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C8 Shameless

"Yuyi, what happened to you today?"

Liang Yuyi took a sip of red wine and said, "I am getting married. My marriage partner is the CEO of Galaxy International Group, Hsu Liangcheng."

Hearing this, Su Rui instantly widened her eyes.

Cai Junyu's face was deathly pale. After a long while, he endured the pain in his heart and asked in a hoarse voice, "Yuyi, are you sure you are not joking with us?"

"I am serious. In five days, the 1st of October 2014 will be the day of our wedding." Liang Yuyi smiled and her face turned red.

Su Rui, who finally reacted, wanted to speak but was interrupted by Liang Yuyi, "Let's toast."

"Liang Yuyi, you are messing around!"

Cai Junyu suddenly threw the red wine glass in front of him onto the ground. His eyes were red as he shouted. " Liang Yuyi, how many hours has it been since you and Hsu Liangcheng met? You want to marry him so soon? Do you know him? I always thought you were different from other girls. I never thought that the one who hid the deepest was you. You disappoint me too much!"

After saying that, the resentful Cai Junyu left, leaving only Liang Yuyi who had a bitter smile on her face and Su Rui who looked like she was in a dream.

Suddenly, Liang Yuyi grabbed the red wine in front of her and drank it.

"Yuyi, tell me what is going on." Su Rui tried to snatch the wine bottle from Liang Yuyi's hands as she hysterically asked.

Liang Yuyi was completely drunk. She leaned into Su Rui's arms and smiled, "Su Rui, actually everyone likes money. I am no exception."

Under Su Rui's puzzled gaze, Liang Yuyi was completely drunk.

The next day, when the morning sun shone through the window onto Liang Yuyi's face, Lying on the bed, she finally opened her eyes. She staggered down the bed and found that it was already nine o'clock in the morning. She immediately woke up. She quickly picked up her phone and anxiously called the principal of the Taekwondo club.

"Liang Yuyi, why haven't you come to class yet?" On the other side of the phone, the principal loudly berated.

"Principal, I'm sorry."

"You have to rush to the school within 20 minutes. Otherwise, you won't be able to get your monthly salary!"

"Principal, please listen to my explanation."

Before she could finish speaking, the principal had already hung up.

Liang Yuyi rushed into the bathroom. She only had time to wash her face briefly before she grabbed her backpack and rushed downstairs.

"Miss Liang."

Unexpectedly, her path was blocked by someone at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Liang Yuyi looked at the stranger in front of her with a face full of confusion.

"The CEO is waiting for you in the wedding dress photography city. Please come with me." That person said respectfully.

Hearing that, she was very angry.

"But I still have to rush to work, I'm already late. Please tell him that I'll go to the photography city after I get off work." Liang Yuyi said anxiously.

"Miss Liang, a minute ago, the CEO bought the Taekwondo studio, so you don't need to go to work anymore. You only need to go to the photography studio to take wedding photos with the CEO."

At this moment, Liang Yuyi's phone rang.

When she saw that the caller was the principal, she quickly picked up the phone and anxiously said, "Principal, give me ten minutes. I'll be right there."

"Yuyi, you are now the new principal of the Taekwondo club. You don't need to listen to my instructions." The principal hung up after saying that.

"Miss Liang, the car is outside. Please come with me."

Liang Yuyi got into the car muddleheaded. It was not until the car stopped at Milan International wedding dress and photography city that she came back to her senses when she saw Cheng Lei standing at the door.

Liang Yuyi followed Cheng Lei into the photography city and saw the expressionless Hsu Liangcheng sitting in a wheelchair.

At this moment, he was looking at her. After staring at her for a moment, he ordered the waitress beside him without any expression, "Take her to change her clothes."

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