The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C19 Luxurious Goods
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C19 Luxurious Goods
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C19 Luxurious Goods

As soon as Hsu Liangcheng finished his words, the joy on Su Rui's face instantly vanished.

Liang Yuyi also used her pair of bright black eyes to glare hatefully at the arrogant Hsu Liangcheng who was sitting in the wheelchair.

Under Su Rui's company, Liang Yuyi and Su Rui took the elevator to the second floor.

Although all the customers were dismissed at this time, the waiters at the counters were all there. Especially when they found out that Liang Yuyi was their future CEO's wife, their service to Liang Yuyi and Su Rui was unprecedentedly cautious and considerate.

"Yuyi, I really envy you." Su Rui said enviously by Liang Yuyi's ear.

"What is there for you to be envious of me?" Liang Yuyi said. She thought in her heart, Regarding this marriage, from the beginning, she was afraid of it and would not be able to avoid it.

Liang Yuyi liked some exquisite but not flamboyant designs, but every item Su Rui chose seemed to be flamboyant.

"Yuyi, I really like the things here. But Chairman Hsu warned me in advance that I can't take more than you. Can you take more?" Su Rui leaned close to Liang Yuyi's ear and smiled slyly.

"Alright. After all, we have been good friends for so many years." Liang Yuyi teased.

Following that, Liang Yuyi was practically buying things in the shopping mall at a crazy speed. Su Rui who was beside her also excitedly returned with a full load.

The waiters behind them were all very tired.

When a total of 30 waiters followed Liang Yuyi and Su Rui downstairs, Hsu Liangcheng was so shocked that the corners of his eyes twitched. Indeed, all the women were shopping maniacs.

In the blink of an eye, the morning had passed and the pressure in Hsu Liangcheng's heart had eased up quite a bit.

"Yuyi, can you let him treat us to a big meal?"

"I don't want to eat with him."

"He is your future husband."

"I don't like him."

Liang Yuyi and Su Rui were whispering to each other. Unexpectedly, she heard Hsu Liangcheng's arrogant voice, "I have already booked a hotel. Let's go."

That was the arrogant and conceited attitude Liang Yuyi did not like.

"I still have things to do. I am not going." Just as Su Rui was overjoyed, Liang Yuyi decisively said.

Hsu Liangcheng, who was walking in front, stopped rolling his wheelchair with his hands. He turned around sharply and stared at Liang Yuyi with a pair of incomparably cold eyes. He shouted, "What did you say just now?"

"I said I have other things."

"Yuyi." Before Liang Yuyi could finish her words, Su Rui pulled her arm forcefully, hinting for her not to do so.

After Liang Yuyi fiercely looked at her, she suddenly teased, "I really have something to do at noon today. Why don't you guys go and eat together."

After Liang Yuyi finished speaking, she ran.

Under Hsu Liangcheng's angry expression, she ran away without a trace.

Could it be that she disliked him so much? She didn't even want to have a meal with him? In Lanhai City, many women dreamed of having a meal with Hsu Liangcheng!

Liang Yuyi left, but Su Rui stood where she was and looked at the unhappy Hsu Liangcheng with anticipation. At this moment, she really wanted to have a meal with Hsu Liangcheng alone.

"Cancel today's lunch reservation."

Hsu Liangcheng did not even look at Su Rui, but said coldly.

After saying that, he went out of the mall. Behind him, a few subordinates quickly followed in panic.

Only Su Rui, who had an indignant and unwilling expression on her face, was left behind.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye. According to Hsu Liangcheng's instructions, Liang Yuyi had been staying in the hospital the whole time, and Hsu Liangcheng had not come to see Liang Yuyi again during these two days. According to what Hsu Liangcheng had said before, Cheng Lei had found a private driving instructor for Liang Yuyi. He had used these two days to teach Liang Yuyi how to drive.

Tomorrow was October 1st, 2014, which was also the wedding day of Liang Yuyi and Hsu Liangcheng.

So tonight, Liang Yuyi was brought to the presidential suite of a five-star hotel. Liang Yuyi clearly knew that this wedding could not be avoided, so she resigned herself to staying in the presidential suite. Furthermore, Hsu Liangcheng was very rich. In the evening, Liang Yuyi took the credit card Cheng Lei left behind and accompanied Su Rui to buy luxury goods everywhere. She used the credit card that seemed like it would never overdraft.

When Liang Yuyi and Su Rui returned with a bountiful harvest and just walked into the presidential suite tiredly.

Liang Yuyi's phone rang.

When Liang Yuyi saw that the caller ID was her mother, she quickly picked up the call.

"Yuyi, something bad happened." On the phone, she suddenly heard her mother crying.

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