anxious and angry. Suddenly, she remembered that Su Rui was still working in Galaxy International Group. She also remembered that Cheng Lei had given Su Rui a name card for Hsu Liangcheng. So, she quickly dialed Su Rui's number.

However, when she angrily called Hsu Liangcheng, no one answered for a long time.

Helpless, Liang Yuyi quickly took a taxi and drove to Galaxy International Group. She could marry him, but she would not allow him to create such a false identity for her. If her parents saw such a television scene, the consequences would be unimaginable.

When Liang Yuyi arrived at the Galaxy International Group building, Hsu Liangcheng, who was wearing sunglasses, happened to come out of the building. Liang Yuyi saw him and quickly went up to him, "Hsu Liangcheng, why did you do this?"

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