The nanny affair/C6 Really?.
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The nanny affair/C6 Really?.
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C6 Really?.

She looked at me and noticed my hands tied behind, "do you need help?". She asked me.

My feet froze heeding to her words, I returned my eyes shaking my head.

"May I?"

She tugged her hand out, and I reciprocated by bringing out mine.

She warmly smiles, removing the tied knot.

"Thank you, Tatiana" I replied.

she walks out of the room.

The following morning, I had just come back from my early morning jog, I pushed the door open and walked in on Liam seated alongside some men wearing a dark-colored suit.

They whirled and took sight of me, I walked past after greeting, heading to my room.

An hour later, Liam strolled in and saw me strolling out of the bathroom, without a cloth.

"Oops! Am sorry".

He turns his back at me, lifting mine in a tensed manner, " l-Liam, what are you doing here?" I covered myself with a blanket waiting to hear his explanation.

"S-sorry, I didn't think, I'll find you like this, I only wanted to speak with you, but as it stands now, please come look for me when you're done"

He takes his leave.

Thereafter, I left to look for him, my eyes loomed around and while strolling downstairs, I mistakenly pumped into a very young-looking man.

"Are you okay?"

He inquired grabbing me with his hands, I pulled my eyes down and saw his half-button shirt, "hello! Are you listening to me?". He broke my thoughts in two.

"Yes! I am sorry".

I answered.

Our feet veered apart from each other, he furthermore introduces himself to me, "Hello, my name is,". He tries altering but instead someone else does that for him.

"Uncle Mike".

Andres ran to him excited, not quite long Liam walks out and noticed him there as well, "Mike, Brother? Is that you?". He hugged him.

"Yes, bro! In flesh and blood" Mike says with a rather huge smile, he pulls his brother closer and whispers to his ears, "who is she?" He asked trying not to get heard by me.

Liam pulls his eyes back and saw Tatiana striding out of her room, so he thought Mike asked him about her, "you mean Tatiana? Haven't you seen her before?".

It was quite shocking to hear such a concern by him, fairly Mike puts his question more clearer to him.

"Hmm! No brother! I don't mean Tatiana but the young beautiful lady standing behind you,". He pushed his eyes to me.

"Oh! You mean Sara, She's my son's nanny". Liam says retrieving his attention over to his brother, who gasped out in a shocked demeanor, "you mean, you have this beautiful lady as a nanny, damn! Not bad brother". He playfully pushed his brother on his shoulders.

"Hmm! Can I tell you something?". Liam drags his ears forward, "stay away from Sara! I have warned you".

Mike pins a weak smile on his lips, he turns and shoots a kiss to me, stuttering away from there as we all looked at him.

I couldn't get my eyes off, Liam turned and saw how lost I was staring at his brother, he suspiciously walked close to me, Intertwining our eyes concurrently.

"Are you okay Sara? I can see you lost, did anything happen between my brother and you?".

I pulled a step backward the second Liam made that known, and besides the only thing that happened was getting surrounded by two handsome brothers.

"Yes sir, nothing happened".

I ran outside, leaving him reasoning out loud.

Mike walked back into the living room the second I left, he poked his head further and saw me amble away in a hurry, "where is she going to?".

He asked his brother.

Liam veered and answered, "I don't know but the question is! What the hell are you doing here?".

Mike grinned heaving his hand on his shoulders, "what do you mean brother, can't I come to visit my bro, anymore"

he says to him, as they both walked to the backyard.

An hour later, I strolled in and noticed Liam seated in the living room.

He veered and got up from the couch, slowly approaching my direction, with a rather serious look on his face.

"Sir! Is there a problem?"

He took a step close, "no, but I need you to do something for me?". He says.

I request what he wanted and he wanted me to accompany him to the royal Enfield hotel for three days.

" I don't understand why you would want me to accompany you there". I said in novelty.

"You do know it's not a romantic getaway right?". In a serious tone, he asked.

"Yes, but what do you need me for?". I asked, he tells on that before the day of my interview he had a background check on me and saw I graduated top of my class, after a whole four years of studying economics.

Mike decides to butt in our conversation.

"Is she coming with us Liam, is it for work or maybe?".

He says.

In an instant, Liam reprimanded him and warned him never to say such rubbish again or else he won't like what he does to him.

Mike quivered seeing the aggressive way his brother acted, he turned over and gave me the look, before rambling away.

The following morning, a knock on my door got me up, I opened up and saw Mike standing at my door, "why aren't you dressed, Liam's waiting for you so we could go, get ready fast?".

He shouted and left me thinking what to we're.

I freshened up and left to meet them in the living room, dressed and ready to go.

"Shall we?".

Liam hold on to his son, they took the first step away, as the rest of us moved further as well, the chauffeur drove us to the airport, and there a pilot was assigned to take us to our destination.

we all walked into Liam's private jet.

The jet took and as we all sat facing opposite-direction from each other.

And after an hour, it docked to the ground.

" Welcome to the united kingdom.

Liam says to me, we rode out of the jet.

A car was packed waiting for us.


A Venza quo pro 3, one of the top cars in the state, I exclaimed when mike turns to me.

"what? Haven't you seen a car before?" He frowns and truthfully it paid no matter to me.

After all, mike doesn't like me one bit.

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