In the dead of night.

In a rented house in the village of X City, there was still light.

Inside the room, Ike was sitting in front of a computer, playing the Dark Destroyer.

He had learned about this game from his colleagues a few days ago. The moment he played it, he was enchanted.

After all, this game was actually this fun.

Mages, Paladins, Necromancers, Barbarians, Amazon, Assassins, Druids.

Not only were there many classes, the way they played was also very different. Interesting.

Although Ike's name was foreign, his surname was Ike, and he was from the country, so he didn't have a clue. This caused Ike to be mocked by his peers many times when he was young. However, after he grew up, it was much better.

However, it also had the same name as a game character … … From time to time he would be teased by his friends.

But Ike was used to it.

While Ike was enjoying himself, he got up feeling thirsty and went to get a bottle of mineral water.

However, when Ike opened the bottle to drink, he suddenly discovered that there were several Twilight Souls around him!

Friends who have played in the dark should know that the soul of the twilight is also known as the ghost of electricity. Black Hands, once touched, could easily be killed in an instant! Especially a few!

Ike quickly ran back to the computer and threw the water on the table. He didn't even put the water back properly, he just wanted to run away.

It was right after Ike had managed to escape from the game.

The spilled mineral water flowed down along the table! It just so happened to land on the electric plug board!

The next moment, Ike suddenly felt his whole body going numb, as if he had been shocked awake.

— —

Ike woke up with great difficulty. When he saw the thatched roof in front of him, he couldn't help but be stunned.

How many years had it been since he had seen a roof made of grass?

The next moment, a huge mass of memories gushed into his mind!

In that memory, 'he' was also called Ike.

Living in the Dark Continent. Seventeen this year!

However, in order to increase the success rate of the job, strive to become a professional. Under the coaxing of others, he drank a bottle of suffocating gas potion!

After that, 'he' didn't know anything, just like him.

This caused Ike to be stunned.

Had he transmigrated?

At this moment, the door was pushed open.

A girl wearing a coarse cloth dress pushed the door and came in. She was surprised to see Ike wake up: "Brother Ike, you are finally awake! You have been unconscious for three months!"

The girl's voice wasn't any kind of voice that Ike was familiar with, but he could understand it!

This let Ike know that his conjecture was true.

He had transcended.

This made Ike sigh.

The girl thought that she had guessed the reason why Eike sighed: "It's alright. Brother Eike there will be another job transition ceremony this year due to the dark moon relationship. You can still attend."

Job Change Ceremony?

After Eike heard this, he was stunned for a moment, and then he had an inexplicable impression of Eike. This was the memory of the orb of memories known as' Ike '.

The Job Change Ceremony was a ceremony that everyone would go through in the dark world.

If he passed, he would succeed in his job, becoming a fighter against the demons.

If you can't pass, then I'm sorry. For the sake of humanity, rage! For the sake of humanity, do your best! For the sake of the existence of humanity, he had worked himself to death.

Of course, he was talking about ordinary people. It was not like those nobles and merchants high above him.

Ike shook his head as he thought of this. He tossed aside these memories and looked at the girl in front of him.

The girl in front of him had blond hair, a high nose, blue eyes, a healthy ruddy face, and a few small freckles.

In the eyes of some people, they would probably call her a loli, a cute loli or something like that.

However, for Ike, he could not accept the Western style of high and deep beauty. What he liked was the beauty of the East. Elegant, quiet, lively and all kinds of oriental beauty.

It was probably Ike's eyes that made the girl feel that something was wrong. She asked, "Brother Ike?"

"Naya, I'm fine." From that memory, Ike knew not only about the job transition ceremony, but also about the girl's name, his relationship with her, and more.

The girl was relieved: "Brother Ike, you scared me. The look in your eyes just now was so strange."

"Hahaha ~ ~ Is that so?" Ike replied perfunctorily. The girl was not that old, so she was fawned over.

"However, Brother Ike, hurry up and rest. In a few days, the Dark Moon Job Change Ceremony will begin." Niya quickly said as she suddenly thought of something important.

Ike thought about it and said, "Have I slept for three months? "That's really been sleeping long enough. Let's go out for a walk." At this point, Ike suddenly felt very hungry.

Hungry to the point that he could eat himself alive!

"Is there anything to eat?" Ike asked quickly.

In his eyes, Na Ya seemed to have turned into a chicken leg!

"Yes, yes, wait a moment!" Niya laughed heartily. She turned and ran out of the house. A moment later she came back with a pot and handed it to Ike.

Ike took the pot, smelled Tommy's scent, grabbed the jar, and drank hard for a while to ease the hunger in his stomach!

However, Ike knew that 'he' had now been in a coma for three months and definitely couldn't eat or drink too much, so he bit by bit, swallowing the food in the jar.

By the time he had finished a pot of Tommy, Ike was feeling a little better, at least not so hungry.

Moreover, his originally weak body also regained some strength.

After eating and gaining strength, Ike stood up and prepared to go out for a walk.

Seeing that Ike really wanted to go out, she could only purge her lips and support him as they walked out.

Ike sighed as he walked out of the room and looked at the scenery outside. The last hope in his heart was shattered. He had truly transmigrated, and not only that, he had transmigrated into the dark world!

Although the game 'God of Destruction' was very fun, but to travel to the dark world, that was too terrifying, wasn't it?

After all, all sorts of demons could bring slaughter and fresh blood to humans. Especially the Five Demon Kings, they made humanity live under fear.

The Dark World was definitely not a world where one could live in.

For the past twenty-four years, Ike had been in a calm state of mind. At most, he would be bullied, but he had no confidence that he could survive in this world.

Only, since he had come.

Then, let's live well!

At this thought, Ike lowered his head to look at his palm. Although he could not say that he was full of fighting spirit, he did not feel any fear or cowardice.

Then he strode out of the room.

Outside the room were many low houses.

The stone walls, the straw roof, and the people walking on the road, without any color on their faces, silently described the simple and difficult living environment.

Ike sighed in his heart. No wonder his previous self was so obsessed with becoming a professional.

Even a professional would have to face the devil head on and risk their life.

However, compared to the hard life of an ordinary person, it was superior in quality.

While Aker, accompanied by Naya, was walking on the dirt road in the small village.

Three boys emerged from the corner ahead.

The one in the middle was fatter. Under such arduous conditions, eating fat represented the superiority of his family's condition.

When Aker saw Fatty, his eyes narrowed because he had recognized him. His name was Rhoda, and he was also the culprit that instigated his previous self to drink the choking gas potion.

"Yo, aren't you trash Ike? Ah? Right, I won't die even after drinking the Asphyxiating Gas Potion. Looks like I can't call you trash anymore. "Hahahaha." Rhoda unrestrainedly teased Ike, not feeling the slightest bit of guilt because he had instigated a peer to drink a deadly poison.

Ike looked at Rhoda and ignored her.

However, his attitude made the two lackeys behind Rhoda very dissatisfied. They came forward to stop him. They looked at him and said: "Trash, isn't Master Rhoda talking to you?"

Ike continued to ignore him.

The reason why he was called trash again and again. Actually, there was a reason.

Because the Dark Continent had been invaded by Fiends, for thousands of years, there had not been a single day of peace.

Thus, in order to fight the Fiends, almost everyone on the Dark Continent had to undergo training.

These trainings contained all sorts of common knowledge to fight against demons, as well as a certain degree of combat training.

It was a pity that his previous self had never passed the training...

Whether it was combat training, common sense classes, or alchemy knowledge, none of them passed.

Therefore, unless Ike could pass the job transition ceremony and become a professional, he would probably have to go mining in the mines and spend his entire life in the dark.

Because of this urgent living environment, his previous self had spent quite a bit of gold coins to buy a bottle of potion after hearing that drinking the Asphyxiating Gas potion would increase the chances of passing the Profession Upgrade Ceremony. He drank it all and died, thus allowing his soul to teleport here.

Ike smiled wryly as he thought about his previous life, which had been a short and miserable sixteen years.

As for the few people in front of him, he didn't seem to care about them at all. After all, the dog was barking, and he couldn't go back.

"Did you hear that? "Trash!"

However, there was someone who was dissatisfied with Ike's decision and threw him to the ground.

Even though Ike was on guard, he still fell heavily to the ground, his nose knocking against the ground.

The acid, heat, and choking sensation instantly rushed from his nose to his forehead, leaving a long nosebleed which dyed his clothes red. Tears began to flow uncontrollably as his nose was hit.

The situation was appalling.


Looking at Ike's miserable appearance, Rhoda and his two lackeys laughed out loud.

"Naia, you better stay away from this trash. You are destined to be my, Rhoda's, woman. Do you understand?" After saying that, Rhoda left in a complacent manner.

Although he could do whatever he wanted to Ike, he was still fearful of Naya, because her mother was a professional! A very powerful Amazon!

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