The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C11 Press Conference
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C11 Press Conference
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C11 Press Conference

"Miss Liang, the president still has something to do. If you have any matters, can you talk to him later? " Cheng Lei quickly went up to Liang Yuyi and said.

Hsu Liangcheng, who was wearing sunglasses and had a cold face, acted as if he did not see Liang Yuyi. He coldly walked past her.

Looking at his cold back, she felt that she had been seriously humiliated.

"Hsu Liangcheng, stop right there." Liang Yuyi wanted to chase after him, but she was blocked by two men in black. A limited edition Rolls-Royce carried Hsu Liangcheng and Cheng Lei far away.

"Bastard!" Liang Yuyi cursed.

However, just as she was about to turn around and leave, the Rolls-Royce actually returned.

What was going on?

Under Liang Yuyi's confused expression, the Rolls-Royce stopped beside her. "Miss Liang, please get in the car." The driver got out of the car and respectfully said to Liang Yuyi.

"I'm not going."

Liang Yuyi was a person with very high self-esteem.

The driver saw that Liang Yuyi was very conflicted and gestured to the side. The two people who blocked Liang Yuyi's way just now had already held Liang Yuyi's arm.

"What do you want to do?" Liang Yuyi shouted.

"Due to time constraints, I have no other choice." After the driver finished speaking, he signaled his two subordinates to forcefully lift Liang Yuyi onto the car.

However, Liang Yuyi was a level 8 Taekwondo expert.

Just as she was about to make a move, she actually completely lost consciousness in the next second.

When the two subordinates carried the unconscious Liang Yuyi onto the carriage, Hsu Liangcheng was sitting in the carriage and looking at Liang Yuyi.

At this moment, the sunlight was shining through the glass window and shining on Liang Yuyi's face. Her face was covered with a layer of golden and hazy halo.

Although she wore very casually, under her exceptionally smooth long black hair, her skin was white.

Her beauty was different from Xie Wei's. Xie Wei's beauty was like the summer sun that always gave people unlimited passion. Xie Wei always caught everyone's attention the moment she appeared.

Liang Yuyi was not sexy and compared to Xie Wei, she was like an elegant lily.

The car was speeding towards the news center. This was the first time Hsu Liangcheng was so focused on staring at a woman other than Xie Wei, but this did not mean that she could attract Hsu Liangcheng's interest.

The temperature in the car was very low, just like Hsu Liangcheng's cold eyes when he stared at Liang Yuyi. The unconscious Liang Yuyi suddenly shivered. Seeing her like this, Hsu Liangcheng reflexively picked up a coat on his side and wanted to put it on for her. Unexpectedly, at this moment, Liang Yuyi said in her dream, "Hsu Liangcheng, you are a bastard." Hsu Liangcheng coldly threw the coat in his hand to the side.

Lee Dong and Cheng Lei, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, did not dare to make a sound.

The entire carriage was silent.

They finally arrived at the news center. Hsu Liangcheng suddenly shouted coldly. " Think of a way to wake her up. Find someone to tidy up her image and bring her to the press conference. " After saying that, Hsu Liangcheng opened the car door and pushed the wheelchair out of the car.

Not far away, Hsu Liangcheng had just appeared. There were already countless reporters surrounding him.

"Chairman Hsu, I heard that you held a press conference today to announce the date of your marriage with your girlfriend, right?"

"Chairman Hsu, may I ask if your fiancée is the rumored Miss Liang Yuyi?"

"Chairman Hsu, your previous fiancée, Xie Wei, passed away due to an accident a year ago. Now, you are going to marry your current girlfriend immediately. What will Miss Xie's family think?"

The questions from the reporters were very sharp. Hsu Liangcheng, who was used to this, did not say anything. Under the protection of the security guards, he calmly walked to the press conference center.

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