The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C13 The Two of Them Kissed.
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C13 The Two of Them Kissed.
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C13 The Two of Them Kissed.

"You knocked me out, then you turned my life into a mess, and then you forced me to come to this press conference." Liang Yuyi said hatefully.

"You don't have the right to bargain with me!" Hsu Liangcheng heard her and said with a black face.

"I don't have the right? If I tell all the news media now that you are pretending to be disabled."

Before Liang Yuyi could finish her words, Hsu Liangcheng, who was angry from embarrassment, had already blocked her lips.

In front of everyone's eyes, in front of all the news media!

This kiss caused the countless flashes on the scene to become even more intense, causing the originally loud applause to become louder and louder.

"Hsu Liangcheng." Liang Yuyi scolded him angrily and vaguely. Just as she was about to put up a fierce resistance, Hsu Liangcheng had already let go of her lips and said, "Liang Yuyi, you better be a little more obedient. That kiss just now was the price you paid."

"Hsu Liangcheng, you are really conceited!"

"So what?"

"If you make me anxious again, I might do something even more outrageous. " Hsu Liangcheng threatened with a dark face.

"Hsu Liangcheng."

Just as Liang Yuyi was about to scold Hsu Liangcheng a few more times, he had already turned his wheelchair around. He then used one hand to forcefully hold Liang Yuyi in his arms. He used the other hand to turn the wheelchair under him and walked calmly to the center of the table.

At this time, there was already a staff member who quickly ran over to push Hsu Liangcheng's wheelchair.

Liang Yuyi was imprisoned in Hsu Liangcheng's arms just like that. He created a false impression for everyone that they were in love.

The press conference was held for an hour. Hsu Liangcheng was afraid that Liang Yuyi would play some tricks again, so he kept Liang Yuyi in his arms. He did not let her take a step out of his arms.

"Do you know how to laugh?"

"Be happy."

"If you are still so listless, I will do something to you," Wang Yao said.

When Hsu Liangcheng faced the media, he also warned Liang Yuyi in a low voice from time to time, who had many small movements in her arms.

Finally, after Hsu Liangcheng announced that he and Liang Yuyi would be holding their wedding on October 1, 2014, the press conference finally came to an end.

When Hsu Liangcheng carried Liang Yuyi in his arms, they were pushed out of the press conference in wheelchair by the staff behind them. Liang Yuyi, who hated Hsu Liangcheng so much, struggled out of his arms.

"Hsu Liangcheng, you are so cruel." After Liang Yuyi said that, she angrily walked out of the door.

Unexpectedly, Liang Yuyi sprained her ankle. If she did not support the wall in time, she would have fallen.

Liang Yuyi quickly took off her high heels under Hsu Liangcheng's disdainful sneer behind her. She threw them to the ground hatefully and then she simply walked away barefoot.

Hsu Liangcheng looked at her leaving figure angrily. Cheng Lei, who was beside him, could not help but say, "CEO, should I chase Miss Liang back?"

"You don't need to." Hsu Liangcheng waved his hand coldly and said, "She is not qualified for me to care about her at all times." Then Hsu Liangcheng pushed the wheelchair under him to the large window in the room. At this moment, his beautiful eyebrows were tightly knitted together. His pair of cold eyes that were as black as a deep pool seemed to be so cold that they were about to turn into ice.

After Liang Yuyi left the news center barefoot, she came to the road. She was looking for a taxi in the hot weather. But even when she felt that her skin was about to be burnt, she still did not find a taxi. In addition, due to the high temperature, the cement floor on the ground had absorbed enough heat. It was so hot that her feet felt as if they were placed in a brazier. It was so hot that her feet hurt.

At this moment, Hsu Liangcheng had already left the news center. When Lee Dong's car was about to reach Liang Yuyi, who had been anxiously calling a taxi by the side of the road, He carefully asked Hsu Liangcheng, who was sitting in the backseat of the car, "President, Miss Liang seems to be taking a taxi in front."

Hsu Liangcheng heard him and raised his wrist to look at the watch on his wrist. The hour was currently 1: 30 in the afternoon. This meant that Liang Yuyi had been standing in the hot sun for half an hour.

"President, should we send Miss Liang home?" At this moment, Cheng Lei, who was sitting in the passenger seat, asked again with a questioning tone.

"Let's go back directly." Hsu Liangcheng said coldly.


Lee Dong stepped on the accelerator and drove past Liang Yuyi.

When Liang Yuyi saw Hsu Liangcheng's Rolls-Royce in front of her, she was so angry that her face turned pale. Just when she wanted to call and ask Hsu Liangcheng why he didn't let her sit in the car, her phone rang.

"Hello." Liang Yuyi angrily shouted at the phone.

"May I ask if you are Liang Yuyi?"

"I am. If you have something to say, say it quickly." Liang Yuyi looked unhappy and shouted at the person on the phone again.

"Hello, Miss Liang. I am from BMW 4S Store. Just now, Mr. Hsu Liangcheng customized the latest and highest configuration model of BMW 760I for you. May I ask where you are now? Our 4S store will immediately send someone to deliver it to you."

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