The Nerd DJ/C1 Chapter 1 - The DJ
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The Nerd DJ/C1 Chapter 1 - The DJ
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C1 Chapter 1 - The DJ

*Claire’s Point of View*


"Thanks for comin' here tonight, Y'all! Catch me here again next Saturday night. And just enjoy the rest of the night with the next DJ. Here's DJ D." I said through the loud mic and took a bow.

As I went down from the stage, someone covered my eyes.

"Guess who I am?" The person asked while making her voice deep and loud since the music is so freaking loud. And I already knew who it was.

"You know what, Shay, you are the only one who always smells like vanilla and rose," I uttered as I removed her hands from my face, and she pouted.

"Hmmm, whatever, Babe..." She replied then kissed my cheek and smiled widely.

This girl is sometimes crazy, but I love her so much. She's always there for me whenever I need her.

"So, how's the night goin'?" I asked her while we walked to the counter.

"Well, it's the same as usual. A lot of customers, and there are lots and lots of hot girls and girls around, yeah," she answered and ordered a bottle of water for me from the bartender.

I work in a club, but I don't drink alcohol; I can't get drunk. And I am still underage.

"Hmmm, so... have you scored on any of the hot girls and girls you've seen around?" I asked her curiously, and I chugged down my bottle of water in half.

"Well, hehe. Nope." She answered and was surprised when I almost hit her straight in the face with the water that I had spit out of my mouth.

This girl is so gorgeous yet doesn't know how to have herself even a single relationship or even a one-night stand. She's just too cowardly to approach and talk to a girl that she really likes and hates when a girl or guy will approach her that she doesn’t have a preference for.

Yep, she is a lesbian, and she is my only cousin, Shane Karla Knight. She told me about her sexuality four years ago, and I don't hate her. She's my cousin, my only friend, best friend, sister, and at the same time, my boss. She owns the club, and it is named after her family, The Knight’s Club. And this is one of the most famous clubs around the city, and lots of people are coming here.

I started being a DJ here when I was still fifteen, and the people love me and my music.

My name is Claire Daven Lawrence, but I don't honor my second name because it was from my stupid a**hole of a father. And my stage name is DJ XCeed.

"Uh, okay. That will be fine, Shay. You know, if the right time will come, that real and true love of yours will be the one to come to you. You don't have to rush." I told her while rubbing her back.

"Yep, you're right, Baby Girl, and yours will come to you too. I just can't wait for it to happen. I can't imagine a happy Claire with the love of her life kissing, holding hands, dating, kissing and... and lovey-dovey with each other and *smack* sh*t!" She was not able to finish rambling about my non-existent love life when I purposely smacked the back of her head to shut her off.

"What was that for?" She cried out while rubbing the part where I hit her.

I just smirked at her and shrugged my shoulders, and then I stood up to go to the ladies’ room. I just have to get rid of these contact lenses because my eyes are itchy.

Well, I got blurry vision, so I have to wear thick glasses at school and home. And when I perform on stage, I have to wear contact lenses.

I hate it as much as I hate having a vision like this. Because it was one of the reasons why I get bullied at school, they call me an alien since I have four eyes. They all are just so dumb and stupid.


I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I already washed my face and wiped it with a paper towel.

I have my blonde hair dyed red because I just hate being blonde. It's the color of the hair of my bastard father, and I despise him for leaving my mother and me. Mom was the only one who raised me since I was weeks old. And she told me that he went away to work and make my future bright.

I believed her at first, but when I was twelve, I found mom's diary when she was just a college student. And she states there that the love of her life is leaving for London to marry someone. That's why I dyed my hair because I know that every time she would look at me, she can see that blonde-haired man that she once loved and hurt her so much.

I don't know him, and I don't want to know him or ever see him. He is just one of the people I hate so much. And... the other person I hate with all my being is Samantha Rivers, my bully, and the school's queen b*tch. I really hate her for making my whole school life a living hell.

I have escaped from her wrath during middle school and junior high school. But when I transferred to Pryce Winsley Academy for my senior years, she's there displaying her one hella beauty and ruling the place. And the worst part is, she's treating me the same way in our primary days. She's just so… ugh! I don't want to think about her. But she's gorgeous. It's just that she is very childish and annoying AF. Damn, I really should stop thinking about that piece of sh*t.


I went out of the ladies’ room to see that a blonde-haired chick is talking to Shay with lustful eyes.

And I can see that my cousin is uncomfortable, and clearly, she doesn't want to talk to the girl that looks like a slut to me, well not to be rude, but she got that face that wants to eat my cousin alive. And I think that Shay wants to get out of the situation.

So, I let my hair loose since it was tied in a ponytail. Then I put on my b*tch face as if I am ready to slap some slut's cheek that's been bothering my cousin. This time I will be the one to help her in a situation like this.

I slowly walked in their direction and wrapped my arms around Shay's waist.

And I almost cracked out laughing when I saw the girl's reaction. Talking about... she didn't just get wide eyes, but her mouth also dropped to the floor.

"Hey, Baby! I was looking for you everywhere, and you are just here in my arms." I began loudly so that the girl could hear it clearly.

Shay seemed to get what I meant, and she mouthed a silent thanks to me as she kissed my cheek.

The girl seemed disappointed to see that her target already got someone.

"Yes, Babe. I was actually waiting for you here. Now, let's go to a place where there will be just the two of us?" Shay uttered seductively.

And I can't help myself from smiling like an idiot, while my cousin is about to burst out laughing when the girl got choked from her drink that I didn't know the name of.

Finally, I dragged Shay with me to the room upstairs before she will explode.

And when we arrived, we couldn't contain it anymore, and the whole room erupted with laughter.

"Bwahahaha... did... you hahahaha saw her face...hahaha... she's like.... hahaha." She let out, and she is the loudest when it comes to laughing.

"Hahahaha.... it was priceless, Shay... and hahahaha," I said in between laughter while clutching my belly and sitting on the couch. I can barely breathe.

And guess what my cousin is doing? She's just rolling herself on the carpeted floor while laughing hysterically. She's such a crazy girl.

"You are such a good actress, Babe. She was like her mouth could catch flies." Shay started when our laughter died down and mimicked the girl's reaction that made us laugh again. It's so f*cking funny.

"Yep, since you cannot help yourself out of the situation alone. And... because of that, you are going to treat me to lunch tomorrow." I uttered while putting my music stuff into my backpack.

I always go home when I am done here because my mom is waiting for me to arrive. It's almost ten in the evening now, and I still got to drive for thirty minutes to reach home.

Well, I work away from home so that my schoolmates can't see me, and of course, they are not allowed to get in places like this since the majority of them are still minors. But there are sneaky kids, so... yeah.


"Okay, so, I owe you lunch tomorrow then. Be careful on the road, Babe, and send my regards to aunt Eden." Shay let out and kissed my cheek while we're here at the club's parking lot.

Then I hopped on my motorbike, and finally, I bid her goodbye.

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