The Nerd DJ/C5 Chapter 5 - She What?
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The Nerd DJ/C5 Chapter 5 - She What?
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C5 Chapter 5 - She What?

*Claire’s Point of View*


I am supposed to be at the cafeteria and eating my delightful lunch. But no, I'm freaking here in the ladies’ room and being cornered by these five nut-headed b*tches.

Do these people don't get tired of making me their source of entertainment? I guess they don't, especially this blondie.

"Give me back my USB flash drive." I requested them while hugging my books close to my chest.

"Not that fast, Red-nerd." The irritating voice of the blonde b*tch echoed inside the room as she crossed her arms on her chest.

Then Becca motioned the other girls to go out with her. And that made only me and Samantha left here inside.

"So, what do you want?" I asked her in a firm voice just to show her that I am not afraid.

She was startled and then looked uneasy. What's wrong with her?

"Well, I... uh... um." She said while stuttering and let out a deep sigh.

What's up with her? Obviously, I don't care.

Then I just raised an eyebrow at her.

"I... will you...Sh*t... I'm sorry. I didn't plan this one. It's actually the girls." She continued and still stuttered.

And I don't have any idea what prank they have for me now because every time she bullies or annoys me, her minions are always around, and now, she's the only one here in front of me. This is weird. Or maybe they are upgrading.

"So, what do you really want?" I asked her again, and I'm growing impatient now.

"Uh.... *sigh*.... here." She contemplated and sighed, then handed me my USB flash drive.

I just stared at her in skepticism. What is happening?

"All I want is to say sorry. I'm so sorry for everything." She spoke and paused while I just stood there staring at her in confusion.

I must know what she is up to right now. But she seemed so serious. Like, what the heck? Who gets nervous when doing a prank? Maybe she does.

"I know that you can't forgive me after everything that I have done to you since we were little. But... don't worry, we will... I mean, I will not bother you again." She stated sincerely, and I just don't know how to react.

Is she still joking? I think that she has eaten something bad this morning, or it is because she hasn't taken up lunch yet. And I still can't say a word. I think I just lost my tongue.

"And have a nice day, ClaiReDaven Lawrence." She added and smiled at me, a real and sad smile.

And after that, she turned around and left the room.

I just stood there frozen and not knowing what to do or say. What had just occurred recently?

So, that's why she calls me Red? Wow!






Today is Friday, and it's been three days and a half since my encounter with Samantha at the ladies’ room, and it's also three days and a half since she doesn't acknowledge my presence. I'm not sad, okay? Or am I? Nope.

No, I'm absolutely happy and rejoicing. Why? Because at last there's peace for me in this place.

On my way to my locker, I saw the five nut-heads—Rebecca and Morgana Clarke, Cassidy Hansen, Charlotte Johnson, and finally, Samantha Rivers.

The twins seem to bicker at each other, which is usual, Charlie and Cassidy are chatting, and Samantha appears out of place. She's just leaning on her locker, scrolling down her phone while listening to music on her earphones.

Then I just passed by them, and the same thing happened. They just minded their own business.


During our class, I could feel that someone was staring at me in the back. So, I turned my head around to see who it was. And there, I was eye-to-eye to my former blonde bully.

I can see through her eyes that she's not feeling well or she's sad. And she gave me a small smile, then she averted her gaze to the front.

I wonder what had happened to her. No, I don't care about her. I'm happy now because no one’s going to bully me again.

But why do I feel so invisible?

Well, I actually don't care if I don't have friends at school. I got my mom and Shay and a lot of acquaintances on my part-time jobs.

The day ended full of peace. No choco drinks and juice stains on my clothes, no laughing, no bumping, no tripping, and et cetera. It's just plain peace. And I like it. Because I'm happy, right?


"SHE FREAKING WHAT?!!!!" Shay yelled in disbelief.

She was dumbfounded that I told her about Samantha saying sorry to me for everything.

"Yep, and since then she never bothered me," I stated while sipping on the straw of my choco drink box.

I am here at her house because I'll be having a sleepover, and tomorrow, we will go to the club together.

"Why? What's their reason? Nobody does that for no reason. Come on, Babe, tell me." She uttered frustratedly while doing a thinking pose. But I know better, she doesn't think.

"I dunno, Shay. But I think maybe she has made a self-reflection that it is not good to bully someone." I replied while throwing my choco drink box at the nearest trash bin as I finished it.

"She? Why is that only she?" She asked curiously as she went to sit on her bed.

"Because it's only that Samantha Rivers has been doing all the bullying thing. She's just so pathetic, a b*tch and an a**hole. I mean, she always does that since we were little. I thought that maybe if we ever meet again, she will change her attitude. But no, she keeps on bullying and annoying every part of me. She has been saying and doing rude things to me and making fun of me. When we were still in elementary school, I cried countless times. And that's just because of her. Luckily, I don't cry now that I'm older whenever she bullies me. That she----" I blabbed and stopped as I saw my cousin's reaction. She got a knowing smile on her face, and she's listening intently as she kept nodding her head.

"Go on, just continue." She uttered while smiling widely and motioned me to proceed.

"No. Stop that face, Shay," I stated as she moved her eyebrows up and down. Sh*t, I got a bad feeling about this.

"What?" She retorted, and I gave her a death glare.

"Alright. Spill." I told her, and she chuckled.

"Well, if you don't stop talking about her and if it will reach one hundred words. I will start to think that you...." She let out and then paused.

"What?" I asked her to continue.

"That you... like her, and you miss her." She stated, and with that, my jaw dropped to the floor.

"What the heck, Shay? What made you think of that?" I exclaimed in disbelief while I just can't... Ugh!

"Well, it's just how you say her name. And you have shared almost all of your experience in elementary, and it's almost all about her. And now that you're already a senior, you still talk about her." She reasoned out, and I just scoffed.

"What's wrong with the way I say her name? And I don't talk that much about her. It's my freaking experience." I replied, a bit irritated, and she's shaking her head.

"Well, plus, when you told me that she doesn't bother you anymore, you seemed sad and disappointed. Like, you miss her. And---" She let out, and I cut her off before she could say something else.

"I'm going to sleep now, Shay. Goodnight." I uttered and went under the blanket.

"Come on, Babe! I'm just kidding." She stated while pulling me out of the covers.

"Nope, I'm so sleepy, Shay. Let's just go to sleep, okay? I still have a job tomorrow." I told her and made myself comfortable on my air bed beside Shay's.

"Alright! Goodnight and have a sweet dream with her." She stated and then went under the sheets.

"Shay!" I yelled, and she just pretended that she's sleeping by snoring like a pig. Ugh! This girl is such a...

Then I just sighed, and it made me think. What if I like her? No, erase that. I hate her, like so so much. She's a freaking head cheerleader and the campus princess. There's no way in hell that she's gay. Plus, she was my bully.

And I finally drifted off to sleep while thinking about her.

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