The Nerd DJ/C7 Chapter 7 - Stalking
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The Nerd DJ/C7 Chapter 7 - Stalking
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C7 Chapter 7 - Stalking

*Samantha’s Point of View*


"Are you sure, Becca, that it's her?" I asked Becca for the third time now.

We have been waiting here for 30 minutes. She said that Red got inside that house, and she owned that black motorbike. And we parked on the opposite side of the road.

We are supposed to be heading to the mall to hang out, but we are here stalking my Red. Yep, mine.

"For the thousandth time, Sam, yes, I'm very ultimately sure. The same face, red hair, posture, it's just that she doesn't wear glasses, and she drove that motorbike." She explained.

"But it's impossible that she won't be wearing her glasses. She wears that all her life, Becs," Morgan argued to her twin.

"Yeah, and driving a motorbike? Nah." Charlie agreed with Morgan.

"Well, there will be a possibility that Claire can drive a motorbike, and she could also wear contact lenses." Cass has her point. Thankfully, someone in this group is intelligent.

"That's right, Sis. That's what I'm thinking too." Becca agreed to Cass.

"Are you sure you're thinking, Becca?" Morgan asked her twin. And here they go again.

"I have brains too, dear twin sister," Becca answered.

"Oh, people said that to see is to believe. Have you seen your brain, Becs? But wait, maybe she got a twin. Just like us, we have the same face." Morgan stated, and I don't think that she got a twin because I know her too well since we're young. Red has been the center of my life ever since, and no, she has no twin sister.

"Nope, I'm really sure that it's her. And we don't have the same face because I'm more beautiful than you." Becca said and flipped her hair to the right side.

"Well, I'm the most beautiful, right, Babe?" Morgan asked for help from Cass. Hmm, these girls.

They continued bickering and were cut off when my stomach growled because it's past three already. I haven't eaten lunch because I have to get my clothes at the laundry shop early, and I ended up waiting there for an hour.

Charlie looked up to the sky and uttered, "I think it's gonna rain."

And we all laughed.

"Alright, fine, I'm hungry. I didn't eat lunch, and its almost time for dinner already." I stated.

"Yeah, man, I'm hungry too," Becca seconded.

"Hmm, I think we should get something to eat, you know. I can't survive for the next three days without food." I asserted and looked around to see if there's a diner or a fast-food restaurant nearby.

"Alright, I'll go buy some at Shane's Diner. Who's with me?" Becca volunteered and asked everyone who would be coming with her. And since it's my tummy who growled earlier, I should go with her.

I raised my left hand and she said, "Okay. Morgan, you take over the wheels for Sam, and I will be going to buy some food."

We went outside the car and headed to the establishment one block from where we parked Becca's car.

"What do you think Claire is doing in that house, Sam?" She asked me as we walk inside the establishment.

It is full of customers, and it smells so good here. I can tell that this is newly opened since I didn't notice this for the past months.

"Well, I don't have any idea, Becs," I answered, and we gave our order to the counter. Five cheeseburgers, french fries, and iced tea for take-out.


After we had our food in our hands, a group of teenagers consisting of four boys approached us and asked for our names and numbers. And as usual, I put on my b*tch face.

"Come on. I know you want to give me your number, Miss Beautiful." Said the one that is wearing a sleeveless shirt and has three earrings on his left ear.

"Nope, we're sorry. We're not available." Becca said while raising an eyebrow at them.

"Oh really? You sure you won't? You're wasting the chance to have a hot boyfriend." He said again and winked at me. I think he’s the leader of this group since the other boys are just staring.

"I'm sorry, Dude, we came for burgers, not for some ass boyfriends," I said rudely and rolled my eyes. And with that, he was out of words to say. And Becca chuckled.

We were about to head to the door when he gripped my arm. Sh*t, I think he wants to learn a good lesson on not pushing himself to someone who doesn't like him. My heart and my eyes can only see Red.

"You'll regret this, b*tch. You looked so hot and so sexy. You are going to be mine, and I wi-----" He was cut off by someone who just came into the establishment.

"That's enough, Bryan. Out now, you go, boys." She stated with authority.

Well, she looks like our age, and she got light brown hair and what's so interesting about her is that she got the same eye color as my Red.

And with that, the boys went out of the place.

She looked at me and smiled as she knew me already.

"I'm sorry about that. Just some crazy neighbors." She apologized and smiled.

Wait, this is creeping me out. She got the same smile as Red too. Maybe I can see Red's face in every person I encounter? Damn, I think I'm sick because of loneliness.

"Oh, yeah. It's fine. Thank you, by the way." I replied, and I looked at Becca, who seemed to be out of the world while staring at this pretty creature in front of us.

She looked at Becca, who's still staring at her, and I think I saw her blushed.

"Uh... I, Hi!... Ah... are you...umm with her?" She asked Becca while stuttering.

"Oh, her? Oh, yes. Thank you so much for saving us. You're a hero from heaven." Becca said, and if I'm not bringing this food with me, I think I have already face-palmed with both hands.

I don't know that Becca could be this ridiculous talking to a stranger. Because the last time I recall, she was fine and sometimes a bit b*tchy talking to someone she just met.

"Oh, yeah, tha.. that's fine. I'm really ah.. so sorry again for that." She answered while still stuttering. What's wrong with this one?

"Well, that's fine. Umm, you wanna hang out sometimes?" Wait up, did Becca just ask this girl on a date? I didn't know that she like girls too.

"Ummm, su .. sure. That would be awesome." She replied, and I could sense the excitement in her voice.

She looks good, you know. But my Red is way more beautiful.

"Uh, you wanna eat me burger now, I mean... eat a burger... with me now? But it's full of customers here." Becca asked her while looking around, and I snapped my head, looking so strangely at my best friend.

This is epic. Alright, I'm laughing so hard inside me. I’m such a bad friend.

"Oh yeah, don't worry. I own the place. We can eat at my office with Sa... I mean with your friend." She offered, and she was supposed to say my name, but maybe it's just my imagination.

"Wow, you got a beautiful place right here. Just like you." Becca let out while her eyes are still glued on the girl.

I don't know if she can be this straightforward.

"Hey, umm. Don't worry about me. You girls, enjoy it. I'll just go to the car with the girls, Becs." I spoke and winked at Becca.

I was about to turn around when Charlie came in.

"Hey, B*tches! Our target went away already. Why are you, such slowpokes?" She said while panting and looked at the girl intently like she felt hostility toward her.

"Sh*t, right. We'll follow." I said, and we bid the girl goodbye, not even knowing her name. And I saw Becca's face frowned as I drag her along with me out of the establishment.


We immediately got inside, and Morgan just stared at us.

"Why are you not stepping on the gas?" I asked her.

"Umm, she left two minutes ago, and she's so fast. We can't follow because you were like sloths. I think sloths move faster than you two." Morgan replied, and it got me thinking.

"So, is it really her?" I asked them, and they just nodded their heads in response.

"Alright, then let's just eat these since we can't go after her," I said and distributed them their shares.


"She's cute, isn't she, Becs?" I asked Becca as she devoured her French fries, and she was choked.

"Uh... Who?" She asked obliviously while fake-coughing.

"The girl which you asked 'you wanna eat me burger now?'," I said and laughed at it at last.

And the other girls just stared at me like I'm going nuts.

"Oh, umm, yeah .. she is." She let out and blushed.

Well, this is new. I never saw her blushed before because of a girl.

"Um, may we know what the heck you two are talking about 'eat me' huh?" Morgan asked and eyed her twin.

"Well, nothing. It's none of your business." She said while taking a sip of her iced tea.

"Sure nothing, huh? Well, by the way, Sam. You won't gonna ask what Claire is doing in that house?" Morgan asked me.

Yeah, I almost forgot. And with that, Cass elbowed her girlfriend. I guess they know something.

"Oh, yeah, you have seen her, right?" I asked them.

"Yep, with her girlfriend," Charlie said, and Cass face-palmed.

Huuuuuh? Did I hear it right? I don't know how to react.

"WHAT!! What.. whose girlfriend?" I half-yelled. I am dumbfounded as hell.

I don't know. I think I feel like a fish out of water. I suddenly felt ... I don't know, I can't understand...

"Uh, hey, easy, Sam. We are not sure because the girl just kissed Claire's cheek, and maybe she's a friend or whatever." Cass explained, and I'm breathing deeply and closing my eyes now while trying to control my emotions.

There's no f*cking way that she will have a girlfriend. She's mine. She is just mine. Sh*t, I know I'm possessive.

"The blue car just went out. That's her girlf... the girl's car. I think she'll follow Claire." Morgan let out and stepped on the gas to follow the b*tch's car.

I know I'm a b*tch, but that girl is too, but I'm b*tchier than her. There's no way I'm backing out. Even a married person can be separated, what more on just a girlfriend. I'm beautiful, and I know I can do a lot of things for my Red than that girl, whoever she is.

"Faster, Morgan! We're losing her." I yelled, and she surpassed other cars using the other lane of the road already.


We are following the blue car for almost thirty minutes now. How far is she gonna go?

While following her, I already memorized the plate number of the car and its details.

"Come on, when are you gonna stop?" I said out of nowhere, and suddenly, Morgan stepped on the brakes and made us almost bump our heads. Thanks to the person who invented the seatbelt.

"Why did you stop?" I yelled.

"F*cking red lights." She replied, and as the mention of red, I looked at the traffic light, and it's red. Yes, Red is mine. Just mine.

"Sh*t, we're losing her, Morgan. Step on the gas, you, idiot!" Becca yelled and popped her head in front while sitting in the backseat with Charlie and Cass.

"I don't want to be chased by the cops, you, moron." They argued, and I saw about twenty meters away from us that the blue car turned right.

"It's green now. Go!!!!" Charlie cheered. Then we went on the road where she turned.

"Sh*t, we lost her. She's gone." Morgan muttered and punched the wheel.

"Hey, careful with my car, dude," Becca said.


After fifteen minutes of searching for the blue car, we stopped by the roadside.

"So, what now, girls?" Morgan asked as she parked the car.

"We lost her because you drive like a grandma, Morgan." Becca spat at her twin.

"Nope, we lost Claire because you were like slowpokes walking to that diner." Morgan countered.

Well, I guess there will be a fight going on, and I need to stop this.

When Becca's about to talk, I cut them off.

"No one’s gonna fight over it! I don't care who caused it. Is that clear?" I yelled, just like being the head cheerleader I am.

"Yes, captain! They both let out and sat up straight.

"Good. And I have a great plan." I said and smiled at my brilliant idea.

"And what is it, Sam?" Cass asked me curiously.

"As soon as possible, Red is going to be mine," I answered her, and I laughed evilly. Well I'm not really evil. Maybe just a little.

"Wow, good plan. So, you are going to talk to her? Finally, after so many years." Charlie asked and cheered.

"Yes, she will be mine and mine alone," I said confidently, and I smirked.

"Yeah, that's our girl!!" And they all cheered on me.

"Well, since we're here, why don't we go shopping for some clothes. They got a lot of good boutiques in here," Becca suggested, and we all agree.

This place is almost one hour's drive from home, so it's a bit far. Why not explore this place?


After going from shop to shop, we finally got back in the car with our bags in the trunk.

"I'm hungry. Let's eat somewhere here." I let out and looked around, and it's getting dark. I hope that they got a good restaurant here.

Becca drove a little bit more before we reached Eden's Place Restaurant. They shifted already since this is Becca's car.

After dinner, we went back to the car and decided what we were going to do next.

"Hey, girls! You want to do something that we haven't done before?" Becca asked, and we just stared at her and told her to go on.

"Let's go into a club here. I've heard they got a good one here." She suggested, and some of the girls agreed.

"But we're still minors, Becs. We can't get in." I told her.

"Leave it to me, girls. There's no need to worry." Charlie spoke, and we trust her with this.

Well, I've never been to a club before. So, club, here we go.

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