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C16 Calm down

Hsu Liangcheng took Liang Yuyi into his arms and walked towards the black Rolls-Royce that was parked on the side of the road.

Because Liang Yuyi was drugged with aphrodisiac, she kept rubbing in Hsu Liangcheng's arms. Her body was hot and dry, so she leaned against Hsu Liangcheng's ear and panted, "Hsu Liangcheng, I want you."

However, Hsu Liangcheng did not have any reaction. He just coldly hugged her and continued to walk forward with big steps.

It was not easy to walk to the front of the car. At this moment, Liang Yuyi was already wrapped around Hsu Liangcheng's body like a hemp rope. He coldly threw her behind the seat and sat in the driver's seat to start the car.

"I'm so hot." Unexpectedly, Liang Yuyi wrapped her arms around Hsu Liangcheng's neck from behind. "Hsu Liangcheng, I feel so bad."

Hsu Liangcheng ignored Liang Yuyi. He called directly and said in a deep voice to the other end of the line, "Cheng Lei, I have found Liang Yuyi. Now, quickly find out who took her away."

"Hsu Liangcheng."

Before Cheng Lei hung up the phone, Liang Yuyi's soft voice was heard again. This time, she went even more overboard. She directly touched Hsu Liangcheng's lips and said, "I'm so hot."

These ambiguous words entered Cheng Lei's ears on the other end of the phone. Before Hsu Liangcheng got angry, Cheng Lei quickly tactfully hung up the phone.

Hsu Liangcheng quickly started the car. He ignored Liang Yuyi's hands that were randomly touching his chest. He finally drove to a quiet square. When he saw the fountain on the square, He got out of the car with a gloomy face. He opened the car door and quickly dragged Liang Yuyi out.

He carried Liang Yuyi and quickly walked to the fountain. He threw her into the fountain without hesitation.

Although it was already the beginning of summer, Liang Yuyi's body was hot and hot. After she was submerged in the water, her chaotic consciousness was still stimulated by the cold water and instantly woke up by half.

"Hsu Liangcheng, what are you doing?" Although Hsu Liangcheng wanted to wake her up, his attitude was so bad. I was taken away for no reason because of you, and then I drank red wine for no reason. Now you soaked me in the water for no reason. What did I do wrong? "

Hsu Liangcheng ignored Liang Yuyi's question and said coldly. " Liang Yuyi, listen to me. If I don't soak you in the water, I might do something you don't want to do at all."

Of course, Liang Yuyi knew what Hsu Liangcheng meant by" something she doesn't want to do at all. "However, after a moment of embarrassment, she still stubbornly said," I won't thank you. "

Hearing this, Hsu Liangcheng also arrogantly sneered and said, "Liang Yuyi, no matter how strong my desire is, I will definitely not have sex with you." After saying that, Hsu Liangcheng turned around and left.

"You can't leave me here." Liang Yuyi immediately crawled out of the fountain and shouted at Hsu Liangcheng's cold back.

"You think of a way to go back."

Liang Yuyi heard Hsu Liangcheng's cold and emotionless voice.

Hsu Liangcheng was really a bastard!

Liang Yuyi looked at Hsu Liangcheng's leaving figure and scolded him in her heart ten thousand times.

It was not until Cai Junyu rushed to this quiet plaza that Liang Yuyi found out that he was the one who informed Hsu Liangcheng.

"Yuyi, perhaps your choice is right." Looking at the dark sky above his head, Cai Junyu continued to smile bitterly, "I can see that Hsu Liangcheng still cares about you."

Liang Yuyi was silent.

Liang Yuyi actually had too many grievances in her heart, but she gritted her teeth and endured it alone.

The next day, Liang Yuyi felt dizzy and her entire body felt weak. Seeing that she was sick like this, Su Rui took a leave and stayed at home to take care of her.

"Yuyi baby, are you really going to marry Hsu Liangcheng?" When Liang Yuyi was measuring her body temperature, Su Rui asked.

"Yes." Liang Yuyi nodded.

"I did not expect you to have the fortune of marrying into a wealthy family." Su Rui said enviously.

Liang Yuyi smiled bitterly when she heard this but did not explain.

"39.5 degrees. Baby, how did you burn so badly?" When Liang Yuyi took out the body temperature meter, Su Rui looked at the data and cried out involuntarily.

"It's alright. I will just take some antifever medicine."

"How can it not be related? I will call Cheng Lei now. I want to tell him that you are sick. You need to go to the hospital immediately. " Su Rui said and was about to call Cheng Lei.

"Su Rui, no need. I am not that tender." Liang Yuyi stopped her.

However, Su Rui had already dialed the number, so she saw that Su Rui was talking to Cheng Lei on the phone with an extremely respectful tone.

After hanging up the phone, Su Rui was still nervous because she was able to call Cheng Lei. One should know that in the Galaxy International Group, not to mention calling Hsu Liangcheng, Even if it was just a simple call with Hsu Liangcheng's Secretary Cheng Lei, it would still be a great honor.

Liang Yuyi looked at Su Rui's excited look and once again smiled bitterly.

After Cheng Lei received the news of Liang Yuyi's illness, he immediately gave it back to Hsu Liangcheng.

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