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C1 Episode 1

"Jenna! Jenna!". Loud cheers filled the air immediately the lights returned in the stadium.

It was a boxing match with hundreds of spectator having their gaze fixed on the fighting ring.

Two teen girls on boxing gloves could be seen jogging in the ring exchanging punches, a blonde and a brunette.

The blonde launched a punch at the other but she blocked it with fist and they took few steps back.

The female Referee was on black and white T shirt was attentive as she moved around the boxers.

They brunette dashed at the blonde launching a punch at her face but she blocked it and they grabbed each other tightly.

"Let her go, break!".The Referee screamed and intervened breaking them apart, the girls let go of each other and moved at opposite direction.

"Fight”. She announced in accordance to the bell sound and they resumed jogging at a spot.

"Jenna!".The crowd resumed their cheer.

"Go for her".

"She's a piece of sh*t".

"You can do this Jenna".

The blonde girl immediately pulled at the brunette who was more ready as she dodged swiftly, she turned to hit her but the blonde was fast already send a punch into her tooth.

The brunette dropped to the ground and the crowd rose to their feet as the Referee began countdown but she couldn't get up.

"You can do this Xayne, get the hell up!".The Referee encouraged looking into her eyes, her vision was blurry already and her lip bleed because of the punch.

The countdown was to ten, Xayne watched the Referee stare at her again and again while the blonde moved around with each step of confidence and victory.

All that the brunette heard was the echoing bell sound of the bell mixed with the loud cheer of the spectators.

"Jenna! Jenna!".They hailed as she raised her fist up in victory.

The medical team entered into the ring with a stretcher and put her on the it.

She groaned softly closing her eyes and they carried her out.

That was Xayne Cruz, The eighteen year old boxer who is hell bent on winning at least one match but that is always impossible.

"I warned you to reduce your aggression in the ring?". A Man said following after the team who dropped her.

"I'm fine". Xayne said and she rose up from the stretcher.

The men helped her up and she took a bottle of water from one.

"Can you actually hear me Xayne?". The Man inquired as he stood at akimbo.

"You're a hell of a fvcking Manager?” She cursed and she turned to him.

"Aggression Xayne, it’s eating you up”. He said.

"I respect your talks Mr. Martin but where were you when the crowd screamed Jenna like their lives depended on it".

"Because she earned it and you have to”. He said with a wide stare.

"You call that aggression, isn’t that the aim, knock the fvck outta your damn opponent".

"You can't control yours Xayne, you lose control and she seizes that opportunity always". Mr. Martin said.

"You blame me now?”

"That's not what i meant?”

"i totally get it and I’m fvcking down with you,Shitty Manager”. She cursed picking her jacket.

"Xayne you have to rethink.........."

"There's nothing to rethink, Goodnight Manager". Xayne said and walked away.

She stopped at the restroom and pushed the door open.

Her eyes popped on hearing soft moan.

It was two couple who were probably spectators at the match kissing passionately.

"Does this place actually look like home?". She asked and they turned to her in shock.

They let out a creepy smile as they found they way out.

"Hush!". She said and kicked the door closed.

Xayne leaned against the wall with eyes closed as her defeat replayed in her memory.

She roared angrily hitting the mirror of which caused it to crack.

With bleeding hand she left the restroom walking down the hallway.

Her phone buzzed but she ignored the call and she continued moving.

"Hey loser". She heard a voice and turned to see a group of girls.

They giggled and they purposely walked out of sight increasing her anger.

Xayne clenched her fist and made to take a step but quickly hid behind the wall hearing the voices of another group of girls.

She let them walk past the place before she took off speedily.

This was her everyday life of defeat, she kept trying but the more she did, the more she failed.

Xayne walked down the lonely street sliding her hand into her pocket.

It was dark already except for the illumination caused by the street light.

Whistling to an unknown song

she let the frustration out.

She finally got to a bungalow where she didn't bother to hit the bell but she pushed open the door and in.

The lights became active and there was a lady in pajamas leaving against the door post of the kitchen.

"You're back".

"Yes I'm, Good night Aunt Monica".

"How did it go again? You failed, didn't you?". She asked and Xayne paused.

"I guess I've been tagged as a failure". She fired turning back.

"No, that's not what I mean baby". Aunt Monica whispered abd moved at her.

"Don't call me that, I'm not your damn daughter, My parents died a year ago".

"She was my sister also, Xayne".

"If Mom was here, she would support me, if no one one cheer 'Xayne' out of the crowd, she will but no, you all are against me.

"No we love you Xayne".

"You fvcking don't, all you care is taking the credit that you took your niece in".

"I take care you you Xayne, I pay your school levies, I provide everything for you, I'm trying to be the best mother for you".

"You are not my mother and you can never be close to what she was".

"Do you mutter all this because I'm against your boxing career, huh?". Aunt Monica asked angrily.

"You don't care for me else you'll be there to cheer me up,that's what a mother does".

"You don't teach me how to be a mother Xayne, that path of violence your parent would hate".

"Just stop acting like you know about them, I don't need your fvcking cheer, I don't need anyone to scream Xayne cos I'm gonna kick someone's ass in that ring, one day aunt!". She screamed and climbed up the stairs with her shoes making some noise.

"Xayne". Aunt Monica called out but she was out of sight already.





It was midnight already and the

chirping of crickets could be heard from the woods.

The heavy wind blew twisting tall trees around as it was about to rain.

A lightning strike down

Xayne's window reflecting it's light on her face causing her to roll to the edge of the bed fast asleep.






"Dad it's getting really dark". Xayne said leaning against a Dodge Viper GTS beside the road.

It was night already and the only the moon was the source of illumination.

"This should work". A Man said closing the bonnet of a vehicle.

The ignition of the vehicle began and Xayne cheered happily.

"I told ya, he's gonna fix it". A middle aged woman said getting down from the driver's seat.

"Mom, Don't hype Dad like always". Xayne said and she got into the vehicle.

"Whatever, he fixed it". Xayne's Mom said returning to the driver's seat.

Her husband sat beside her and they drove off with the headlight brightening the path ahead.

"Dad it's my birthday tomorrow". Xayne whispered leaning against her Father's seat.

"I know that already".

"What are you gonna get me, Play Station 5,right?". Xayne asked.

"It's a surprise".

"Mr. Cruz and surprises". Xayne said turned to her driving mother.

"I know mom is gonna get me that".

"Are you advertising?". Mrs. Cruz asked.

"Maybe..Get me a Vehicle instead". Xayne said and moved back to her seat.

"Don't say no, I'm gonna be eighteen tomorrow, I can't wait". She said happily and laid on the passenger's seat.

"The passenger's seat is never your bed, Xayne". Mrs. Cruz said.

"I need take a nap mother". She said closing her eyes.

"Sweet dreams, baby". She could hear their voices at the same time.

"There's a fog ahead, drive slow". She could hear Mr. Cruz voice but she didn't bother to get her eyes open.

It happened so fast in the twinkle of an eye as the vehicle hit something really hard.

Xayne opened her eyes as she fell off the seat.

The vehicle was somersaulting into the woods with the loud echo of her mom's scream.





Xayne's eyes suddenly opened just as she woke from the nightmare.

She turned to the other side of the bed and the rising sun ray pierced into her eyes.

"Mom". She whispered as tears filled her eyes.

Her alarm rang loudly and she slammed it to stop angrily.

She rose from the bed in her pajamas and moved to the cabinet where she took a portrait.

"I miss you". She whispered and heard the horn of a vehicle.

She moved to her window and looked down to see a girl of her age seated on the bonnet of a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS.

"Xayne, it's fvcking time for school". She screamed.

That was Celestine, her neighbor and best friend behind their building.

She was a blonde, same height with Xayne but had her hair made in a pigtail style.

"I know that babe".

"It's 7am Xayne, Get your ass down then!". Celestine screamed.

"A minute".

"You mean an hour?". She asked.

"Help Grandma do some dishes while I get ready". Xayne said and pulled the roller blinds down.

"Xayne!". She could hear Celestine's loud voice.

She let out a creepy smile as she took off and pajamas set moving into the bathroom.

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