The Nerd DJ/C4 Chapter 4 - Make A Move
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The Nerd DJ/C4 Chapter 4 - Make A Move
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C4 Chapter 4 - Make A Move

*Samantha’s Point of View*


"Sam, do you think that Claire has a boyfriend or a girlfriend already?" Becca asked me curiously, and I frowned upon hearing it.

Yeah, what if she has already? No, she should not have any.

"Hey, Becca, you're only making Sam upset again," Morgan answered her twin, who is sitting on the edge of the bed.

"No, I'm just thinking if... what if she has already and they're living together, and you know." She stated, and I glared at her; Then she just shrugged her shoulders.

We are currently here at the twins' condominium unit and having a meeting slash girl bonding.

"Seriously, Becca? You're not helping the situation here." Charlie butted in and took a bite of her green apple.

"Well, I'm just stating some opinions here. Like, come on, when did we see her being picked up by a car before? Not just a car, but a luxurious blue Jaguar C-X75." Becca stated, and yes, she got the point there.

Red never rides a car going to school or going home. I'm not stalking her, alright? It just happened that I can see her every day walking to school or going home. And last Thursday, we saw her get in a car that was waiting for her outside the academy. Like, who the f*ck is that? I have, and I need to know.

"So, I guess maybe Sam should make her move now." Cassidy joined in the convo, and I gave her a questioning look on my face.

"And what do you mean by that, Babe?" Morgan asked her girlfriend, who was sitting on the couch comfortably.

"Yeah, Sam should make her move already," Charlie uttered and threw her apple waste on the nearby trash can.

"Like, hello, we only have six or seven months left before we graduate. And... our little Samantha here hasn't experienced any romantic relationships yet. Especially to the girl who she has really liked since forever." Becca supported Cass, and I just looked at them while hugging a pillow.

"And how is she gonna make a move that even in the smallest particle of Sam, Claire loathed her?" Charlie asked and went to the kitchen. Yep, she's right. Hmmn, this will be harder than I thought.

"Yeah, but if she will change and treat the girl nicely and romantically, then maybe Sam will have a slight chance," Morgan suggested and stood up to get her phone from her study table.

Really? Just slight? Thanks for the support.

"And how is she gonna do that?" Cassidy asked while doing a thinking pose. Then Morgan sat beside me and grabbed a pillow.

"Hmm, maybe give her roses and chocolates?" Becca suggested merrily. Okay, that seems easy.

"What about giving her letters, love letters," Charlie yelled from the kitchen. Damn, that's a bit harder.

"Maybe she should bake her some cookies," Morgan mumbled while reaching for some chips from the nightstand. Well, that's moderately easy.

And I just sighed and face-palmed. These girls are talking like I'm not here at all. They didn't even ask what I wanted to do.

"Hey, girls! I'm still here, you know?" I joined in their conversation while raising both hands.

"Oh, I got this. Maybe Sam should or need to apologize to Claire for everything that she has done, and maybe Claire could forgive her. And then she can proceed to give her flowers and chocolates and love letters and cookies. What do you think, Sam?" Cassidy let out, and finally, there's one of them who is thinking decently.

"Well, that sounds great. But how will I apologize to her? She clearly doesn't want to talk to me at all." I replied while frowning. Then Charlie joined in the bed and sat beside Becca.

Damn, the thought of talking to Red and apologizing makes me nervous as f*ck.

I just remember what she said last Friday that she regretted coming to school because I was there. Hmm, maybe I should stop this already, we are not that young anymore, and besides, we have only seven months left before we graduate high school.

"Then let's kidnap her," Charlie suggested and gained a smack on the head from Becca.

"Silly! Then she will ultimately hate Sam," Becca spat on her.

"Hmmm, what about we will invite her to Sam's place for dinner," Morgan suggested while munching some chips.

"Then by that, Claire will think that we are going to murder her," Charlie answered.

"Girls, just stop it," I let out because I have had enough of their rubbish suggestions.

"Blackmail her," Cass stated nonchalantly, and we turned our heads to her.

"Umm, and how are we gonna do that, Sis?" Becca asked her. Well, she treats Cassidy as her sister already, even if Morgan and Cass are not yet married. And I am just listening to them.

"Well, we will get one thing that is very special to her and then threaten her so that she will talk to Sam. Then we give it back to her." Cass continued, and she got the idea, but we don't have to threaten her.

"And what would be that special thing?" I asked even if I know that everything that Red owns is all special.

"I know one thing that she has, and I know that it is so important to her," Morgan uttered, and all of us were puzzled. Headphones? Bag? Glasses? Hmmn, what could it be?

"And what is that?" Becca asked her twin to continue.

"Remember whenever we have our ICT class? She saves her work in her USB flash drive, and I had glanced at it once when I borrowed Charlie's phone. It has lots of files and folders." Morgan whispered like there's someone eavesdropping.

"Yeah, and how are we gonna get it?" I asked her in a whisper also. Damn, these people are so contagious.

"Leave it to me, girls," Charlie uttered and winked at us. Damn, this girl is like a ninja, and maybe it's time to use her skills. She can get things without the owner noticing it. And she just loves to steal our food during meals. Well, talking about a kleptomaniac.

"Alright, and what if she won't forgive me?" I asked them. Well, I'm just not so sure about this agenda.

"Well, then case closed," Becca asserted.

"Becca!" The girls yelled in unison, and I just frowned.

"Sorry, okay?" Becca apologized, and I know she's just kidding. But what if she really won't forgive me? Then maybe it'll be the end of me.

Today is Sunday, and tomorrow we will work on our plan to make Red talk to me. It will be tomorrow or never.

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