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C5 Coincidence

Liang Yuyi heard the name "Cai Junyu." She frowned and said, "Yes."

"This is the police station. Your friend Cai Junyu drove into someone else. The injured person had been sent to the People's Hospital. Hurry to the hospital and pay the inpatient fees for the victims. Then quickly go to the police station to settle some related matters. "

" You said Cai Junyu ran into someone? "

Liang Yuyi was nervous and did not finish her words, but the person on the other side of the phone had already hung up.

What was going on?

Something happened to her two good friends at the same time. What should she do?

"Driver, let's go to the People's Hospital." Liang Yuyi said anxiously. She knew that the wounded were more important. She had to pay the hospitalization fees first.

On the way to the People's Hospital, Liang Yuyi started to call Su Rui. Unexpectedly, the call was not connected.

Liang Yuyi ran into the hospital in a hurry and saw that the injured was not serious. She finally let out a long sigh of relief and paid 2000 yuan for the hospitalization fees. She then took a taxi to Galaxy International Group. She decided to ignore Cai Junyu for now and let him stay at the police station.

When Liang Yuyi arrived at Galaxy International Group, it was already 4: 30 in the afternoon. At this time, the employees of the Galaxy International Group should be getting off work soon. Thinking of this, Liang Yuyi immediately rushed towards the Galaxy International's office building.

It was very strange that the security guard standing at the door did not stop her. He allowed her to take the elevator to the Finance Department of the Galaxy International Group on the 22nd floor. She rushed to the 22nd floor, but the receptionist at the front desk did not stop Liang Yuyi either. This made Liang Yuyi feel very strange. Why would the Galaxy International Group's guards be so lax? No wonder Su Rui's bill disappeared.

Thinking of this, Liang Yuyi quickened her pace.

However, the entire 22nd floor was the office of Galaxy International Group's Finance Department. She did not know which office Su Rui was in.

Just as Liang Yuyi was about to turn back and ask the receptionist, she was suddenly stopped by an unfamiliar voice behind her, "Excuse me, are you looking for Su Rui from the Finance Department?"

Liang Yuyi turned her head in surprise and saw a man wearing black-rimmed glasses and a suit standing behind her.

"Who are you?"

"Hello, my name is Cheng Lei."

"You are Cheng Lei?" Liang Yuyi asked in surprise.


"Where is Su Rui now?"

"Miss Liang, someone wants to see you. Please follow me." After Cheng Lei said that, he turned around and left, regardless of whether Liang Yuyi agreed or not.

Helpless, Liang Yuyi could only follow behind him. Because Su Rui lost five million.

Cheng Lei directly brought Liang Yuyi to the 28th floor, in front of the CEO's room of Galaxy International Group.

Liang Yuyi was extremely shocked.

She suddenly felt something was wrong.

Just as she was frowning, the office door in front of her was pushed open by Cheng Lei.

Just by standing at the door of the CEO's office, she already felt an invisible pressure. This kind of pressure made her feel somewhat at a loss.

People who had always lived in the lower levels would suddenly have to face people who had always lived in the Wealthy Class, and they would have an innate sense of inferiority. Even someone like Liang Yuyi, who had always lived an optimistic life, could not help but admit that this sense of inferiority and oppression existed. Furthermore, Su Rui had lost five million.

"Miss Liang, please come in."

Cheng Lei smiled.

Liang Yuyi nodded helplessly and walked into Hsu Liangcheng's office with her head down. She did not expect that after she went into the office, Cheng Lei had already turned around and left quickly.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the entire room was extremely awkward.

Liang Yuyi stood where she was as if she was undergoing a torture test. Especially when she saw from the corner of her eyes that she was in an incomparably luxurious and rich office, she felt that her attire made her look like a clown.

However, the person sitting behind the huge and spacious boss table had his back to her, so she could not see his expression and appearance at all.

She was extremely nervous.

Su Rui lost five million, so it was only right that she was sent to prison. Thinking of this, Liang Yuyi became even more panicky.

At this moment, she was like a helpless little girl. Compared to the fierce look she had at the rich man's blind date yesterday, it was really too different.

Hsu Liangcheng could not help frowning. He really did not like her current appearance.

"Liang Yuyi." He finally opened his mouth and shouted.

His words shocked Liang Yuyi. She thought that Su Rui's matter had already been exposed. Without thinking too much, she immediately replied, "Yes."

"Come over." Hsu Liangcheng did not even turn his head and said arrogantly.

His arrogant tone made Liang Yuyi a little uncomfortable. She did not lose the Galaxy International Group's money, why should he treat her like this? But when she thought about it, she realized that Su Rui had made a mistake. After Liang Yuyi bit her lips, she finally walked towards Hsu Liangcheng step by step.

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