The nanny affair/C4 Death anniversary
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The nanny affair/C4 Death anniversary
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C4 Death anniversary

I do not need your help okay! I'll go talk with him myself"

She pushed me out of her way, heading directly to Liam's room.


She was only a few steps away from entering his room, but preferably decided to yell out his name, immediately it hurled an angry Liam outside, "what the hell is going on? Why are you shouting my name".

The manner he vented out, made her quiver In fear, finally, she agreed to use her inside voice on him, "I am sorry! I was angry" she said with her gaze placed down.

A few minutes passed and I had no idea what they both argued and talked about, the second I saw them, they both strolled back to the living room, in each other's embrace. It made no sense to me, in all I had no right to butt in.

"Sara! Can you please go over to my son's room and tell me I want to see him?" Liam says

"Yes sir, I'll do that now" I walked past them heading over to Andre's room, I pushed the door open and saw he wasn't in.

I called out , yet no answer, I thought It was a joke, but after searching his whole room, Andres was nowhere found, which instantly got me tensed.

"Sir! I cannot find Andres!"

Liam jerked up from the couch in doubt, he runs to his son's room and saw he wasn't there also, "son! Where are you?". He shouted.

Everyone at home searched for him, and not quite long Liam's phone rang,

He answered without checking the caller ID. "Helo! Who is it?" In a shitty attitude, he said.

While Liam talked on the phone, I thought it wise to continue searching, I looked away, when I Liam shouted.

My feet froze as I watched him stagger in panic, "Liam?" I called out waiting for a response.

he veered and said, " my son had an accident"..

Liam rushed out of the house, as we followed suit, he drove to the hospital.

"Doctor! My son was brought in here, Andres Khan!" He walks up to a woman talking to a nurse,"oh! Mr. Khan, the hospital just called you! My name is Divya, and not to worry, your son is okay, it was just a minor injury".

We all buffed out a relieved breath hearing the news, Liam asked if we could see him, and the doctor approval, she takes us to his ward


Andre's lifted his head when he heard his father's voice, the sad look on his face, washes away, "dad" He says with a smile.

Liam rushed in and hugged him.

"I have every right to be mad at you, What happened? Where were you and why did you leave the house without anyone knowing, huh?" Liam inquires.

"I am sorry dad! I only wanted to fulfill the promise we made to mom" Andres answers.

"What promise, huh!". Liam asked.

"The promise we made to mom, the day she died! Today is her death anniversary.

oh my gosh! I cannot believe I forgot about that".

Liam pulls a step back.

The doctor walks into the room, "what is it, doctor? Is there any problem?".

Liam asked before even giving the doctor a chance to speak.

"No sir! On the contrary, I just need you to sign some papers before you leave" She lets out.

They both left together, leaving Tatiana and myself alone with Andres.

An hour later, after signing the needed documents, he returned and met us in a heated conversation.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Liam yelled, standing at the door's post.

"Nothing sir! It's nothing"

I replied.

I hid the fact that Tatiana tried hitting Andres, and before I could alter more words, the witch lies her way through.

"Baby! Don't worry, it's nothing serious, forget about it" she rushed to him.

"Oh okay! Let's go home"

Liam swiftly pulled his hand away from her.

He held his son and they both left us giving each other evil glances.

We drove back home. Liam noticed something out of the regular, cautiously geeking as we left in opposite direction.

The same day, Tatiana decided to sleep in Liam's room.

Andres strolled in with a pillow in his hand, afterward.

"what is it, child?" She asked seeing him in the room.

He progressed his eyes over flipping a dramatic look at her, "why are you still here? I thought you left?" He inquired.

She shoots a devilish smile at him, "I can see you don't want me staying with your dad but too bad, I am your father's girlfriend and soon to be his wife, so you better get used to seeing me here" she blows a kiss to him.

He retrieved his eyes back to the door and fled, ostensively when he left Liam strolled out of the bathroom, "baby! Did anyone come in here?" He asks.

Tatiana smiles and fibs to him the second time in a row.

Liam had no choice but to believe her, he wears his pajamas and tucked himself to bed, Tatiana nails a shaky smile sleeping next to him.

The following daylight, it was precisely eight in the morning, I got up from bed and strolled over to Andre's room, he gets up after seeing me there.

"Good morning champ".

I rode to get his uniforms ready.

Andres pins a smile and he greeted as well, "good morning miss Sara" He says to me.

I got him dressed for school, we both strolled out to the living room and stumbled on Liam having his breakfast, "good morning dad?" Andres sat beside his father, Liam's nails a kiss on his cheeks.

"Good morning sir" I greeted.

"good morning Sara, hope you slept well".

He lovingly asked me.

However, before I could get the chance to respond, a voice-assisted out, "I slept well, Baby! Thanks for asking" Tatiana lets out from a far distance, I wonder how on earth she was able to hear from afar.

She sits down at the dining table, and pulls her chair closer to Liam, he felt uncomfortable, staring his eyes away from her chicky behavior.

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