The nanny affair/C5 You're drunk
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The nanny affair/C5 You're drunk
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C5 You're drunk

I left to drop Andres at school, Tatiana dawdled for us to leave before altering out. "Liam! Do you need a nanny, you know I can take care of your son, I am your girlfriend remember?" She says lifting his gaze upon her, "really! You! Take care of my son! Did you forget Andres hates you, he wouldn't even let me get married to you, and trust me, he might be a little child but I listen to him always". Liam gets up from his chair and walked away.

An hour later, I got home and walked past Liam's study room, inside was a photo of a woman hung on the wall.

The lady in the picture frame wore a red gown with her hair packed up from stroking her back, indeed she was like those princesses in a fantasy story.

"What are you doing here?'.

Liam walked into his study room, the tone of his voice made it known that he was getting irked.

I veered back to see the anger in his eyes, he fills up the distance between us within a split second.

"Sara! Why are you here?". He duplicates his words to me.

"Nothing sir" I answered back.

Although I told on it was nothing, Liam shifted his eye to the picture behind me and figured it out.

"It's nothing? Tell me the truth, you walked in here because of this picture frame right? You're curious about the lady, aren't you?'. He says to me and that does about sums up everything.

Yes Sir!" I said turning my eyes rearward.

"Okay! The lady you see on this picture frame is Andre's late mom, she died of cancer, and right about now, I need you to go out there and help with the preparation of her death anniversary, please".

He requested.

I walked out of the room, and not a single word came out from my lips, I veered downstairs to see everyone busy, I walked into their midst and joined in the preparation, A few hours later, we all pack up the decorations we used and left there sparkling clean.

One after the other, family and friends came in, seated amongst each other in the living room. Not quite long, Liam walks out of his room, holding onto his late wife's frame in his hand. He was clothed in a black gown, while beside him was Andres, who also was dressed in the same color.

They walked closer and dropped the frame at the center of the room, Liam and his son stood quietly, their head was placed downwards, and we all did the same paying our respect to the late Mrs. Elena Khan, Liam's and Andres's late wife and mother.

For the past two hours, we stay quiet but some people tend not to keep to traditions, Tatiana stylishly sneaked out of the room, with a bottle of champagne in her hand. I still can't find what Liam saw in her, unbelievable.

(10:00 pm)

I carried Andres back to his room, while Liam thanked everyone for making time to attend his wife's death anniversary, under such notice, after tucking Andres to bed, I walked out and saw Liam drowning himself in liquor. He seats with his hand on his head, and the button on his gown was slowly opening.

It hadn't been up to an hour I left him to tuck Andres to bed, and now he ends up creating a mess of himself.

He lifts his head and shoots a smile at me. "Hey! you're here?" He gets up from the ground, lurching his way close.

"Oops! Be careful" I said as he falls on me, smelling of alcohol.

"I am fine, Sara" He pulls a step backward, facing the nearest way to his bedroom.

I watched as he endeavored to identify his room, sauntering into mine.

He wears off his shirt and falls on the bed, I rushed in and he was sleeping.

It wouldn't be nice to get him and send him to his room, that's why I left him sleeping in mine.

I reinstated my eyes back to the door, but thwarted when Liam held my hand, he pulled me back and I fall on him, for someone who I thought was sleeping, he sure knows how to act.

"Hi, there," he says to me, smashing a smile.

I knew it was the alcohol talking and not him, it cannot possibly be Liam, or can it?. I looked on quietly and he tugs my hair behind my ears.

It felt uncomfortable to be this close to him, the scent of his fragrance lingered, his eyes refused to derail from mine, unawares he locks my hands behind my back.

"Liam! What are you doing?". I looked back and noticed my arms locked with a rope.

"Liam! Let go of me, what are you doing?" I put in, he looks on slowly pulling down the zip of my gown.

I called him once more but I felt he was spaced out and didn't know what he was doing.

My suspicion came to a halt when he called out a name instead of mine, Elena.

The name got me speechless, I should have known it was the alcohol talking and not him, and if anyone comes in here and finds us in this awkward position, all hell will surely break loose, what if Tatiana finds us like this.

I moved my head around, in an attempt to block his lips from mowing close to mine, it got to a point, where he held his hand on my face and forcefully pokes his face close, leaving a kiss on my lips.

I'm trying to comprehend what is happening, Liam eventually pulls backs after a while and instantly fell asleep, skipping that my hands were tied behind my back.

I tried so hard to get it untied but its knot was tied tightly, I needed someone to untie it for me.

I turned back to leave so I could get Andre's help, I veered closer to his room and tried everything possible to ensure I don't come across Tatiana, that bitch has been suspicious about me ever since I came to the mansion.

"Andre's! Are you here?".

I veered into his room and noticed he wasn't in, I turned to leave but noticed the same person I tried hard not to see, stood right in front of me and with a hard look on her face.

"I heard you calling out to Andre's! I saw him walking to the corridor" she Informes me, in a rather calm voice.

"Thank you," I said.

I felt she was up to something, she moves out of my way and this time I did not even have to fight for it.

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