The Nerd DJ/C3 Chapter 3 - My Nerd
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The Nerd DJ/C3 Chapter 3 - My Nerd
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C3 Chapter 3 - My Nerd

*Samantha’s Point of View*


"Hey, Sam! Have you seen Morgana and Cassidy?" Becca asked me while panting.

I just knew that she's from her cheerleading punishment and trying to find her twin sister. Well, she has been punished by our coach for being late three times already. And I am here at the bleachers while scrolling something on my phone.

"Hmmm, nope. But probably they are making out somewhere. How about you check the rooftop?" I answered and kept looking at my phone and not bothering to look up to her.

"Okay, but if you saw them, can you tell them that I will ride with them home because my car got a flat tire. I guess some a**holes punctured it." She stated, and then she kissed me on the cheeks and jogged out of the gym.

"Sure thing, Becs," I let out and waved her goodbye.

"Thanks, Sam!" She shouted in response.

Becca and Morgan are twins, and both are my co-cheerleaders. Well, I'm just the captain. The Clarke twins are the best of my best friends. Cassidy Hansen is Morgan's girlfriend, and they are the hottest lesbian couple around the school. And I don't hate them. I actually found them amusingly cute. Well, I just knew everything about those two, and I have witnessed all the hardships that they've faced since our ninth grade. I have helped them with their relationship, and fortunately, they are happy now. What are best friends for, right?


As I was about to leave, I heard some noises. But I just shrugged it off since the janitor is cleaning the floor.

But then the noises became clearer and clearer. And there, Morgan and Cass went out of the gym's stockroom. These two are just inseparable.

Then I went to them to ask if they’ve seen Becca.

"Hi, Sam!" Morgan greeted me while putting her hands inside her jacket pockets.

"Hey there, Captain." Cassidy greeted and smiled so wide while blushing because I caught them from making out in the stockroom.

"Ummm, Hello, you, gays! Did Becca find you?" I asked them and put my phone in my purse.

"Well, nope. Why?" Morgan replied and put an arm around Cassidy's shoulders.

"She said that she would ride with the both of you 'cuz her car's tire is deflated," I uttered and went out of the gym with them.

"Okay. I'll just text her if I can get my phone from my locker. And are you going home, Sam?" Morgan stated and then asked me.

"Yep, I felt exhausted from our practice today. Bye, I will see you, girls, on Monday or whenever." I answered, and they nodded their heads.

"Bye! See you too." Both of them said, and they just chuckled when they said it in unison. And we part ways.

Today is really tiresome, but thanks to the entertainment this lunch break. I just made Red's chocolate drink spilled on her shirt. Though I didn't plan it to spill, she is just a bit clumsy. Well, she's just so adorable when she holds her temper and grits her teeth. Nonetheless, it made my day complete.


I slumped on my bed thinking about something, particularly that redhead nerd. I still can't believe that it's her and she's here. And I still can't understand why I'm doing such harsh things to her again.

Well, way back in elementary I was the greatest bully since we owned the school. Every kid is afraid of me, but I changed when I went to seventh grade. I just knew that I was doing wrong with my fellow learners.

And I have become totally nice to everybody since then. I am even this academy's Queen Bee and the head of the cheerleaders' squad.

But just then last year, I didn't expect her to be back here. I heard that after sixth grade, they moved away, and I don't know where. And I was mad at her for leaving. But the funny thing is... I did not recognize her at first when she stepped inside our classroom. I thought she was like another princess wannabe.

Damn, I just remembered that last year’s first day of school,


I was laughing with my girls when a redheaded new girl came inside the room. And I stared at her for a while, probably checking her out.

She looks so beautiful with her simple clothes and a bit messy hair tied in a bun, and even though she got her big and thick eyeglasses, you can still see her perfectly shaped face.

She just reminds me of my childhood crush that I bullied and annoyed the most and makes her cry almost every day. Damn, I sometimes hide her glasses, and I even brought one home. And I still keep it somewhere in my room. Oh, that little girl with her wavy blonde hair and her dark forest green eyes. She was so pretty back then. Well, enough about my past crush. I have a new one now. I should move on, right?

And I think I was staring at her too much when Becca nudged me and woke me up to my senses.

"Hey, you okay, Sam?" She asked, and her gaze followed to where I was looking.

Then I immediately averted my gaze to our new teacher, but she spotted where or whom I was staring at before. Sh*t!

"Yep, I'm fine. We have a new teacher." I replied while not looking at Becca, who's about to say something but was cut off by our new teacher.

Whew... I know she's about to ask me why I was staring at that new girl.

Our class ended with me looking at the redhead girl. I wasn't able to know her name since our lazy teachers did not let us introduce ourselves to the class.

The girl sits in our left row and two seats from the front, and we are sitting at the back. Becca is my seatmate, and on our front are Morgan and her girlfriend, Cassidy. Behind us are Charlotte and a vacant seat.

"So... Girls, whose party do you want to attend this coming Friday?" Charlie asked while we were heading to the parking lot.

Well, every first Friday of the school year, some elite students throw big parties as a welcome party. And I will not be throwing one since I will have the grand year-end party after our graduation day.

"Well, I'll just stay at home with my baby," Morgan let out and kissed her girlfriend’s cheek.

"Will you two get a room? I think I'll go to some party this Friday rather than staying at home with these two. I would just get frustrated listening to their moans and sh*ts, and you know that. It's so f*cking disturbing." Becca ranted and gained a smack on the head from her twin.

"Shut up, Becca! Hmm, what about you, Sam?" Morgan told her twin and asked me.

"I will be spending my weekend with dad," I answered as I took out my car keys from my purse.

"Okay, it seems like it's only me and Becca who will enjoy this Friday," Charlie uttered, and she went to her car.

"Alright, goodbye, girls! I will just see you tomorrow," I bid them goodbye, and I entered my car.

"Well, this will be another boring year," I murmured and drove outside the academy's premises.

And as I was about to turn left, I saw a familiar red-haired girl. And I am right, it's the new girl.

She's just walking while carrying some books and wearing headphones. Damn, she looks so cute with the headphones that are red, too, just like her hair.

Then I lost sight of her when she went straight ahead. I guess I'll just see you tomorrow then.

Before I went to bed, I received a text message from Becca that said that she knows who I was staring at all day. And I will be bombarded with questions from her tomorrow. So, I better prepare.


"Good morning, Sam!" Becca greeted me happily, and she's too early for a latecomer like she always is.

"Hey, morning too, Becs. You're early today," I greeted her back as I grabbed some books from my locker.

"Well, I got something for you that is very much interesting, and besides, Cass stayed for the night, so... I did not get that much sleep, and you know why." She replied as she opened her locker beside mine.

"Yeah, and what is that something interesting that you will say to me?" I asked and closed my locker door.

"Ah! About that... I have gathered info about the new students that we have now, you know... hacked the school's computers. Hehehe. And what I have found is very interesting." She let out proudly that she always hacks the school computers. Yeah, she’s such a geek.

"Hmm, and what is that interesting thing about new students?" I asked her since I'm actually a bit intrigued.

"You won't believe me if I tell you that Claire Lawrence is back. That little blonde-haired girl, an alien with four eyes that you have a crush on." She stated, and my jaw dropped to the floor in disbelief. That's not possible.

"Wha...what do you mean? Claire Daven Lawrence? Where is she? I have not seen her for a long time." I stated, and still, dumbfounded.

"And... to be more interesting... She is our classmate." She added while we walked to our classroom.

"What? How? Did I see her? Did she go to our class yesterday?" I asked her a lot of questions because... Why not? Why am I not aware? This is so f*cking amazing.

"Well, hell yeah. And you have stared at her the whole day." I gave her a querying look, and then it came crushing to me. That is why she made me remember my childhood crush. Damn, why am I so dumb?

"Sh*t! Why didn't I notice? And why didn't you tell me?" I asked, and she tapped my shoulder.

"Easy there, lover girl. Because she dyed her hair red, but she's still wearing big and thick glasses. So much for a nerd... she still is. Mhmm." She stated and when I am about to say something,

"WHAT THE HECK!" I cursed as somebody bumped into me that made me fall on the floor with my butt first, and then I felt warm liquid spread to my chest. It's a chocolate drink.

And as I was about to beat up this clumsy student, I stood up and looked at the culprit who's very much wearing a terrified and worried face, but... with the same familiar warm dark forest green eyes that seems like she can see my soul. And her red hair is tied in a messy bun and her eyeglasses. Damn, I missed her so much, and I am mad at her for leaving. Very mad.

I stared at her for a while, and I composed myself to say something.

"You don't know who you are messing with, redhead nerd alien," I stated, and I was astounded that I was back to my old self that was so childish, rude, and mean to this little angel. No, she's not little anymore because she might be taller than me by an inch or two.

She was shocked too, and I guess that she had recognized me already. Then she had composed herself and managed to say,

"Sorry, my bad. Samantha Rivers, right? How would I forget? You're still that same little b*tch." She uttered with her mood changed to something I can't discern. Maybe it's anger or hate and disappointment?

Then she walked away with her empty cup of chocolate drink. She still likes chocolate now. It is really her.

"You alright, Sam?" Becca asked me worriedly.

"Yep, I'm fine. I gotta change first before I go to our classroom." I told her, and she nodded her head in response.

"The show's over, people! You can go to your classrooms now," I let out loudly, then I went to the girls' changing room. Maybe a quick shower could help me to be free from this beverage.

Now, I'm going to wear my Friday cheerleading uniform. Damn, so much for wearing the new dress that I bought last Saturday.

And from this day on, I will treat you the same as before Claire Daven Lawrence. You shouldn't have left me.


I smiled at the memory, and I wish I could have a better relationship with her now that we are older- not just being friends but something more. Yeah, I'd love to be close to her. But I don't know what to do.

Well, I can't deny that my feelings for Red are getting deeper and stronger every single day. And I don't want anyone to get near her, and that's the reason I pushed her away from the people who want to be friends with her.

I just can't understand why I am acting like a child again. I really love to annoy her because she is really cute. Like, come on, she has turned into a beautiful girl, and she is very much the same alien with four eyes way back then but with red hair. Though, she looks fine with it.

I wonder what would she look like if she's blonde? I bet she will be totally gorgeous. And without those big and thick glasses? Mmm, she will be ultimately breathtaking.

Damn, I just can't help myself from being gay because of her since we were kids.

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