The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C9 Access Granted
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The Mysterious Disabled CEO/C9 Access Granted
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C9 Access Granted


As she spoke, the waitress brought Liang Yuyi, who was still in a daze, into the changing room.

She helped Liang Yuyi change into a wedding dress and put on makeup. Liang Yuyi had already become a charming and beautiful bride.

It was said that a woman wearing a wedding dress was the most beautiful in the world.

After the exquisite dressing of the designer, no matter what Liang Yuyi's mood was, in the end, Liang Yuyi, who appeared in front of outsiders, was a beautiful and elegant bride.

When Hsu Liangcheng saw Liang Yuyi standing in front of him in a wedding dress, his eyes darkened, but very quickly, his eyes returned to normal.

Because the entire Milan International photography city had been booked by Hsu Liangcheng, today, hundreds of employees in the photography city were all serving him and Liang Yuyi.

At first, Liang Yuyi was not used to it. After all, she had always lived in a civilian family. To suddenly gather over a hundred people to serve her alone really made her feel a little uncomfortable.

However, what was even more unbearable was still at the back. For the sake of showing affection and happiness, Today's wedding photos were not only beautiful but also very sexy. In particular, there was a group of photos that required the bride to bare her upper body and then the groom to hug the bride from behind. He used his arm to cover half of her chest.

Liang Yuyi only took a glance at the sample before she took a cold breath.

"Can we change into another set?" Liang Yuyi pulled Hsu Liangcheng's sleeve and whispered with a frown. At this moment, she remembered the first rule she made with Hsu Liangcheng: In front of outsiders, you must interact intimately with me. Be a good wife. Therefore, although Liang Yuyi was a little angry in her heart, her voice was still very soft.

"I think it's pretty good." Unexpectedly, Hsu Liangcheng said with a teasing smile.

Liang Yuyi scolded Hsu Liangcheng angrily in her heart when she heard him.

However, all of a sudden, a dangerous smile appeared on Liang Yuyi's lips. She said in a low voice again, "You said you wouldn't touch me. If you break our agreement, I will make you a fool of yourself. "

Hearing this, Hsu Liangcheng's eyes turned cold and he said, "Do you dare?"

"If you don't believe me, we'll give it a try." Liang Yuyi smiled brightly.

"Okay, let's try having sex tonight." Hsu Liangcheng smiled evilly.

"Photographer, come over here. Change the style of this set." Liang Yuyi was about to get angry when Hsu Liangcheng said to the photographer.

At least you know what to do.

Liang Yuyi silently thought in her heart when she heard him.

But very quickly, when Liang Yuyi saw Hsu Liangcheng choose another set of designs again, she could not laugh no matter what.

"Liang Yuyi, I have already made concessions just now. This time, I will not make concessions again." Liang Yuyi was about to raise objections when Hsu Liangcheng said coldly.

Liang Yuyi had nothing to say.

Hearing this, Liang Yuyi's delicate facial features instantly knitted together.

Helpless, Liang Yuyi could only compromise.

"The bride and the groom should get closer." With the continuous reminders from the photographer, Liang Yuyi and Hsu Liangcheng's lips were almost touching each other. This group of photos was to magnify the photos of the bride and the groom kissing.

"The bride needs to smile more happily."

Seeing that her lips almost touched Hsu Liangcheng's, how could she want to laugh now? She was 21 years old this year, but she had never kissed anyone before. How could she give her first kiss to Hsu Liangcheng now?

However, just as Liang Yuyi was strongly protesting in her heart, as her mind went blank, Hsu Liangcheng's lips had already tightly pressed onto hers.

Hsu Liangcheng took this opportunity to force his tongue into Liang Yuyi's mouth. At this moment, Liang Yuyi only felt the world spinning around her, as if she was struck by lightning. Her entire body was stunned on the spot.

The photographer took this group of photos from the side, front, top, and bottom.

The photographer took pictures of them kissing from different directions. Hsu Liangcheng seemed to be addicted to it. His kiss was getting fiercer and fiercer, engulfing Liang Yuyi's young mouth.

At this moment, Liang Yuyi only stared with her eyes wide open and was stunned. She allowed Hsu Liangcheng's thin lips to freely invade and attack her young mouth until she was almost unable to breathe from his kiss.

The photographer said, "Very good, that's enough."

As the photographer's words fell, Hsu Liangcheng's originally overbearing kiss immediately retreated like lightning.

He left so quickly as if nothing had happened between him and her just now.

At this moment, there was still saliva left on the corner of Liang Yuyi's mouth. Her body was still contaminated with his aura.

Liang Yuyi was so angry that she could not say a word. She glared at Hsu Liangcheng with a pair of resentful eyes. At this moment, Hsu Liangcheng's face was filled with a smile. The faint perfume smell on his body lingered on her breath. At this moment, he was like a bunch of poisonous poppy. He weaved a gentle net for her that she could not escape.

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