The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C14 The Bmw's Car Accident
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C14 The Bmw's Car Accident
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C14 The Bmw's Car Accident

Upon hearing this, Liang Yuyi was so shocked that she could not say a word. At this moment, it was clearly the scorching sun, but she felt as if she was in a storm.

The BMW was very close to Liang Yuyi. In less than ten minutes, a new white BMW 760 stopped in front of Liang Yuyi.

"Miss Liang, Mr. Hsu has already told me that all the procedures will be handled by him. You only need to provide your ID and we will transfer the car to your name." The service staff of the 4S store said respectfully to Liang Yuyi.

After the service staff of the 4S store left for a while, Liang Yuyi came back to her senses. Fortunately, she had a driver's license before and driving was not illegal.

However, her driving skills were a little lacking.

Liang Yuyi drove a top grade BMW, but it rampaged on the road. Because her car was too expensive, when other drivers saw her driving nearby, the surrounding cars would avoid her as much as they could.

So she was prepared to take out her phone and call Su Rui to drive over. Who knew that she, who was clearly prepared to step on the brakes and park the car at the side, accidentally stepped on the accelerator.

She drove the car and knocked the guardrail in the middle of the road a few meters away, and her brand new BMW was also hit so badly that it was too horrible to look at. It was bad that she did not hit anyone, nor did she hurt herself.

When Hsu Liangcheng heard the news, he ordered Cheng Lei to quickly go to the scene to deal with the accident. He regretted buying this car for her.

After Cheng Lei finished dealing with the accident, he paid the fine. When he took Liang Yuyi out of the police station, it was already seven o'clock in the evening.

Liang Yuyi had just walked out of the police station when her phone rang.

"Baby, you didn't get hurt, right?" The moment Liang Yuyi picked up the phone, Su Rui's nervous voice could be heard from the phone.

"I'm fine."

"That's good. I just saw the entertainment news saying that you had an accident. I'm dying of anxiety." Su Rui's frightened voice sounded on the phone.

Liang Yuyi had just hung up Su Rui's phone when Cai Junyu also called. This was the first time he took the initiative to call her after the conflict between Cai Junyu and Liang Yuyi last time. "Yuyi, are you alright?"

"If I was in trouble, I wouldn't have picked up your phone." Liang Yuyi said dejectedly. At this moment, a large screen not far away was playing the content of an entertainment program in Lanhai City. On it was the live broadcast of Liang Yuyi's car accident. Seeing this, Liang Yuyi could not help but scratch her head.

Until the end of the call with Cai Junyu, Cheng Lei still did not look like he was leaving.

"Cheng Lei, my friend will come and pick me up later. You can go back first. Thank you for today." Liang Yuyi said to Cheng Lei.

"I think I should send you back. The CEO has told me to ensure your safety."

"I'm fine. Don't forget, I'm a Taekwondo coach."


Liang Yuyi was a true Taekwondo coach. This was an indisputable fact. Thinking of this, Cheng Lei quickly left.

On the other side, Cai Junyu was on his way.

Outside a small park at the side of the police station, Liang Yuyi was sitting on a bench, bored, waiting for Cai Junyu.

However, following the sudden movement of a few shadows behind her, Liang Yuyi's originally bored expression quickly turned ruthless. With these few years of training, she could already feel the people behind her.

She suddenly jumped up and kicked one of the shadows. Her right elbow also fiercely pushed forward. With two muffled sounds, two shadows fell to the ground at the same time.

"How dare you! The police station is right in front of us."

Before Liang Yuyi could finish speaking, a wave of unbearable pain came from the back of her head. Someone had already smashed the back of her head with a sharp weapon.

She felt dizzy in front of her eyes. Just as she was about to turn around and subdue that person, that person had already attacked her again.

Following that, a few people quickly pounced over and tied her up forcefully.

"Who are you? Why are you trying to catch me?" Liang Yuyi shouted and asked.

" Little girl, if you want to live, you better behave yourself. " A masked man put a dagger on Liang Yuyi's neck and threatened her.

After he finished speaking, a black business car stopped in front of them. A total of six masked men quickly held Liang Yuyi and got into the car.

After Liang Yuyi got into the car, she was still covered by their eyes.

After the car drove for a long time, they stopped the car and Liang Yuyi was pushed into a house by them.

After they put Liang Yuyi on the sofa and took off the black cloth from her eyes, Liang Yuyi found that she was sitting in a luxurious mansion with European style decorations.


Suddenly, a silkpants voice was heard. Liang Yuyi looked towards the distance and saw a man wearing a silver mask walking towards her.

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