The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C2 I'll Buy You for a Year.
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C2 I'll Buy You for a Year.
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C2 I'll Buy You for a Year.

Hsu Liangcheng's sharp question made Liang Yuyi very angry. This was an insult to her. Speaking of which, she had never had a boyfriend before.

Liang Yuyi turned her head fiercely. She originally wanted to scold him. But after a moment, she bent down to face Hsu Liangcheng's cold eyes and sneered, "I have played with many men. This question of yours is really an insult to my dignity."

Hsu Liangcheng's cold eyes looked around Liang Yuyi. Finally, he fixed his gaze on her overly flat chest. "Are you sure your shrivelled body can attract a man's interest?"

Liang Yuyi flew into a rage out of humiliation. Liang Yuyi, who was at level 8 of Taekwondo, really wanted to beat Hsu Liangcheng down with one move.

But Liang Yuyi remembered that Hsu Liangcheng was a disabled person.

Liang Yuyi thought that Hsu Liangcheng was a disabled person, so she did not make a move. She continued to mock playfully, "Do you want to try and see if I can seduce a man or not? However, I'm afraid that you won't have that function when the time comes."

Hsu Liangcheng suddenly laughed out loud when he heard that. He suddenly exerted force on his palm. He actually pulled Liang Yuyi into his arms in a domineering manner. He pressed his ear against hers and said, "Do I have that function? Should we try it in the room?"

Liang Yuyi felt that her luck today was not good. She met a crazy person.

Liang Yuyi was held in Hsu Liangcheng's arms. The faint mint fragrance on his body seeped into her nostrils. This made Liang Yuyi, who was so close to a man for the first time, blush.

Liang Yuyi wanted to struggle out of his embrace but was hugged even tighter by him, "I will use 50 million to buy you for a year. After a year, I will definitely divorce you and return your freedom."

"No." Liang Yuyi said hatefully. She was not a thing, so how could she allow him to use money to buy her?

"If you don't agree, just firmly sit in my arms."

Liang Yuyi gnashed her teeth in hatred. But she knew that a stalemate was not a solution. She thought of a way, "Give me 100 million. If you're willing, we'll make a deal."

"Okay. It's a deal." Hsu Liangcheng said. Then, he let go of Liang Yuyi.

He was willing to pay 100 million?

Was she that valuable?

He was probably a liar!

Or was he a gangster?

"You really found the wrong person"

Thinking of this, Liang Yuyi quickly ran to the entrance of the hotel lobby.

"Don't let her run away." Suddenly, with a cold shout, Liang Yuyi was surrounded by four men in black.

At this moment, with this sudden scene, the music in the hall stopped. Everyone looked towards Liang Yuyi.

To Liang Yuyi who had already practiced Taekwondo to Stage Eight, one against four was not a problem.

Following Liang Yuyi's beautiful leap, she swept her leg with a sharp sweep. The four fighters who were still awe-inspiring earlier were already smoothly beaten to the ground by Liang Yuyi.

If she did not run now, how long would she have to wait?

In an instant, Liang Yuyi rushed towards the door.

Liang Yuyi did not expect that her high heels would slip and cause her ankle injury.

Liang Yuyi decisively took off her shoes and threw away her high heels. She limped and quickly ran away. Only the four thugs who had been beaten black and blue, and Hsu Liangcheng, whose face was as black as the bottom of a pot, were left behind. There was also a group of silent people.

When Liang Yuyi ran to the street, she remembered Su Rui who she had left at the cocktail party, and her heart immediately became anxious.

At this moment, a car stopped in front of Liang Yuyi.

"Get in the car." Cai Junyu rolled down the window and smiled at Liang Yuyi.

Cai Junyu was Liang Yuyi's college classmate and also her good friend. He had a crush on Liang Yuyi.

"I got into trouble again." Liang Yuyi saw Cai Junyu and said dejectedly.

"When I saw you running on the street without shoes. I knew it. "

" Don't be sarcastic. "

... "Hurry up and get in the car. If you get into trouble, why aren't you running?"

"But Su Rui is still there. I'm afraid..."

"What could happen to Su Rui? She was the best at solving problems. You don't have to worry about her." Cai Junyu urged Liang Yuyi.

Other than the fact that Su Rui liked money, just like what Cai Junyu had said, she was best at calming things down. Thinking of this, Liang Yuyi quickly opened the car door and got into the car.

The car drove on the bright street. Through the window, the charming radiance was projected onto Liang Yuyi's delicate face. This kind of Liang Yuyi made Cai Junyu couldn't help but take a few more glances at her. Cai Junyu saw that she was counting with her fingers out of boredom, as if what happened just now didn't affect her at all. She had always been like this. She had a fiery temper and a stubborn personality. However, she was also a person who quickly forgot about this matter after getting into trouble.

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