The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C6 Please Fall into My Trap.
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C6 Please Fall into My Trap.
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C6 Please Fall into My Trap.

Every time Liang Yuyi took a step forward, her heart would violently beat. It was as if she had lost five million.

Suddenly, when Liang Yuyi saw Hsu Liangcheng's side profile.

"It's you!" Liang Yuyi screamed in shock.

"It is indeed me." Hsu Liangcheng's lips curled into an incomparably sinister and evil smile. He slowly turned his head around.

When Liang Yuyi saw him, she linked everything from before together and suddenly came to a realization. She questioned angrily, "You are Hsu Liangcheng?"

"I am." Hsu Liangcheng replied calmly once again.

"Are you the person who planned to let Su Rui work in your company?"


"She did not lose the five million, did she? "


Liang Yuyi knew the truth of the matter. She was very angry and jumped in front of Hsu Liangcheng. She grabbed the collar of his shirt and angrily shouted, "You are shameless. You dare to trick us."

Liang Yuyi was so angry that even her facial features had a touch of hostility. The thin and weak Liang Yuyi angrily grabbed Hsu Liangcheng's collar. She immediately made Hsu Liangcheng laugh. He liked Liang Yuyi's fearless look.

"What are you laughing at?" Liang Yuyi angrily said, "Give Su Rui back to me."

"Why should I give her to you?"

"Because you did not lose 5 million!"

"Why should I believe you?" Suddenly, Hsu Liangcheng stood up from the chair under him. He turned Liang Yuyi around and imprisoned her on the wall.

"You are not disabled!" Liang Yuyi instantly widened her eyes and exclaimed.

"Yes, I am not disabled. All this time, I pretended to be disabled because the situation forced me. Otherwise, did you really think you could escape yesterday?" Hsu Liangcheng smiled wickedly again and said, "You can have sex with me."

" You bastard! "

Liang Yuyi heard this and cursed. Then she exerted force on her wrist and wanted to subdue Hsu Liangcheng.

However, the moment Liang Yuyi subdued Hsu Liangcheng, Hsu Liangcheng suddenly walked behind her. A bone-piercing pain came from her arm. Her petite body was pressed against the wall by Hsu Liangcheng from behind.

"Liang Yuyi, your Taekwondo is level 8. Your martial arts is not bad. But I have been learning Shaolin martial arts since I was young. Although I am not good at it, I can easily subdue you. " Hsu Liangcheng said arrogantly while sticking to her earlobe.

Liang Yuyi did not expect Hsu Liangcheng to know Shaolin martial arts other than having money.

Liang Yuyi gritted her teeth and said, "What exactly do you want to do?"

"According to the transaction price you mentioned yesterday, I will spend 100 million to buy the time you spend with me for a year. After a year, I will divorce you."

"No way, don't even think about it! Do you think you are amazing just because you have money? But I don't care! "

" If you don't want to, then Su Rui can only live in the police station because of your stubbornness. And Cai Junyu, he knocked someone else into a vegetative state. Looks like he has to spend money too. "

"That person's injury is not serious. I have already paid the hospitalization fee." Liang Yuyi heard this and once again screamed at the top of her lungs.

"That person's injuries are not serious? This matter can be serious or small. If I let that person receive light injuries, he will receive light injuries. If I let him become a vegetable, he will become a vegetable!"

When Liang Yuyi heard this, she was so angry that she could not say a word.

Liang Yuyi heard Hsu Liangcheng laugh again in the next second. "At the same time, I will also send people to City A to bring your parents and younger brother to Lanhai City."

"Hsu Liangcheng, what exactly do you want to do?" Liang Yuyi roared angrily, but because she was firmly imprisoned by Hsu Liangcheng, she could only be like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, powerless to resist.

"I will bring them here to pay my respects."

"You are shameless!"

"I'm shameless. But please remember that your friends, your parents, and your family will always live in pain because of your decision. " Hsu Liangcheng smiled dangerously.

After Hsu Liangcheng finished speaking, he pushed Liang Yuyi to the side of the sofa. After he leisurely sat down on the chair in front of her hateful eyes, he smiled indifferently again and said, "Liang Yuyi, you have two choices now. First, you should obediently be my wife. Second, Second, make your friends, parents, and family suffer forever."

Hsu Liangcheng's words caused Liang Yuyi's face to instantly turn pale. She fell onto the sofa. Her angry chest rose and fell violently. Her blood-red eyes stared at Hsu Liangcheng like sharp blades, as if she wanted to cut him into pieces. She even wanted to rush over and beat him up, but after the fight just now... She knew very well that she was not a match for Hsu Liangcheng.

The scene was silent.

She hated him.

When their eyes met, it was a stubborn confrontation that intertwined!

Suddenly, Liang Yuyi's phone rang.


"Yuyi, something bad happened to us. Your father was taken away by the police. Your brother Liang Han was also taken away by the police. Your mother was sick because she could not accept the blow."

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