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C15 Kidnapped

"Who are you? Why did you bring me here? I don't know you. " Liang Yuyi said.

The man with the silver mask sneered, "I just want to buy you a drink." As he spoke, he waved his hand to signal his subordinates to leave. At this moment, Liang Yuyi was still tightly tied up.

"Sorry, I don't know how to drink." Liang Yuyi replied angrily. At the same time, she turned her face to the side in disgust.

In the face of her resistance, the silver-masked man laughed happily. He walked closer to Liang Yuyi and stretched out his big palm to confine her pretty face. He smiled dangerously and said, "You are indeed different from Xie Wei. There is indeed a place on your body that can attract Hsu Liangcheng. I didn't expect Chairman Hsu's aesthetic sense to change. His hobbies also changed. " The masked man put down the wine glass in his hand. He patted Liang Yuyi's pretty face with his other hand and sneered again, "I was thinking, Miss Liang, you should still be a virgin, right?"

Hearing his words, the originally red faced Liang Yuyi's lungs were about to explode from anger. She asked word by word, "Who is Xie Wei? What is your relationship with Hsu Liangcheng?"

"It doesn't matter who is Xie Wei. You don't need to know about my relationship with Hsu Liangcheng. You just need to remember that if you want to be Hsu Liangcheng's woman, You have to pay the price." As he spoke, the silver-masked man released the huge palm that was restricting Liang Yuyi's face in disgust. Then he shouted towards the door, "Someone come and serve Miss Liang a glass of red wine."

His dangerous expression made Liang Yuyi's back break out in cold sweat when she saw it. She widened her eyes and looked at the two men in black who were approaching her and asked, "What is inside this wine?"

"Miss Liang, you are indeed smart." The man in the silver mask smiled and said, "There is an aphrodisiac in it that releases human desires. You must have never had sex before, right? If that's the case, you'll immediately taste that taste after drinking this cup of wine."

The silver-masked man laughed and left, leaving only the two men in black who pounced on Liang Yuyi and forced her to drink the wine in an instant.

Liang Yuyi was forced to open her mouth, and the red wine mixed with the aphrodisiac was poured into her throat.

The red wine was extremely spicy.

The two people in front of Liang Yuyi were as ferocious as demons from hell.

Liang Yuyi was so scared that her body shrank towards the corner of the wall. At this moment, her vision had already started to blur. There seemed to be an inexplicable heat in her body that impacted her nerves.

"Throw her onto the street and let her run her own course." Suddenly, an incomparably ruthless voice came from behind. The rope on Liang Yuyi's body was untied and then he carried her out. Then he threw her heavily into the car and drove away quickly.

Originally, Liang Yuyi's body was extremely hot. Now that she was blown by the cool breeze, the heat in her body became more and more intense. At this moment, her forehead was full of cold sweat, and her delicate body kept shrinking.

When the car door was opened, Liang Yuyi was mercilessly carried out of the car and thrown into the grass at the side.

"I beg you to take me away from here. I want to find Hsu Liangcheng." Liang Yuyi fiercely hugged the thigh of the person who came and used her last bit of reason to beg.

"You want to find Hsu Liangcheng? When Hsu Liangcheng finds you tomorrow, you have already been raped countless times."

With that, he kicked Liang Yuyi away and drove away with a wild laugh.

The night was cold and the wind was blowing.

The delicate Liang Yuyi curled up in pain. She wanted very much to control the inexplicable physiological impulse in her body. Her pretty face was already twisted and her hands tightly grabbed the grass on the ground.

A few minutes later, when a man passed by this place, ... He suddenly heard a strange sound. He looked over and saw a woman with a flushed face waving at him. She begged in pain, "I beg you, come here."

The man walked towards her step by step in doubt.

At this moment, she revealed her snow-white cleavage, especially her face, which was extremely red.

At this moment, any man would probably not be able to resist an irresistible temptation.

However, just as this man approached Liang Yuyi, With a dull thud, the man fell to the ground. Behind him was a tall and straight figure. At this moment, he was like the Dark Monarch who had suddenly descended in the dark night. The breeze blew his long hair in front of his forehead. A pair of black eyes were revealed.

"Hsu Liangcheng." Liang Yuyi saw Hsu Liangcheng suddenly arrive. She suddenly stood up and threw herself at him.

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