The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C18 Different Pampering
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C18 Different Pampering
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C18 Different Pampering

Suddenly, his phone vibrated.

Hsu Liangcheng saw that it was Hsu Jiangwen. He threw the phone aside and the phone kept vibrating.

Hsu Jiangwen was the son of Hsu Hanming, Hsu Liangcheng's uncle. Thirteen years ago, after Hsu Hanming took a bullet for Hsu Hanjie and died on the spot, In order to make up for the guilt in his heart, Hsu Hanjie took Hsu Jiangwen to Lanhai City. Since then, he had taken great care of Hsu Jiangwen and treated him as his own son. In order to nurture him, Hsu Hanjie had used up almost all of his effort. Now, Hsu Jiangwen was a board member of the Galaxy International Group's board of directors, and he was also the vice president of the company's important automotive manufacturing industry.

Since the first day Hsu Jiangwen was brought to Lanhai City, Hsu Liangcheng did not know why he did not like him. As Hsu Liangcheng grew older, he felt that Hsu Jiangwen was becoming more and more cunning and astute.

However, Hsu Jiangwen's smooth and smart way of handling things was what Hsu Hanjie liked the most. Sometimes, when they had some disagreements, Hsu Liangcheng's father would openly protect Hsu Jiangwen.

At this moment, his phone had stopped vibrating. The CEO's office was once again very quiet.

Xie Wei's smile in the photo in front of his desk was still sweet and warm, but she had left him for a year. His heart suddenly felt an intense pain. This kind of painful feeling made Hsu Liangcheng's face suddenly turn pale, and then he tightly covered his chest. He sat in the wheelchair and moved the wheelchair out of the office at an extremely fast speed.

When he left the Galaxy International building, he looked at the endless crowd in front of him under the hot sun. He forcefully suppressed the pain in his heart, and then he did not seem to be in such pain anymore.

After a while, he frowned and dialed Cheng Lei's number. "Send someone to bring Liang Yuyi to Hongdu Times Square."

After hanging up the phone, he signaled Lee Dong to drive him to the place he just talked about.

When he arrived at the square, Liang Yuyi and Su Rui were already waiting at the entrance of the square. Hongdu Times Square also belonged to the top clothing square of Galaxy International Group. It gathered almost all the most luxurious and expensive brands in the world. After getting Hsu Liangcheng's permission, the staff here quickly invited the customers in the square away.

At this moment, the Hongdu Times Square was unusually quiet.

"Liang Yuyi, from now on, I will give you three hours. You can choose any kind of jewelry, clothing, and anything you like from the first to the fifteenth floor."

Hsu Liangcheng said arrogantly in his wheelchair. He needed to find something to do to relieve the pressure and pain in his heart.

Liang Yuyi heard what he said and frowned. She curled her lips and said sarcastically, "Hsu Liangcheng, you really sound like a fake rich man or a nouveau riche."

"Whether I am a nouveau riche or a fake rich man, since I am willing to spend money for you, you should be happy."

"Who cares about your money?"

Before she could finish speaking, Hsu Liangcheng had already grabbed her wrist. Hsu Liangcheng laughed dangerously in a low voice, "Liang Yuyi, you have broken the rules of our relationship. You should not slander me in front of outsiders. If you continue to disrespect me, I might have sex with you on the night of our marriage. "

"You are threatening me again." Liang Yuyi was so angry that her face turned pale.

Although her cold yesterday was not serious, Liang Yuyi still looked weak at the moment. Now her face became even paler, which gave her a kind of fragile beauty.

Her sickly beauty actually made Hsu Liangcheng's heart tremble.

"Listen to me and go choose what you like." After he finished speaking in the most intimate tone, Hsu Liangcheng waved at Su Rui who was in the distance.

"You are looking for me?" Su Rui immediately came up to Hsu Liangcheng and smiled respectfully. Her almost flattering smile made Liang Yuyi feel very uncomfortable when she saw it.

"You are Yuyi's good friend?"

Hsu Liangcheng raised his eyebrows and asked. He deliberately called the word "Yuyi" very intimately. His tone even gave Liang Yuyi a layer of goosebumps when she heard it.

"Yes." Su Rui said shyly. This was completely not her usual style.

"In that case, you can accompany her to choose the things she needs for her wedding. At the same time, you can also choose something you like."

"Thank you" Su Rui was overjoyed when she heard that.

"But you must know that Yuyi is the real mistress of this place. I hope you can remember that even when you choose what you like, you must choose one less item than her." Hsu Liangcheng did not know why Su Rui in front of him made him feel very uncomfortable.

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