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C3 She Ran away

"How is it? Did you find a rich future husband at today's Wealthy Class Date Festival? " Cai Junyu playfully rubbed Liang Yuyi's head and asked with a smile.

"Stop talking. We almost got into a fight." Liang Yuyi curled her lips and said indifferently.

Hearing that Liang Yuyi did not succeed in her blind date, Cai Junyu's mood instantly brightened up. But she heard him tease and ask, "Do you want to tell me about this matter?"

"I don't want to say. I'm tired and I want to sleep. Don't disturb my rest" Liang Yuyi said domineeringly, then closed her eyes and leaned against the seat.

In the CEO's room of the Galaxy International Group's headquarters.

"CEO, this is the surveillance footage from last night's cocktail party and the road outside the hotel." Secretary Cheng Lei pushed open the door to the CEO's room and said respectfully to Hsu Liangcheng, who was sitting in the boss's chair with his back facing the door.

"Okay, put down the surveillance footage." Hsu Liangcheng responded in a deep voice. Cheng Lei placed the USB in his hand on Hsu Liangcheng's table and left respectfully.

After Cheng Lei left, Hsu Liangcheng, who had been sitting in the boss's chair facing the glass, turned around after a long time. He picked up the USB on the table and narrowed his eyes to look at the USB carefully. At the same time, he frowned and took a deep breath of the cigar between his fingers.

"I'll give you a month's time. If you can't find a suitable partner to marry, you must marry the daughter of Nangong family.

He heard the ultimatum issued by his father, Hsu Hanjie. He looked at the calendar. 25th, Sept., 2014. There were only five days left before the one-month deadline.

Hsu Liangcheng slowly spat out a puff of smoke from his lips. The smoke rose up, making his angular face blurry. No one could see his facial expression clearly.

Fifteen minutes later, Cheng Lei's phone rang.

"President." Cheng Lei said respectfully to the phone.

"Go and find out who Ling Nan's partner was last night." Hsu Liangcheng stared at Su Rui, who was wearing a black evening gown in Ling Nan's arms, and said to the phone in a deep voice. Through the video, he clearly saw that Liang Yuyi's gaze had never left Su Rui.


"Check the owner of the car plate number Blue A26385." Hsu Liangcheng locked his eyes on the video of Liang Yuyi personally getting on the black car plate number Blue A26385 and said in a deep voice.


Hsu Liangcheng hung up the phone and leaned against the boss chair behind him, frowning for a long time.

"Liangcheng, you must live well after I die. Find another woman who loves you and give birth to a beautiful child. Live well. "

Xie Wei's words before her death resounded clearly in Hsu Liangcheng's ears, causing him to involuntarily clench his fists. It was only when his fingers turned white did he suddenly open his eyes. At this moment, his eyes were completely bloodshot and his eyes were completely red. His handsome face was pale and twisted. It seemed to be telling him the incomparable pain and despair in his heart.

He must find the murderer who caused the car accident between him and Xie Wei. He must kill the person who planned the car accident and caused Xie Wei to lose her life. He was originally a healthy person. For half a year, he had been sitting in a wheelchair and living a difficult life. Only in this way would he feel good.

Hsu Liangcheng suddenly stood up and dialed Cheng Lei's number again with a solemn face.


"You have eight hours to find the woman who ran away at the cocktail party yesterday. I must see her today at five o'clock in the afternoon."

Cheng Lei, who was on the other end of the phone, heard Hsu Liangcheng's angry voice and immediately answered in a panic, "Yes."

The sun was bright and the flowers outside the window were very beautiful.

Because Liang Yuyi was resting today, she had been humming a song since she woke up to clean the room. She used the entire morning to clean the room. At this moment, she was carefully cutting a few pots of bonsai that were growing in the yard.

Until the crisp sound of Su Rui wearing high heels stepping on the cement floor came over, Liang Yuyi was still trimming the bonsai that she had carefully nurtured.

"Miss Su, you did not return for the whole night and only came back now. Did you already make Young Master Ling like you?" Liang Yuyi didn't even raise her head. As she spoke, she used a pair of scissors to cut off a random branch on the bonsai.

"Of course. As long as I like a man, he will fall in love with me." Su Rui threw away the high heels on her feet and directly threw them into a corner. Liang Yuyi shook her head and smiled bitterly but she heard Su Rui suddenly laugh excitedly. "Looks like I will be very lucky during this period of time."

"You always say that." Liang Yuyi felt a headache. She pinched her forehead and said. Why did she become friends with such a woman?

"This time I am serious. Yuyi, what do you think this is?" Su Rui took out a business card from her bag and excitedly handed it to Liang Yuyi and said, "Take a good look. Whose business card is this?"

" This business card is actually made of gold. " Liang Yuyi looked at the golden business card in front of her and said in surprise, "Why are all the rich people nowadays using gold to make business cards? This person must be an upstart. He is not a good candidate for a husband."

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