The nanny affair/C1 A good day to get a job
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The nanny affair/C1 A good day to get a job
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C1 A good day to get a job

Chapter one

It was a blissful night, the stars adorned the sky, I held up my head zipping through the gardens, my red silky gown flow as the breeze encircled me with its peace, from afar I sighted a man, clothed in white, his hair was maybe brown colored and shoulders was vast, the strange man looked like a protagonist in a love story, a story that Is about to uncover, as I gasped back to reality.

7:10 am

Whoa" I looked at my time to see it was past seven, I had a few hours to get ready for my interview.

I hurried in and out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel around me, I wiggled off the water from my hair, pulled out my clothes from the wardrobe, and after, walked out of the house the second I finished getting dressed to the home of my soon to be boss, Mr. Liam Khan.

I was being interviewed to be his son's nanny, minus the fact, I had no idea how to take care of a child, how hard can it be?.

I wore a pair of joggers, a crop top, and a white canvas, wandering through the streets of Elmore city.

I walked past a candy shop, followed by another before I got to the place of my interviewer, it bewildered my breath away beholding a house of such immenseness, it felt like a royal family lives there, the gates automatically opened to me a voice said from behind, "welcome miss Sara Scott". I took heed of a masculine voice, who walked up to me, slinging his shirt off his wet dripping body.

I gazed like a lost puppy, from his seductive eyes, well-shaped body, and that of his lips, gosh! He looked like a demigod.

"Miss Sara! Snap out of it".

I had this hunch he knew how farther my thoughts traveled and if he hadn't recalled my attention, it would have gone further away, and most likely never to return.

"Good morning sir! I came for the interview". I paused for his response.

"Yeah! I do know, come on in".

He says.

We took a step into the house, bloody hell, it felt like I had just died and gotten to heaven, its exquisite tastes took my breath away for the second time, and for a man of his caliber, all these things are nothing to him.

My eyes loomed around, as we strolled over to his study room, "have a seat and we will begin in a while".

He walks back out, leaving me behind in the study room, as I patiently wait for him, "hmm! Where is he?" Gradually my patience was running thin, I wondered where he was, maybe he had something important to do and forgot he kept me waiting in here? "I rather go check for him" initially I thought about doing so but what if he gets aggravated and that makes me lose this job even before getting it.

So without deliberation, I sat back down quietly geeking at the time.

Two hours passed, Liam hasn't returned for the meeting."Are you waiting for my dad?" I took heed of a child's voice, I turned back to see a little boy clutching a ball in his hand, he had curly hair and brown colored eyes.

"Hello child, yes, I am! Do you know where he is?" he walked closer to me, "I think he must be in his room, should I call him?". He said.

I shook my head disliking his idea, "don't call him, I'll wait" I smiled.

"Okay! While waiting, do you wish to play football with me?". He threw away the ball at me, riding out of the room.

"Hold on champ"

He snatched me outside, aiming to catch the ball, "what are you waiting for! Toss the ball". His voice attained his father's attention, as he caught a glimpse of us playing from his room window.

We both played to a notch I forgot I had an interview with his father, I swirled back to see the same person I thought of, standing behind with his arms folded together.

Holy moly, father of all, I am in deep trouble.

"What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to wait for me" he gets provoked.

"Yes sir! But I only wanted to play football with champ here". I answered back.

Liam whirls to the side and saw the boy I called champ, he looked at me and said, "you mean Andres! My son".

"Yes Sir, your son" I duplicated back his words to him, and he detonates a weak smile right back.

The smile he had on made me perplexed, he veers his back. "Walk with me". He says.

I walked rearward as we step back into the house.

Liam's switched on his serious face, we quietly walked without altering a word to me, he rumbled a particular song, shaking his head, finally, he repaid his attention to me, "I am sorry for taking much of your time! I had to take care of some pending issues" we continued walking.

"Yes sir! So can we proceed with the interview?". I said idling for his response, he halts reading the look on my face, "there is no need for the interview! I have gotten what I wanted". He announces

"Gotten what you wanted? I don't think I understand what you mean by that?". Liam ran a check on me before answering back, "now let me break it down for you, the whole reason is to find someone that would be able to take care of my son when I am not around, and for the past three weeks, you're the only person my son, took a liking too, that beats it all!".

"Hmm!" I shook my head understanding his words.

An hour later, he ambled with me to the front door, he pushed it open and turned to me, "thank you and welcome to my family, so! Tomorrow I'll be expecting you".

"Yeah" I rode past him, wearing a smile.

10:09 pm

I got back home tired and reeking of alcohol, urgh! My head continued spinning, it felt like the whole world was crumbling down on me, and I needed to have a rest, I couldn't think of anything else.

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