The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C7 You're Not Disabled
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C7 You're Not Disabled
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C7 You're Not Disabled

Liang Yuyi was shocked.

In an instant, she looked at Hsu Liangcheng with incomparable reproach. She enunciated each word and shouted with hatred, "Did you do all of this?"

"Yes." At this moment, Hsu Liangcheng was so calm that it caused one to hate him.

The person who called Liang Yuyi did not get a response after continuously making sounds and hung up the phone.


Just as that person hung up the phone, Su Rui's phone call came over. Just as Liang Yuyi picked up the call, Su Rui's incomparably fearful voice came from the other end of the phone, "Yuyi, save me. I don't want to go to jail."

Hsu Liangcheng looked at Liang Yuyi's pale face. He sat on the chair opposite and indifferently stroked the two glass balls in his hands. The surface of the glass balls seemed to have a clear and charming light, illuminating his arrogant and handsome face. His clean long hair almost covered his eyes. Hsu Liangcheng's entire body had once again become covered with a mysterious and terrifying feeling of danger that ordinary people could not see through.

A person with such an extraordinary bearing was incomparably cruel and indifferent.

Liang Yuyi angrily hung up Su Rui's phone and suddenly stood up from the sofa. She angrily rushed to Hsu Liangcheng's desk and slammed her palm heavily on his desk. She loudly roared, "Why must it be me?"

"There's no reason. That was a decision I made in an instant."

"You're shameless!"

"You can only blame yourself for participating in the Wealthy Class Date Festival yesterday. " Hsu Liangcheng snorted in disdain.


Liang Yuyi's resentful words were just about to come out of her mouth when her phone rang again. When she saw that the caller ID was Cai Junyu, she frowned and decisively pressed the reject button with a gloomy face.

"Why didn't you answer the phone?" Hsu Liangcheng asked with a smile.

Liang Yuyi smiled bitterly when she heard him. She smiled bitterly and took a few steps back. Once again, she fell powerlessly onto the sofa. After a long time, she used her hands to support her forehead and asked in a hoarse voice, "Our deal is done."

"Okay, you are really a straightforward person!"

"However, I have conditions."

When Hsu Liangcheng heard this, his heart paused. However, he quickly smiled and said, "Go ahead."

"After marriage, you can't have sex with me." Liang Yuyi gritted her teeth and said.

"I want to have sex with you? I really have no interest in this." Hsu Liangcheng said and gave Liang Yuyi a "you think too much" look. This kind of look carried heavy contempt. It made Liang Yuyi very unhappy in her heart.

She said again, "You cannot interfere with my freedom."

"Of course."

"Including me finding a boyfriend that I like. "

"This won't do!"

"[Why?]" Liang Yuyi raised her head and complained loudly.

"Because I spent 100 million." Hsu Liangcheng continued to laugh mockingly, "At the same time, you can't have any scandal. You can't have an affair in this one year."

"You are too overbearing!"

"Yes. I am overbearing. After spending 100 million, this is the only price you have to pay. " Hsu Liangcheng smiled indifferently and walked towards her." If you don't mind, I will break your first and second rules. You can try finding a boyfriend. "

Liang Yuyi heard this and was so angry that her body trembled. She could not help but snort angrily.

"I also have conditions." Regardless of whether Liang Yuyi agreed or not, Hsu Liangcheng continued to speak domineeringly, "First, in front of outsiders, you must interact with me intimately. Be a good wife. Secondly, you must not reveal a single word about me not having a disability. Thirdly, as long as I tell you to come to a certain place, you must go."

Liang Yuyi walked out of the Galaxy International Group's building muddleheaded. She looked at the neon lights in front of her and suddenly had the urge to cry.


However, the calls from her mother, Su Rui, and Cai Junyu told her that they were safe now. This caused Liang Yuyi's impulse to cry to turn into laughing towards the sky.

She strangely laughed towards the sky, attracting the strange gazes of many passers-by.

Liang Yuyi realized that she had lost control of her emotions and quickly left.

When she arrived at the incomparably magnificent Huihuang five-star hotel, she quickly took out her phone and called Su Rui.

"Su Rui, quickly come to Huihuang five-star hotel. I will treat you tonight."

After she said that, she quickly dialed Cai Junyu's number. "Cai Junyu, didn't you always want to eat bird's nest shark fin? Come to Huihuang five-star hotel quickly. I'll treat you to bird's nest shark fin tonight. You can eat as much as you want."

When Su Rui rushed to the hotel, Liang Yuyi had already ordered a table full of expensive dishes.

When Su Rui saw these exquisite dishes that she had never seen in her life, she had a feeling of having a nosebleed. She secretly asked the waiter beside her and when she knew that tonight's dishes cost a total of 888,800 Yuan, She had an illusion that Liang Yuyi had gone crazy.

When Cai Junyu rushed to the Huang Hotel, he was also shocked by the scene in front of him.

"Yuyi, are you crazy?"

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